Trade Secrets About Casino Craps That Will Save You Money

Craps Dice Sitting on Spread out 100 Dollar Bills

Casino craps may be the most exciting game on the casino floor. I prefer the drama of the poker room as hands slowly develop and the beads of sweat begin to form on the forehead of my opponent.

But there’s certainly a case to be made for a game that hands a player who’s eight drinks deep a pair of dice and lets them fire away. The entire crowd seems to be working in unison to stick it to the casino.

The casinos love it when players decide to team up in a show of solidarity. They stand to win a lot more money by having the entire table betting in the same direction.

Here are 10 more trade secrets about casino craps that will save you money.

When You Bet More, You Lose More

Craps tables are full of a myriad of bets for players to choose from. Many players will opt to place several bets across the table in an effort to minimize their risks of losing bets.

Unfortunately, this merely serves to increase your overall liability. There’s no guarantee that you won’t lose every wager in many scenarios.

It would be best if you held to only making one bet per roll as a newbie. Once you become more adept, you may start mixing in odds bets.

But you shouldn’t jump into a craps game and immediately start spreading bets around the table. It may seem exciting, but it costs you money.

Try betting on one outcome per roll. It seems incredibly straightforward, but most gamblers never get this concept.

Your Best Bet Is Going to Irritate Other Gamblers

The majority of craps players will bet on the pass line. This bet is backing the shooter will roll a 7, 11, or make the point.

The pass line has a relatively low house edge that slowly draws on your bankroll. It will also keep you in the good graces of most of your fellow gamblers.

Indiana Casino Craps Table

However, if you want to get every last roll from your gambling funds, the don’t pass line is the way to bet. This bet has an advantage over the pass line that’s less than 1%. But when you’re trying to stretch your bankroll to its limits, every penny counts.

The drawback to betting the don’t pass line is that you miss the sense of community and oneness that you get betting the pass line. You may also be subject to some verbal abuse from the majority of players that are losing every time you win a bet, though it will be mainly in the spirit of fun.

The Dice Have Many Different Probabilities

Every roll of the dice has only eleven possible outcomes. Yet, because of how casino dice are laid out, there are different probabilities for the end result.

Many gamblers fail to understand how these probabilities work and what they mean to the players. But you can’t expect to play the best game if you aren’t aware of the likelihood the dice will fall a certain way.

Here are the probabilities for the different possible totals:

  • 7 (1:6)
  • 6 or 8 (5:36)
  • 5 or 9 (1:9)
  • 4 or 10 (1:12)
  • 3 or 11 (1:18)
  • 2 or 12 (1:36)

The above figures won’t necessarily translate to wins, but knowledge is power. Plus, every bad bet you don’t make is saving you money.

You’ll Never Beat the Casino Long-Term

It doesn’t matter how lucky you are; you cannot win money playing craps. Craps players can’t beat the house edge, so you’ll permanently lose by playing long enough.

That doesn’t mean you can’t leave the tables a winner. You’ll see many players winning; you may get lucky and win yourself.

Craps Dice Resting at the Edge of the Table

But eventually, the math of craps will catch up to you, and you’ll lose more than you win. The casino doesn’t want players to become savvy to this fact.

However, when you’re in the casino to be entertained, playing craps is one of the best games in the casino.

Players Can Shut the Game Down

Players around the craps table tend to start off being extremely timid. That shyness quickly fades, and players dive into the game with zealousness after a brief time.

Still, the game moves much faster than many players expect. That can lead to missed opportunities, but more harmful are the times something isn’t correct.

There are times a roll is off, or you don’t get paid the right amount. But if these two parties can’t reach a satisfactory resolution, the pit boss should be involved.

It would be ideal to remember to keep calm throughout the ordeal. Casinos want to make you happy, but belligerent customers won’t get much love.

Lose your cool on other players, the dealer, or the pit boss, and security may escort you off the property.

You Should Never Hedge Your Bets in Craps

Earlier, I covered the dangers of placing several bets across the board in an effort to mitigate risks. That’s not exactly the same as actual hedge bets in craps.

Dealers will regularly call out for “any craps.” These bets seem like a solid strategy for hedging your original pass line wager.

In most cases, minimizing risks while maximizing returns is a solid strategy. That makes the hedge bets attractive to players.

Busy Casino Craps Table

Unfortunately, you aren’t maximizing any wins because you must lose the other to win one bet. That means the casinos have two chances at your money.

Every time you bet in opposition to yourself, you are diminishing your return. The casinos want to get as much money as possible from players; the hedge bets are merely another tool in their arsenal.

You Don’t Need to Know Every Bet to Enjoy Craps

Most players think they must understand every bet on the craps table before making a single wager. That’s not at all the case; you only need to know one of two wagers.

The pass line and don’t pass line are more than enough to carry you through an entire session on the craps table. There’s nothing to overthink, but don’t try to outkick your coverage.

Stick to the bets you know, and you’ll preserve your bankroll for hours. When you start making bets that you only partially understand, you’re exposing yourself to some troublesome results.

Not Your Garden Variety Gas Station Dice

For some reason, dice amazed me as a kid. I think it was a result of the dice games I watched the adults in my family play on the weekends.

I remember that gas stations always seemed to have dice behind the counter for sale. The dice came in all sorts of cool colors aside from the standard white/off-white. That sent my head spinning when I was a little boy. I would beg my dad for the freshly colored dice.

The dice used in casinos are not your typical gas station set. The casino dice are transparent, for starters, allowing any imperfections in the die to be visible.

Casino dice are also more significant than your average set from Hasbro, and the dice are laser cut to ensure perfectly straight edges.

All of these factors help to ensure that results stay entirely random. It’s one more step the casinos take to guarantee players never find an edge.

Don’t bet the Don’t Pass for Immediate Gratification

The don’t pass line is your best chance of leaving the casino with house money playing craps. That’s because the house edge is the lowest in the game, so any wins count more because you’re losing less often.

However, it would be best for you to have the patience to bet the don’t pass line. Rarely will the bet be decided on the come-out roll.

Red Casino Craps Table

You may see four or more rolls before the bet is decided. That’s an excellent benefit for stretching your money further but lacks the immediate gratification some gamblers seek.

It’s Not All in the Wrist

Dice control is one of the craps strategies that has been floating around for decades. Yet, despite the alleged experts who preach the merit of dice control and the dozens of books that have been written on the subject, there’s no evidence that it works.

Let me clarify if you could control the results by holding the dice a certain way or flicking your wrist casinos would change the rules. In all seriousness, there’d be a robot rolling the dice to generate results.

Casinos take specific measures to protect the integrity of the craps table, and you’re not going to beat them with sleight of hand or parlor tricks.

Our Conclusion

If you’re new to the game and want to get the most from your sessions, these 10 trade secrets about craps will save you money.

The most vital thing is that you have the most fun at the craps table because you can’t win cash in any sustainable fashion.