Tourist Attractions Near Tioga Downs Casino Resort

Tioga Downs Casino Logo and Nearby Attractions

Are you hoping to turn your trip to Tioga Downs Casino Resort into your next hot vacation? Or are you just a nomad on a journey looking to explore the area?

Today’s post will help you on your quest, featuring eight tourist attractions that you can add to your vacation itinerary. Below, you will find attractions in a few different categories that include state parks, shopping destinations, a golf club, and even a winery.

And remember, you’re looking at an incomplete list. So, don’t think the following is all that this area offers. But it will give you a solid idea on what the area offers.

Ready to see what lies beyond the New York gambling scene? Let’s begin.

Staggering Unicorn Winery

While it’s a surefire bet that you will find the greatest cocktails in town over at Tioga Downs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least explore and discover what else the area offers. And words can’t express the goodness you will find at Staggering Unicorn Winery.

A small-batch winery, this location specializes in fruit and berry wines. They also add their own flair to their selections. So, if you’ve tried unique fruit and berry wines in the past, brace yourself for a new wine-tasting experience.

Staggering Unicorn Winery

You will find this winery down in Athens, Pennsylvania, just south of the Nichols, New York area. Per TripAdvisor, the winery holds a perfect 5-star rating, in which many commended its super clean, unique, and cute atmosphere.

Sayre Historical Society Museum

If you’re into history, head over to the Sayre Historical Society Museum for a real treat. You will find this location in Sayre, Pennsylvania, another town just under the New York border, and per the town’s Wikipedia page, you’re looking at its crown jewel.

Is Historical Society Museum as the hottest attraction in town? If you love history, you may have to explore the entire town because it’s a safe bet that you will find history at every turn here. A trip to this museum and the town of Sayre is worth a day trip away from Tioga Downs.

And given its 4.5-star review per TripAdvisor, it’s also a safe bet that this place will blow the minds of any history buff. Make time to see a piece of history.

Howard Elmer Park

You will also venture into Sayre, PA, to come across this breathtaking attraction. Howard Elmer Park currently boasts 4.5 stars, and it ranks third out of 16 things to do in Sayre. See, we told you this town was worth exploring up in Section 2.

This park is in Downtown Sayre and reviewers rave about the decor you will find here regardless of the season. Whether it’s the holidays, summer, spring, or fall, brace yourself for a plethora of decor unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Howard Elmer Park

You will also find the place flooded with memorials, live music, a farmer’s market every Friday in the summer, plus a learning hospital that attracts guests from all over the world. Chiming church bells provide a relaxing melody, along with crafts, wine tasting, and other illustrious gatherings.

Again, think quaint. One reviewer likened the atmosphere to that of the Andy Griffith Show. So, if you’re a fan of the hit TV series and the era, it gives you an idea of what to expect here. It’s just an old-school setting in an old-school town. It doesn’t get much better.

And it’s worth taking a few hours off from the casino games and racetrack at Tioga Downs to experience.

Two Rivers State Park Recreation Area

Here’s our first tourist attraction that’s actually in New York. You will find Two Rivers State Park Recreation Area in Waverly, New York, and despite its sole review, the nature lover in you should find time to visit this hot attraction.

Even the reviewer on TripAdvisor referred to the park as an “underutilized gem,” so it will give you an idea of what you can expect here.

Here, you’ll find nature trails and stunning nature views, depending on the time of the year you head over to the park. The park also holds a lake, and it’s tough to take the eyes away from the epic forested scenery.

If I had to describe it, I would liken it to something out of an epic fantasy novel. So, that should give you an idea of what you will experience at Two Rivers State Park.

Hand of Man

This place is full of porcelain dolls. If they freak you out, then you should cross this one off your list. However, reviewers rave about this attraction and it holds a 5-star rating.

So, what is Hand of Man? It’s the ultimate shopping experience if you’re looking for decor like none other. “A visual feast to walk through,” as one reviewer put it on TripAdvisor. And yes, if you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas decor shopping spree, you found it.

Hand of Man Doll Store

And you can place a winning bet that some tourists will come in here just to window shop, as photos reveal that you won’t find a single bare wall in the place. Heck, you won’t find a single empty inch.

How’s that for a well-stocked market? You will find more Christmas decor items here than perhaps any other holiday. So, if Christmas is your thing, mark this place in the top spot on your itinerary when planning your casino trip.

Tioga Downs Antiques and General Marketplace

If you just want to venture away from Tioga Downs for an hour, the Tioga Downs Antiques and General Marketplace is the place to be. Reviewers rave about the generosity from the store’s ownership, so when you frequent this shop, you’re supporting the model of local business.

Given its location in Nichols, New York, you won’t go far before stumbling upon this location. While the location itself has drawn mixed reviews, it still ranks 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Per featured reviews, this shop comprises not one but two horse barns and yes, it has turned reviewers both on and off, which explains the mixed reviews shown above. In short, it just depends on your preference.

Tioga Golf Club

You will find the Tioga Golf Club right at Tioga Downs Casino Resort, so you don’t have to travel far to experience a good game of golf. Hal Purdy designed this par-71 course, so you can expect a challenging game when you visit.

They describe the course as “scenic and challenging,” so whether you’re up for a challenging game of golf or if you’re like me and you’re just there for the scenery (couldn’t hit a golf ball straight if I tried), it’s more than worth playing a round.

Tioga Golf Club

Be ready to use every club in your golf bag because you will need them for the sheer variety this course offers. You will find just six par-3 holes, so think distance when you play a round of golf here. Nearly one-third of this course comprises par-5 holes, so keep those 3 and 4 irons nearby.

But if you’re looking to play, make sure you attend between April and November. But keep in mind, even November is stretching it. They try to stay open as long as the snow holds off, but if Mother Nature has other ideas, you will have to wait until your next trip to Tioga Downs Casino Resort before you step out on the course.

Sayre Theatre

And finally, we’ll end this thing with a few live performances that you will find at the Sayre Theatre. Ranking as the fourth hotspot in Sayre, you can complete your trip to the area and in the town of Sayre by visiting this classic theatre and yes, “quaint” is once again the word here.

The venue plays movies, live performances, and other hot local acts. So, you’re getting some variety here. Reviewers have commended the pricing and cleanliness at this theatre, plus the picture definition and sound system.

Sayre Theatre Exterior

So, it sounds like you’re getting a hybrid of both classic and modern when you frequent this destination. Other reviewers rave about its accessibility for senior citizens and kids, the latter of whom the theatre sponsors special programs for.

It’s a small-town gem that really reels in a small-town feel. It’s quaint, yet modern and old, but clean. So head on over and experience Sayre Theatre for yourself and take a step back in time while you ironically remain in the present.

Expand Your New York Gambling Trip

As you can see, you have a lot to get excited about if you’re looking to explore the area beyond Tioga Downs Casino Resort. And the region offers so much, including quaint settings, nature-based attractions, scenic views from the golf course, and more.

You won’t get the thrills that a big-time vacation will bring. But if you’re looking for some relaxed settings, you definitely want to check out these aforementioned locations.

And have you visited Tioga Downs Casino Resort? If so, tell us about your experience and let us know if you also visited any of the nearby attractions mentioned in today’s post.