Traverse City Offers Great Attractions Near Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel

Turtle Creek Casino Logo With Michigan Attractions

If you look up Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel on Wikipedia, prepare for a knuckle-curveball of disappointment. Wikipedia offers nothing but a few historic locations that, while interesting, would probably take no more than a day to cover.

So, if you are gaming at Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel, be sure to read this guide to find out what to do in the area when you want a day or two off from wagering at the slots or poker table.

Below, you will find a rundown of eight fun hotspots that Traverse City offers both in and around the Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel.

Are you ready to learn about where to go when you take a break from gambling in Michigan? Find out more below!

Traverse City Has It All

Traverse City is in the center of it all. Within it, you will find microbreweries, wineries, award-winning restaurants, retail and other shopping options, plus events that draw guests to the area from all over the world.

If you are enjoying real money gambling at Turtle Creek Casino and staying on site at the luxurious hotel, then prepare for a complete vacation in which days and times at the casino comprise just a sliver of what you will experience.

So, if you used Wikipedia as your number one resource for trying to discover what to do outside Turtle Creek, the next seven items in this post are perfect for helping you to begin your vacation itinerary. Most of which are within Traverse City.

You will find wineries, a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities, multiple golf courses, endless fun fests in the summer, beach activities, and an overview of downtown Traverse City.

Shall we begin with some taste-testing?

Wineries in Traverse City

How do 40 wineries in a single area sound? Yeah, I thought you would love that one. And it is a fact that Traverse City is the home to over three dozen of the nation’s finest wineries. Most are open year-round, and it is a guaranteed wager that a special seasonal event is going on regardless if you are in town for the summer or winter.

What are some of the more prominent wineries to look for?

If you want the greatest view in the area, your best bets lie in Rove Estate Vineyard and Winery, Chateau Chantal, 2 Lads Winery, and Mari Vineyards.

Wineries in Traverse City

At these locations, you will find yourself perched over the hills, valleys, and forests that make the area such an attractive place to visit. Expansive outdoor decks, patios, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls will guarantee you majestic views from the area’s greatest vantage points.

Mari Vineyards is the perfect location for nature buffs! And if you visit on the summer solstice, you are in for a phenomenal surprise given the glow emitting from the wine caves beneath the stone structure.

So, if you are in town for the hemisphere’s longest day, check out Mari Vineyards.

Outdoor Activities in Traverse City

Are you the outdoorsy type? Fantastic! Because besides those historic sites you found on the online guides, you are also in for a few more treats.

What are the best outdoor structures to lay your eyes on? Let’s begin with the Old Mission Light House, located at the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula. Once you have seen your fill at Old Mission, head over to Grand Traverse Commons. Here, you can immerse yourself in breathtaking architecture and enjoy some fine dining and shopping.

Brown Bridge Quiet Area

Brown Bridge Quiet Area is a secluded trail system that will offer you the greatest and most breathtaking nature shots around. Catch stunning views of the Boardman River as you hike along this historic area.

The VASA Trail is yet another fantastic outdoor activity. And if you are the year-round adventurer, you are all set. Ski at this trail in the winter and bike it in the summer. What more can you ask for?

Indoor Activities in Traverse City

If you aren’t much into the outdoors and would rather take your vacation indoors, what is there to do?

Two words: a lot. Whether quaint or contemporary is your thing, your indoor options at Traverse City will give you both along with a fresh array of dining options.

Here are the top four venues that keep guests coming back year after year: The Warehouse MRKT is the perfect place to order your favorite latte, browse homemade goods, or even make a dinner reservation at one of the many dining options within the vicinity.

Looking to catch your favorite flick? Head on over to the State Theater, which hosts your favorite popular and cult classics from years’ past. Oh, and don’t forget to absorb some of the local history that resides in this venue.

The City Opera House is another fantastic venue you should have on your radar. Catch the latest musical, or sit back and enjoy a local cocktail at the in-house bar.

Catch even more handcrafted cocktails and brews at the Little Fleet. Complete with live music and outdoor seating, this venue is open year-round to guests. And be sure to indulge in your favorite comfort foods from one of those many food trucks.

The Golf Courses

If you are a fan of golf, you have your choice of four spectacular courses in the Bear, the Wolverine, and Spruce Run.

Looking for the ultimate challenge in the game of golf? Head over to the Bear. Rumored to be the most difficult course in the state, this “legendarily difficult” course features the most stunning views of the Michigan countryside. So, even if you score a plus-30 on this par-72 course, at least you will treat your eyes to some epic scenery.

The Wolverine Golf Course

The Wolverine features tall grasses and water hazards galore. The Wolverine isn’t as challenging as the Bear, but with over 70 bunkers within this course—plus the aforementioned tall grass and water hazards—it isn’t exactly the easiest venue to play golf. They call this one the Bear’s little brother.

With that said, they should consider changing the Bear’s name to the Buckeye, if you get the gist.

Between the Bear and the Wolverine in difficulty sits Spruce Run. You will find 11 holes featuring water hazards, so if you have a wild golf swing, you may take a few penalties at this course. It also features sand traps and narrow fairways. This is the course for you if you are a veteran golfer.

Summer of Fun Fests

Internationally-known festivals rock Traverse City during the summer. If you are up here during the summer months, you are in for an ideal treat!

During the summer, you will find the Traverse City Cherry Festival, the Traverse City Film Festival, the Interlochen Arts Festival, and the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival. You aren’t looking at just one theme. Instead, you are looking at categories situated 180-degrees apart from one another.

Whether fruit is your thing, or if it’s movies, live music and concerts, or equestrian competition, you will find the excitement happening in beautiful Northern Michigan.

Visit the Beach

Why plan a casino vacation without the beach, right?

And if you think the Great Lakes are a poor man’s Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf Coast, then think again. When that wind is going, you will think it has transplanted you to the ocean. And the blue waters and tides only augment that feeling.

Traverse City Beach

If you can make a guaranteed bet, it lies in the fact that you will discover your favorite activities at the shores of Lake Michigan. Whether it is swimming, sun gazing, surfing, hopping on the jet skis, you will find it.

And it’s highly likely you will need more than just one day at America’s north shore.

Downtown Traverse City Breweries

Just like the wineries mentioned earlier in the post, Traverse City is also home to many breweries. Whether you are looking for a bite to eat or if you are just looking to indulge in the area’s best craft ales, you have a plethora of options at your disposal.

If you are looking for a bite, head over to the Workshop Brewing Company, Rare Bird Brewing Company, the Filling Station Microbrewery, and the Right Brain Brewery. At these venues, you will find the best pub food, live music, craft beers, and more.

Downtown Traverse City Breweries

Or if you are just here for the brews themselves, Earthen Ales, Brewery Terra Firma, and Silver Spruce Brewing are where it is all happening. Enjoy the handcrafted local brews featuring a true farm-to-table experience.

Whether it is mid-winter, early or late fall, mid-summer, or if the weather is breaking in the spring, you will get the most out of the surrounding atmosphere and the scenery that we know the great Northern Michigan region for.


Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel also has its own resort and amenities to get excited over. But if you are looking for a complete vacation destination, you won’t be disappointed in what you will find in the surrounding Traverse City.

If you are looking for just a day or a week from the casino, there are activities for you and the entire group to get excited over—especially if you are up in Northern Michigan for the summer.

Have you visited Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel? If so, did you visit any of the listed hot spots above? Let us know in the comments and share your experiences.