Tourist Destinations Near Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

Hard Rock Atlantic City Logo and Attractions

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City will give you adrenaline-pumping casino games of a lifetime. But it’s not the only place in Atlantic City to catch the thrills of both casino gaming and other attractions in the Atlantic City area.

Counting all the real-life streets and locations you would find on a Monopoly board, you’re looking at perhaps a hundred attractions in the World’s Most Famous Playground. But today’s post will cover just a few prominent of those attractions, including a section on nearby casinos.

So, if you’re about to pack up and head over to Atlantic City, perhaps a few activities listed below will pique your interest. And if so, make sure you carve out a day or two away from the New Jersey casinos to visit them.

Ready to have a few ideas thrown at you? Let’s get started.

Greek Temple Monument World War I Memorial

The Greek Temple Monument World War I Memorial boasts quite a unique structure as opposed to other American war monuments. And as the name itself states, could you expect any different?

This monument literally looks like it came straight from the Balkin Peninsula, so just by looking at it, you wouldn’t initially realize that you’re looking at a war monument.

Once you get a full view of this structure, you will realize that it is indeed a war memorial and a fine one. Now, just a word of caution, its location in the middle of a traffic circle makes it tricky to get to, plus it has limited parking.

But it’s more than worth the view if you’re driving by and if you’re lucky enough to find a metered parking spot to capture a few photos of one of America’s and especially the East Coast’s more unique war memorials.

Civil Rights Garden

The Civil Rights Garden is more than the perfect place to visit if you’re in town during the spring, summer, and fall months. You’re looking at a well-kept and scenic garden, complete with engravings and messages on which to reflect upon.

Civil Rights Garden

You’ll find a lot of inspiration here, especially when you read and absorb each of the messages on the various posts. It will remind you of the dark side of America’s past. But it also reminds us that there is always hope for an outstanding future.

It’s a small area, but a fantastic one for reflection and, of course, to connect a little with nature given the surrounding gardens and scenery. It’s perhaps one of the greater if not the greatest of monuments Atlantic City has set aside.

Shopping at Hamilton Mall

Looking for a good place to shop? Head over to the Hamilton Mall, which is one of a few outlets in the area to embark on a shopping spree if you were lucky enough to win some money at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

And while the mall isn’t as large as it once was, it’s still one of the better retail shopping destinations around, you’re still looking at over 80 retail and dining options as of December 2020. So, while the mall’s past its prime, it’s still kicking and hanging in there. And that’s always a good sign.

Hamilton Mall New Jersey

The mall has routinely been a popular tourist destination for those heading to and from Atlantic City since it opened in 1987. So, this is also a great place to visit before you start your casino tour at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and neighboring casinos in the region.

And as mentioned, if you win something, why not reward yourself with a few new and hot items at Hamilton Mall?

AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk

Ready to view a few outstanding works of art to pair with a nice hike? Head over to the AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk and you will find it. Connect with the natural and scenic views you’ll get from this amazing place to hike and don’t forget to check out those amazing sculptures while you’re at it.

Some reviewers on TripAdvisor have downplayed the upkeep of the sculptures, but either way, you can’t beat the fine cardio workout you will get here along with the entwinement of water and land-based scenery that will complete your outing.

AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk

If the casino games over at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino have stressed you out, head over to AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk for much-needed stress relief and see some of the Atlantic City area’s rural side.

A Pack of Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

For a few of these, you may have to venture away from Atlantic City and the casino gaming. But if you’re into locally crafted beers, fine wines, and cocktails, you must take more than just a casino tour.

If America knows Atlantic County, New Jersey, for something other than its casinos and beachfront, they know it for the number of breweries, distilleries, and wineries in the region.

And you will find a few in and around Atlantic City, like Little Water Distillery. Others in the area include Sylvin Farms Winery, DiMatteo Vineyards, Tun Tavern, and more.

Little Water Distillery AC

Little Water Distillery has drawn rave reviews on TripAdvisor, and it has perhaps the greatest cocktails in the area. Of its 36 reviews via TripAdvisor as of December 2020, 31 have rated this place with 5 stars while another 5 gave it a 4-star rating.

Another popular one in Atlantic City is Tun Tavern, Atlantic City’s only brewpub. Along with locally crafted beer, they also boast one of Atlantic City’s best restaurants. If you’re looking for a bite to eat to pair with that local craft outside the casino, a trip to Tun Tavern is more than worth it.

They also host private parties and other social events. With that said, they may be the primary reason you are coming to Atlantic City. And if you are, you won’t be disappointed with their selection of beer, food, and their casual atmosphere.

Atlantic City Scavenger Hunt

It’s time to roll the dice in America’s playground. So, what can you expect?

Walk to all of Atlantic City’s most distinguished landmarks, answer trivia questions, solve challenges, and work with or against your group. Choose your challenge, your interactive role, then learn a few facts regarding Atlantic City, New Jersey, and create an unforgettable experience.

If you’re at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a work party, bachelor, bachelorette, or just a weeklong getaway, this cost-effective yet fun activity is more than worth it. Gain new insight on the area, get a good physical and mental workout, and see if you can complete the hunt before your counterparts.

It’s time to go big or go home on this interactive hunt among America’s playground. This is also a great way to familiarize yourself with Atlantic City, New Jersey. So, if it’s your first time in the area, place this fun and interactive attraction atop your vacation itinerary and make it the first non-casino game you play when you venture outside Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Other Casinos Near Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

If you’re traveling to Atlantic City, it’s a surefire bet you’re looking to go play at several area casinos and you will find five others within a reasonable distance from Hard Rock Casino. If you’re looking for the ultimate casino tour, lace up those shoes and work your way up and down the coastline.

Northeast and just a few blocks down, you will find Ocean Casino Resort and directly to the southwest sits Resorts Casino Hotel. When you visit Hard Rock Casino, remember that two other fantastic options flank it and best yet, you will find that both are within walking distance.

Ocean Casino Resort

Other fine options within walking distance include Caesars Atlantic City, Bally’s Atlantic City, and at the far end, Tropicana Atlantic City.

And if you make a short drive, you will also come across the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. And if you make your way further, you will run into Harrah’s Atlantic City and Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

You will discover that each casino has its unique themes, gaming options, and thrills when you venture out. So, go on and see what the other casinos offer besides Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City. And it’s a winning bet that you will be glad you did.


As the above sections show, there is so much more to do in Atlantic City besides a few days at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Sure, Hard Rock may serve as your main attraction, but you’ve got eight other fantastic casino options in the area.

And that doesn’t even count the non-casino attractions. Whether anything on this list has interested you, or the Monopoly-inspired streets and locations like the Boardwalk, you now know about just how much Atlantic City, New Jersey, really offers.

So, make sure you take a day or two off to explore the area and see what you will discover when you make your trip.

Have you been to Atlantic City in the past? If so, did you visit Hard Rock Hotel and Casino? Share your stories in the comments and also tell us if you visited any local attractions. We can’t wait to read about your experiences.