Top Tips for Your Next Casino Trip Abroad

Airplane, Globe, and Dice

Taking an international casino gambling trip is atop the list for many gamblers. There are a few definitive ways you can make your trip abroad as enjoyable as possible.

More importantly, there are pitfalls that await the unsuspecting traveler. Knowing what these dangers are can lead to not making the mistake that many fall prey to too often.

My top seven tips for your next real money gambling trip abroad can help ensure that you have the time of your life. You’ve put months or years of planning into the unforgettable journey, and you deserve to have the best possible experience.

Shop for Casino Resort Amenities

The casino floor is undoubtedly the star attraction for any casino trip. Still, there are several essential factors that you should check off the list before booking a casino resort abroad.

If you make a trip abroad to sit in the casino for five consecutive days, you’re missing the boat. The world is full of fun and exciting places to visit and see.

Regardless of how many casino games you plan to play, eventually, you’ll need a break. Resort amenities like a luxury spa, dining selections, and outdoor or water activities are healthy ways to spend time away from the casino.

Don’t book a resort without carefully reviewing the resort amenities offered. It would be best if you weren’t forced to eat over-priced fast food on your memorable vacation.

Know Your Role

Keep in mind that you’ll likely stand out as an outsider. This comes with an extra level of attention and scrutiny.

It’s essential to remain humble and present the best version of yourself. American’s have a stereotype of being loud and overly rude when traveling abroad.

Don’t further promote this view by acting like a fool. Say “please” and “thank you” to your hosts and the staff in any establishment you visit on your trip.

It would be best to familiarize yourself with the tipping etiquette in the region you plan on visiting. The customs, standards, and rules vary significantly from country to country.

In many of the casino resorts worldwide, the casino staff depends on these gratuities as a significant portion of their income.

Interior of Casino de Monte Carlo

I also recommend you pay close attention to the dress code for all areas of the casino you’ll be staying at while abroad.

The United States is incredibly liberal with what we deem appropriate attire. Other countries are sometimes much more strict.

Keep in mind that you must always represent yourself respectably and courteously. You are merely a guest in a new country, and the locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcomed.

It would help if you did the same in return. This may not seem like a big deal to many, but I can assure you that basic decency will go miles in the eyes of your hosts.

Take It Easy on the Booze

Casinos are famous for offering their guests free alcohol while they gamble in the casino. This same tradition is alive and well all around the world.

Guests are encouraged to take a seat, buy into a game, and enjoy their favorite adult beverage while they gamble.

Alcohol provides a slippery slope under the best of circumstances. The chances for something truly challenging to happen only increase when you’re gambling in another country.

For starters, there may very well be a significant language barrier. So, if there is some suspicious behavior, it’ll likely be accentuated by this communication breakdown.

Next, may be through no fault of your own. Criminals will often target tourists as easy marks.

The likelihood that you’ll be targeted only goes up when you are drinking while gambling. That friendly player at the next seat may seem like your best buddy until you wake up without your wallet, watch, cell phone, and cash.

Losing your only passport in a foreign country is not the type of headache you want to deal with on your casino trip abroad.

Become Familiar With the Casino Games

Anytime you are preparing for a casino vacation, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the games.

The casino games vary slightly from casino to casino, even in Las Vegas. The subtle differences between games across countries may be significant.

The first step in preparing for the trip is researching the games and rules offered at the casinos in the area you’ll be playing.

Once you’ve established what games and rules are available, you may then practice the games online before you ever leave the house.

Macau Casino Skyline

Taking this time to practice and become familiar can go miles to avoiding costly gambling mistakes when it’s time for the real deal.

You may also account for the games that are most popular in the region. In the United States, players have thousands of slot machines and blackjack tables at their disposal.

However, in Macau, you’ll find a much smaller sampling of these games as baccarat is the preferred game for most players in the region.

You may very well find the same games with the same rules as you find at your home casino. Still, it’s better to know before you hop on a plane to fly around the world.

Utilize the Free Wi-Fi

Staying in communication with friends and family is imperative when traveling. If your journey takes you abroad, this communication can be more difficult.

Fortunately, most resort casinos around the world offer in-room Wi-Fi. Mostly, this is a free amenity.

However, even if there’s a small daily fee, it’s worth the price.

Having 24/7 access to the world wide web is as valuable as any free massage or dinner comp you’ll ever get.

With Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to stay in contact with loved ones back home without having to worry about expensive international roaming rates. The Wi-Fi calling and video calls offered by Apple, Facebook, and Zoom are excellent ways to keep up with relatives or friends.

You also won’t need to be burdened by missing any necessary e-mails while you’re out of the country.

Some travelers don’t consider the possibility of becoming homesick. It may not become an issue, but there are ways to curb some of that loneliness.

Keeping up to date with your latest local news and weather will help make you feel not so far from home.

The entire world is closer than ever before thanks to the internet and having Wi-Fi in the room is like having a little piece of home with you.

Exchange Your Cash at Home

You’re probably not going to be able to pull $2500 out of the bank and be set for the trip. The dollar is still strong, but the exchange rates can be confusing to most.

You wouldn’t let your employer pay you in Mexican Pesos, nor should you show up in Monaco with a wad of dollar bills.

Sun City Resort in South Africa

You’ll save yourself time and money by exchanging your currency before you travel overseas. You’ll be using your cards for much of the trip, but you’ll want enough for tipping and incidentals.

Don’t stress too much over exchanging your currency at home. The casino will be able to exchange your cash for you, but it’ll be a little bit more expensive.

The important thing is that you avoid the ridiculously high ATM fees that gamblers can sometimes find abroad.

Take Casino Security Seriously

Not to be too dark, but there exists an existential threat when traveling. Global terrorism theoretically exists anywhere at any time.

Still, there are ways to curb and protect citizens and guests. Casinos, by default, take security extremely seriously.

The casinos have to protect their billion-dollar babies, and surveillance is everywhere. Well, it should be in a casino resort.

The casino surveillance teams are always on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. At a moment’s notice, the security teams can converge on any potential threat.

It is also crucial that you take an active role in your personal security. I suggest traveling light when traveling abroad.

Keep cash, valuables, and passports locked in the safe in your room. If you need your passport for any reason, it can be retrieved at that time.

Don’t be reckless with your alcohol consumption, and generally be aware of your surroundings. Taking your own security seriously may make a tremendous difference in how the trip goes.


These top seven tips for planning your next casino trip abroad will make for a much more pleasant vacation. Whether it centers around your comfort or security, every detail of your journey deserves the utmost attention.

Some of you have waited years to be able to take this trip abroad, and you don’t want to have an unpleasant trip due to the Wi-Fi being in the hotel across the street.