Top Ways Amateur Gamblers Win in the Casino

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Winning in the casino is the lofty goal of many casino gamblers. Professional gamblers give themselves a chance to win by learning to gain an advantage over the casino or other players.

Some pros carve out long and successful careers while others crash and burn. It would seem amateur gamblers wouldn’t have much hope of winning in the casino.

The truth is the overwhelming majority of amateur gamblers will have their hopes dashed reasonably quickly. But inexperienced gamblers walk out of the casino with house money every day.

Let’s look at some of the top ways amateur gamblers win in the casino. With a bit of luck, you may find yourself on the receiving end of fortune’s favor.

Casinos Get Excited When Amateurs Win

Casinos love it when amateur players take home money since they are winning money that other players have already lost.

So, it’s free advertising at the least. But having average men and women walking out of the casino a winner has many more lasting benefits.

It gives other players hope that one day they’ll score a substantial jackpot. This hope leads players down a path of constantly looking for a way to beat the casino at their own game.

Unfortunately, for most amateurs, that day never comes partly due to the simple truth that you can’t game your way into hitting the jackpot.

Still, casinos relish these rare wins because it means more business. The casino will treat these winners like celebrities and have a mini photoshoot right on the casino floor.

The winner may be featured in promotional and marketing material, which is used to spread the good news and drive revenue.

So, get the notion that casinos hate winners out of your head. The casinos would all go out of business without winners giving the rest of us hope.

Jackpots Don’t Have a Secret Formula

The jackpots that most gamblers place so much emphasis on don’t have a secret formula. Professional bettors rarely seek these lucrative prizes.

Instead, the amateur gambler is most often the recipient of the jackpot money. That’s a direct result of there not being a way for advantage gamblers to tip the odds in their favor.

You don’t need to know a single thing about casino gambling to win a jackpot. Even if you have years of experience in casinos, you’re no more likely to win a casino jackpot.

Casino Slot Machine Jackpot and Paytables, Pile of Money

There are several areas where the advantage gamblers merely avoid playing the games because there’s no guaranteed path to success. That doesn’t give amateurs any better chance of winning, but the chances are greater that an amateur will win.

I don’t recommend chasing jackpots or trying to hunt down a game that’s ripe to payout. That’s the type of wasteful casino practice that robs the games of entertainment and puts strain on your gambling bankroll.

Being King Fish Isn’t Great, but It Can Make You a Winner

The poker rooms are a fantastic place to profit from the casino. Advantage gamblers love the poker rooms because the casinos don’t hunt down poker players like they do card counters.

All it takes to win in the poker room is to find weaker players and exploit that skill gap. It also means amateur players sometimes have a shot at making a solid profit from the tables.

When your main asset is being king of the fish, you’ve got to be careful how you approach the tables. You can make a decent amount of money by bullying around your fellow fish.

But when sharks smell blood in the water, they’ll want their taste. That means you are constantly in danger of becoming just another fish.

However, if amateur players can consistently maintain a higher level of play than the weaker players, they can make money consistently. The trick is staying out of the sharks’ feeding frenzy.

Betting Systems Work Well When Everything Goes Perfectly

Amateur gamblers love betting systems because they lack the knowledge to spot the flaws in such scenarios instantly. Betting systems are often billed as “can’t miss” ways to win in the casino, but they rarely deliver.

Still, since many players can’t see how the betting systems are doomed to fail, they head into the casino confident in their plan. More often than not, these systems will drain your bankroll even faster than playing the games in a typical fashion.

That’s because most betting systems use varying bet sizes to leverage your bankroll and offset all losses. That leaves any hands you win consecutively as a profit, in theory.

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Sadly, by doubling your wager after each loss, you’re in danger of losing your entire bankroll. However, when everything goes precisely your way, you win money in rare cases.

Amateurs love the betting systems because they sound great and are easy to follow. Hit a lucky run, and amateur gamblers can walk away with piles of the casino’s money.

When Luck Is on Your Side Experience is Inconsequential

Luck doesn’t account for experience. Gambling is a numbers game, and a mathematical anomaly can occur to anyone at any time.

The fact that you don’t need to be an experienced or professional gambler to have luck shine on you is significant in why amateurs win in casinos.

In some games, the only prerequisite for winning is taking a shot. From that point, it’s all up to fate, be in the right spot at the right time, and it could forever change your life.

Amateur Gamblers Take More Risks on Games with a High Edge

One of the mega payouts attributes is that they are usually attached to bets with a high house edge. That’s not a model that you’ll find professional gamblers following.

On the other hand, amateurs are much more likely to take risks on games where there’s potential for a huge payday.

A fundamental difference between professional gamblers and amateurs is that the pros take small, consistent wins. These players understand that the small wins will eventually grow into a substantial pile.

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Amateur gamblers don’t have a solid road map for consistently winning in the casino. So, they must obtain significant wins to have any chance of making a profit.

Even if you win a considerable amount of money, the odds dictate that the casino will win it all back given enough opportunities.

Sportsbooks Amount to a Coin Flip for Most Amateurs

A sportsbook is a great place for amateur gamblers who want to win fast money. The reason sportsbooks are so friendly to inexperienced gamblers is that each game adds up to a coin flip.

Long-term, sports bettors must win over 52% of their bets to profit. However, in the short term, racking up a few consecutive wins can add a nice chunk of change to your pocket.

The average amateur sports bettor is a sports fan, which gives them a great starting point. Yet, for optimal results, you should altogether avoid your favorite teams.

Bet with your head and never your heart in the sportsbook. You could get lucky and win more money than you ever have in the casino.

Going for Broke Works on Rare Occasions

Professional gamblers must work 24/7 to protect their bankroll. If a professional gambler goes broke in the casino, they might, in turn, go broke in life.

Amateur gamblers usually have no such fears. Recreational gamblers walk into the casino, and in many ways, they are already viewing the money in their bankroll as lost.

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That gives them a rare but unique advantage. Amateurs can go broke without the fear of financial ruin.

That affords them the freedom to bet aggressively and take chances that professional gamblers avoid. These gambles rarely pay off, but when they do, it’s an excellent way to boost your bankroll.

Winning Isn’t Everything

Amateur casino gamblers need to understand that losing is more likely than winning. It’s not unreasonable to assume you’ll lose money on 90% of your trips.

I’m not suggesting that you merely accept the losses and get comfortable with them, but you need to understand that winning may not be everything.

That’s a tough pill to swallow for many of us. But if you can see the entertainment aspects of casino gambling, you’ll get more from your experience in the casino.

If you cannot accept that winning isn’t your primary focus, you should start taking the steps right away to develop advantage gambling techniques. That will give you a long-term edge and is the only legitimate path to winning consistently in casinos.

In Summary

Luck has a heavy role in why amateur gamblers ever squeak out wins in the casino. However, you’ll also notice that the games are cleverly designed to let players win some of the time.

Otherwise, we’d all stop playing them. The top ways amateur gamblers win in the casino should shed light on where your attention should be the next time you’re playing casino games.