Top Fried Snacks in Las Vegas

Hand Reaching to Grab Fried Food From Plate
A good trip to Las Vegas is about a whole lot of things: amazing times sitting around the pool, hot casino action at the tables or the slots, and, of course, the food. Las Vegas is chock full of places to catch gourmet meals under the watchful eye of celebrity chefs, great meals at designer restaurants, and more than a few great snack places.

These snacks range in size and shape and go from the sweetest cakes and cookies you’ve ever had to the saltiest bites from around the world. Of course, they also come in the best variety possible: fried. In fact, there are fried foods all around Las Vegas to be discovered and savored.

If that sounds like something you’d love, here are ten fried delicacies that you have to try.

Fried Twinkies

At this point, fried Twinkies may not seem like a thing because they’ve been out for a while.

Not to say that fried twinkies are bad just because they’ve been around, but can we say that fried Twinkies are a draw at this point?

Fried Twinkies

Of course we can because this is Las Vegas!

Do you really think that Las Vegas would serve up a fried Twinkie and not add that little bit of Las Vegas magic?

That’s why I recommend heading to a place known for gilding the lily a little bit and trying a fried Twinkie.

In this case, I recommend Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, where not only do they fry the Twinkie, they serve it with chunky strawberry sauce for a bit of sweet and salt.

Add whipped cream, and you have a tremendous fried treat to enjoy.

Fried Oreos

Oreos are another delicacy that started astronomically delicious and only got better when dipped in batter and fried in hot oil. It’s incredible how something that good can somehow get better, but the heat melts the sweet cream inside and softens the cookies and somehow makes magic more magical.

So, naturally, they’re a perfect fit for several Las Vegas eateries.

In fact, so perfect that they can be found in several places all across the city. For my money, check out Fremont Street Experience for the fried Oreos (and Twinkies and a bunch of other foods) that can be had for really cheap.

Head there, and you won’t be sorry.

Fried Fish

Maybe sweet things aren’t your cup of tea. No bother, maybe something across the Pond is. In that case, I recommend going out for some lovely fish and chips.

Basket of Fried Fish and Fries

And where can you find the loveliest of fish and chips? Go to Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at the Linq Promenade. You have to believe that the master of all things British cuisine has also mastered the fish and chips. (Spoiler alert: he has.)

Even better, there are several restaurants that bear Ramsay’s name, most of them do great fish and chips.

Fried Scallops

To keep things in the sea, you can also seek out the best-fried scallops in Las Vegas. Although there’s no ocean with scallops in them real close to Vegas (it’s in the middle of a desert after all), you can get great fried shellfish, including scallops, in Sin City.

There are several places you can go, but my pick has to be Lazy Joe’s Fish & Chips.

Chicken and Waffles

If you prefer your fried meal to be chicken instead of from the sea, then can we suggest chicken and waffles?

If that sounds like your thing, you can order them at several diners and eateries around the city. You can also seek out extra special gourmet chicken and waffles.

If you do, there are a few destinations you can seek out. First, you can try Bruxie, a sandwich shop that has a unique waffle sandwich in which a waffle envelops a piece of fried chicken and toppings like a fried egg, coleslaw, and others. It’s like a regular chicken and waffles but kicked up to Las Vegas level.

There’s also Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles, which puts chicken and waffles in the name, so you know they’re right. There’s also Hash House A-Go-Go, which can build you a chicken and waffles almost a foot high.

Korean Chicken

Keeping with the fried chicken trend, have you ever tried Korean fried chicken? If not, Las Vegas is a great place to give it a try.

If you’re not familiar with Korean fried chicken (called chikin by some), it is a South Korean method of preparing fried chicken. It is twice-fried, which makes the crust crunchier and, often, less greasy.

The crust itself can have many different spice blends, but most have salt and sugar (not something you find in American fried chicken.)

What’s also really cool about Korean fried chicken is that because the chicken is fried twice, the outer crust is smooth, which gives it a unique look.

Fried Chicken Baskets

If that sounds like something you might enjoy, Las Vegas has several Korean restaurants and chicken places that will serve you Korean fried chicken.

However, none of these are going to be as good as Bonchon (in my opinion anyway.)

At Bonchon, you can get your Korean fried chicken as wings, strips, drumsticks, or boneless wings.

They offer different styles (spicy, soy garlic, sweet crunch, or half & half) and several sides, including fried rice, kimchi, rice, or edamame.

No matter which you pick, you are sure to get a fantastic fried meal.

Deep-Fried Calzone

If you live in a major urban area, you’ve probably seen fried Oreos, fish, chicken, etc.

However, have you seen a deep-fried calzone?

If not, that’s too bad because it’s long been a theory of mine that deep frying makes anything better. That applies to the calzone.

For those who are unaware, a calzone is basically like a pizza that’s been folded over and sealed (also like a Hot Pocket.)

Just imagine the pizza goodness deep-fried, turning crispy and hot on the outside, and gooey and savory delicious on the inside.

Do I have your attention?

Good. Head to Pizza Rock inside the Green Valley Ranch and try one of their deep-fried calzones with a side of French fries.

You’ll find the calzone is stuffed full of flavorful ingredients, and the garlic fries are a perfect accompaniment. It’s definitely worth the trip to Pizza Rock to check it out.


Oh, since we’re on the topic of Pizza Rock, there’s something else you need to try when you go there: Coccoli.

Fortunately, Coccoli is nothing like broccoli (because let’s face it, nothing healthy should be on this list.) Instead, Coccoli features “sea salted fried dough with prosciutto di Parma and burrata cheese.”

Coccolir Bread on a Plate with Cheese Spread

That by itself sounds pretty amazing: salted dough plus fried plus more salt from the prosciutto and a little cream from the cheese sounds like something you want to put in your mouth. However, there’s a whole lot more you can do with salted, fried dough.

Maybe you could dip it in some of their pizza sauce or pair it with ranch or dip it in some extra virgin olive oil and herbs. The sky is the limit, and Pizza Rock is the type of place that will let you get away with a little bit to have a good meal.

Cheese Curds

No list of fried foods would be complete without fried cheese. Again, this is something that you can get all over, and you can get Vegas-style only in Las Vegas.

For that, I recommend deep-fried cheese curds from Badger Café. Yes, you can get them in a lot of restaurants, and Badger Café doesn’t precisely serve them in a large tower or with lots of trimmings, but they serve them so well that it’s a place that gets recommendations and high marks from a lot of customers.

So, give them a try.

You will not be sorry.

Crazy French Fries

Crazy French fries made the final list, though this slot was once reserved for deep-fried tacos.

However, when researching places to go for deep-fried tacos, I remembered that Bomb Tacos and a few places around Las Vegas had mastered the art of kicked up French fries.

In this case, we recommend the carne asada curly fries from Bomb Tacos, but really when it comes to Vegas if a place serves fries, they’re going to be great.


As you can see, there are a lot of different foods to fry and a lot of different restaurants for you to try.

No matter what you want to see dredged in flour or dipped in batter, then fried in oil, you can probably find it somewhere in Las Vegas or at a Las Vegas casino. From sweet items like Oreos and Twinkies or savory items like fish, cheese, or chicken, Las Vegas has it to offer.

Even better, these restaurants will serve the dishes Las Vegas-style: huge, fancy, and gourmet.