Vacation Destinations Near 7th Street Casino

7th Street Casino and Nearby Attractions

7th Street Casino is a small, but great casino to frequent if you identify as a slot machine enthusiast. But since you’re in Kansas City, coupled with the fact that there’s a hot casino nearby, odds are that a trip to 7th Street Casino is one of a few reasons you’re vacationing in the area.

If that’s the case, you probably want to know all of what you will discover in Kansas City, Kansas, and in the surrounding area. Plus, today’s post will provide a rundown on the region’s hottest vacation destinations. So, if it’s your first time in Kansas, today’s post is a must-read.

We will cover one other casino among the many attractions listed below. But you’ll also find a plethora of other activities just waiting to be discovered.

Ready for the ride? Let’s get started.

Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

You’re getting two attractions in one here. Operated by Penn National Gaming, Hollywood Casino is the bigger, stronger, and faster version of 7th Street Casino. Here, you’ll find more options with real money slots, table gaming and poker. Plus, they offer a few more distinct dining options.

Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

And on select weekends, you’ll discover the area’s hottest forms of entertainment, and perhaps even a NASCAR event or something similar going on at the racetrack. You’re in for quite the weekend getaway if you frequent Hollywood Casino during your time in the Kansas City, Kansas region.

Children’s Mercy Park

Home to Sporting Kansas City of the MLS, along with Sporting Kansas City II of the USLC, this soccer-specific stadium makes for a great family-friendly event in the area, especially if you or your kids are avid soccer fans.

Best yet, it’s close to Kansas Speedway. So, if you’re staying close to it, Children’s Mercy Park is within walking distance. Along with seating around 18,000 for soccer games, the stadium expands its seating capacity for concerts. And whenever you need entertainment for the evening, you may just find it here.

The Legends at Village West

This one features attractions within the attraction, including retail centers, popular stores like Cabelas and Nebraska Furniture Mart, and even Community of America Ballpark.

You’ll also find a few solid lodging options at reasonable prices.

If you need a place to stay that’s close to all the action, including 7th Street Casino, The Legends at Village West makes for a fine option.

Plus, Legends features many family-friendly activities, making it perhaps the most popular location in the city itself—at least in terms of vacation venues for the kids.

Great Wolf Lodge

If you’re on kid watch and you’re staying at the site, make the most of the Great Wolf Lodge. Here, you’ll find arguably the largest indoor waterpark in the area. It contains a nice pool area, lazy river, and more water-related fun.

Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City

It’s a great place to lodge with the entire family, and staying here just adds to the fun in the area, with the waterpark just steps away—especially if you choose a themed suite.

And per reviewers on TripAdvisor, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy the Great Wolf Lodge. So when you’re done for the day with the casino games at 7th Street Casino, the fun will continue if you set up base camp here at the Lodge. And that’s something you just can’t beat.

Field of Legends

Not quite the Field of Dreams, but the Field of Legends holds its own. Home to Kansas City NWSL and the Kansas City Monarchs of the American Association of Professional Baseball (partner league to the MLB), you can catch the best in women’s professional soccer and minor league baseball.

As you can see, you have a lot of sporting options in the area, depending on the season (see Section 2), whether it’s men’s or women’s soccer, baseball, or even NASCAR-related events. If you’re an avid sports fan, even Kansas City in Kansas has its perks along with its Missouri counterpart.

Wyandotte County Lake Park

If you’re looking for a nice place for recreation, look no further than Wyandotte County Lake Park. Here, you’ll find several shelters situated along the scenic lake, making the park an ideal location for nature watching and picnicking.

Wyandotte County Lake Park offers a modest set of walking trails, however reviewers warn about the lack of trail markers and maps, so head out at your own risk.

Reviewers have praised the flora and fauna available at the park, along with fishing outlets, boat ramps, and other opportunities for recreation.

Cider Hill Family Orchard

Yet another great place on today’s list for the family, you can come to the Cider Hill Family Orchard and pick apples right from the tree. Yes, the fare doesn’t get any fresher. So, if you’re the kind of person who craves fresh, local fruits, then it’s a good place to stop.

Cider Hill Family Orchard

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have warned to come early in the season, as you’ll end up hunting for apples if you come too late. If you’re ever here during the second half of October, you won’t find the best selection. However, if you’re here during the first part of the month or in September, you have quite a variety.

Lewis and Clark Historic Park at Paw Point

They give you a suggested duration of about one hour at this dynamic vacation attraction. So, if you’re looking to just take part of an afternoon off from the slots at 7th Street, it’s a great venue to spend time.

If you love gazing into city skylines, mark a trip to the Lewis and Clark Historic Park at Paw Point in red, because you won’t catch a better view of the city. Further, you’re also in for quite the nature trek right on the banks of the river.

If you love nature and river walks entwined with urban scenery, carve some time out of your day and visit the attraction.

Strawberry Museum and Cultural Center

It’s a small museum, but it tells an interesting tale regarding all the ethnic groups who have called the area home. If you’re looking for a crash course on the area’s history and the story of what has made Kansas City into the city it is today, make sure you spend time here.

Strawberry Museum and Cultural Center

You’ll get an inside scoop on dozens of tales, including how the building served as an orphanage following the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, to how other global events affected the area. The cultural center also boasts an active tea room and gift shop.

They also hold a few cool events throughout the year, so make sure you inquire if anything special is going on when you visit the museum.

Arrowhead Stadium

Head over to the city’s Missouri counterpart and you’ll catch one of the most historic sporting venues out there.

Arrowhead Stadium has served as the home to the Kansas City Chiefs since 1972, and it’s great whether you’re an architectural enthusiast or if you’d like to learn more about your Chiefs.

If you’re in the area during late July, they sometimes hold a training camp that’s open to the public at the nearby University of Kansas Health System Training Facility. Fan or not, it’s always a treat to experience a live training camp and glimpse a few of those larger-than-life NFL players.

Kauffman Stadium

Home to the MLB’s Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium remains one of the most unique venues in baseball. Whether you’re a Royals fan is irrelevant, especially if you love sporting venues with unique features, given the waterfalls and fountains seen at this stadium alone makes it an interesting attraction.

The Water Spectacular was, as of 2004, the largest privately funded fountain in the world, and you can see the fountains in action between innings. The waterfalls are always flowing, even after the game’s first pitch.

Rosedale Arch

This World War I memorial has remained a staple in Kansas City, Kansas, for almost 100 years. Designed in 1923 by John Leroy Marshall and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, the arch continues to draw tourists to the area from all over the world. And it’s close to the casino.

Rosedale Arch Kansas City

Since 1993, the arch has expanded to commemorate World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Given the floodlights surrounding the arch, it makes for among the most breathtaking sights at night. So, make sure you look for it in the distance when you frequent the area.

Check Out the Attractions Near 7th Street Casino

As you can see, 7th Street Casino is one of many phenomenal vacation destinations in both Kansas City, Kansas, and also on the Missouri side. If you’re looking to plan the perfect casino vacation in which gambling is nothing more than a sliver of the experience, look no further than Kansas City.

Sure, you have a plethora of opportunities in sports. But you’ll also find more than a few other fine options in history, retail, casinos, and other sectors. Plus, many of the attractions above boast spectacular family-friendly venues, making it a great destination for any age level.

Have you played at 7th Street Casino? And if so, did you visit any of the vacation destinations listed in the above sections? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We cannot wait to read your stories.