Try These 7 Casino Games to Feel Like a Gambling Pro

People Sitting Around Casino Table Games

Casinos are downright intimidating to a large number of first-time gamblers. They are faced with a sea of games, and each one is crowded with seemingly experienced gamblers.

The latter compounds the intimidation, and novice gamblers are often worried they’ll look foolish on the tables. They fail to recognize that every casino gambler on the planet had to make their rookie debut at some point.

The best possible way to prepare for your upcoming casino outing is by practicing and learning the games at home. Then, you’ll know roughly what to expect on the casino floor.

It won’t matter that it’s your first time. Try these seven casino games, and you’ll feel like a pro on your maiden trip to the casino.

1 – Roulette for the Excitement

When it comes to getting your entertainment value on the casino floor, roulette is tough to beat. The games have a low house edge, allowing you to stay in the game as long as possible, and the wagers are pretty simple.

I recommend you start with small wagers on the even money bets. These include even/odd or red/black for the total novice.

By making a small bet and staying with flat bet size, your bankroll will last much longer than making wagers with high payouts and low expectations. You’ll need to avoid betting systems like the Martingale that have you doubling your bet amount each time you lose to recoup losses.

Betting systems will have you back in the car waiting for your friends to finish gambling than almost anything. Again, stick to a flat bet while you’re a casino newbie.

It’s also crucial that you understand the difference between a single-zero (good) and a double-zero (bad) roulette wheel. The single-zero wheel has a house edge that’s half that of the double zero wheels.

I know many gamblers that will never play Double Zero Roulette because the odds are so poor. Unfortunately, the single zero wheels have become increasingly difficult to find. Still, if you want to make the most of your maiden casino voyage, single zero roulette is a great option.

2 – Baccarat for the Low House Edge

From the moment you lay your first wager in a casino until the final curtain, you’ll be battling the house edge. The house edge equates a percentage of every dollar bet on a game that the casino keeps.

For example, a game with a house edge of 3% will keep $3 of every $100 gambled on average. The house edge on a game will have a significant impact on your total casino experience.

I started at 3% because that’s a comparable figure to where most casino table games start. However, some games are even better.

Live dealer baccarat is one of these games. You need to know two bets in baccarat as a casino rookie, the player and the banker.

Red Casino Baccarat Table

You should exclusively stick to these two wagers. In baccarat, the player’s sole influence on the game is the decision to bet on the banker or the player to win a hand.

From that point, all action is taken over by the dealer, and the hand unfolds entirely to chance. This simplicity is fantastic for the gambler because it has little room for mistakes or misplays; you’re either right or wrong.

The house’s advantage for the player bet is a mere 1.24%. So, for every $100 you play, you can expect a long-term loss of $1.24. Those odds are pretty tough to beat. Yet, the banker bet has a further diminished advantage of only 1.04%.

Solely based on that, the banker bet is the only wager you should make at the baccarat table. The banker bet does carry a 5% commission on all winning hands, but you’ll still win more by betting on the banker.

3 – Poker for the Experience

Poker doesn’t give the casino any advantage whatsoever. It’s a game of skill where players compete against each other, and the house takes a small rake.

Let me be clear that if you walk into a casino poker room for the first time and don’t have any poker experience, you’ll likely be in for a beating.

However, the overall experience of the poker games in a large casino is exceptional. You can meet interesting people at the casino table and slowly burn through your blinds.

Still, the more skilled players will rip your chip stack to pieces at their first opportunity. They’ll merely do it with a smile on their face.

Suppose you’re a poker fan and have played enough cash games and studied poker strategy. In that case, you may be able to make some money on the more experienced but less skilled players.

You should tread lightly until you’ve got a feel for the tables. The last thing you’ll want is to bankrupt early in your trip and drive home in a rage.

4 – Blackjack for the Strategy

Visit any casino in the US, and you’ll be greeted by a sea of blackjack tables. The classic table game accounts for more casino revenue than the other table games by a mile.

Gamblers are drawn to blackjack for its familiar and straightforward gameplay. They also love the ability to use strategy to slice through the house edge.

The basic strategy for blackjack reduces the casino’s advantage by an impressive 50%. That means players can face an edge of only 0.5% on the right tables.

Details of Blackjack Table

Some of you may be wondering how you’ll find the time to learn a complex strategy before you head for the casino, but you don’t need to know anything. Basic strategy cards can be downloaded from the internet or purchased online for a few dollars.

You’ll be allowed to reference your chart on each hand, as long as you’re not slowing down the game. You must use the strategy on every hand you play to get its maximum benefit.

Be disciplined in your approach and use the best strategy for every hand, and you could walk out of the casino a winner on your maiden trip.

5 – Slot Machines for Their Simplicity

Casino rookies love the slot machines. These games require zero skill and offer sizable jackpots, plus they look attractive from across the casino.

Yes, slot machines have among the highest house edge in the casino. The penny slots being both the most popular and egregious offenders.

Many of the penny slots have a house edge north of 10%, but players ignore that because of the jackpots available. Slot machines also nearly eliminate the ability for players to make any costly mistakes.

Suppose you want to play a simple casino game without dealers and other players watching every move you make. In that case, slot machines provide a level of anonymity.

Although the penny slots seem like the best value due to only being $0.01 per credit, you’ll find much better odds and an opening for higher payouts playing higher denomination slots.

When a player goes up to $0.05, the house edge will be cut by half in many games. The volatility of these games is typically lower, meaning you’ll get more incremental wins.

Slot machines aren’t my favorite game, but they have a purpose, and that purpose is entertaining. If you’re entertained by the games, then you’re winning in a lot of ways.

6 – Keno for the Slow Burn

Keno is a lottery-style game that’s been in casinos since the first gamblers started demanding free drinks and not tipping their cocktail server. The once-popular game has declined in popularity, but it’s still available in most casinos.

I won’t try to convince you that the keno hall is where the action happens; it’s got a low bang for its buck when it comes to entertainment. However, keno is the perfect game for gamblers on a budget.

Online Keno Game Screenshot

The game only costs a few dollars per draw, and you’ll only play a few drawings per hour. The house edge is high in keno, but the games make sense for many at such a low price.

If you’re at the casino with friends and you’re down to your last $20, head to the keno area and ride it out until you’re ready to go home.

7 – Video Poker to Gain an Advantage

Few games give players a legitimate shot at gaining the edge on casinos. Video poker is one of these games.

In a similar fashion to blackjack, video poker allows players to use strategy to move the advantage. Except in video poker, the casino’s advantage disappears entirely, and the player holds the card.

If you’re going to play video poker for real money, there are a few keys to your success. One is that you should always play the maximum credits on every hand. You never know when you could hit that massive royal flush payout.

The second important note is to always match your strategy to the correct game. There are several variations of modern video poker, and each has its own best approach.

Our Conclusion About These Casino Games

Let’s suppose it’s your first time in the casino; you’ve got nothing to worry about. Try these seven casino games, and you’ll feel like a pro on your first trip!

Just be mindful that you’re not trying to do too much with limited skills. Remember to place emphasis on having the most fun possible!