Top 9 Tips for Becoming a Professional Gambler

Gambler Throwing Cards on the Table

If you view gambling as a pure entertainment proposition where you try to beat the casino whenever possible but understand the house always wins, good for you. Casino gambling is designed to be an entertainment industry, and taking that approach leads to a fantastic hobby and lots of beautiful memories.

However, some gamblers want to make their hobby into a career. That likely puzzles many of you that don’t understand how a casino gambler can consistently get the better of the casino.

Yet, many advantage gamblers are able to find ways to gain a long-term edge over the house. Then making a living in the casino, sportsbook, or racetrack becomes as simple as getting enough money in play.

You’ll have to weather some severe ups and downs as a professional gambler. Being adequately prepared for the task will make life much easier.

Here are my top 9 tips for becoming a professional gambler; use them wisely.

1 – Be Absolutely Certain You Want to Become a Pro

Before you make the leap into the world of professional gambling, you need to be absolutely sure you want to become a pro. The prospect of making a living playing your favorite casino game may sound appealing, but the reality of turning your hobby into work may prove more challenging than you imagined.

Playing poker, betting on sports, and hitting the blackjack table for a few hours is an excellent form of entertainment. Most recreational gamblers will make a few trips to the casino each year, which leaves enough time away from the casino to miss your beloved games.

Spending day after day gambling in the casino for hours on end can have a negative impact on your view of casinos and gambling as a whole. Be prepared for your passion becoming your work.

2 – Understand Exactly What it is You’re Signing Up For

If you plan on making the leap into the world of professional gambling, you need to know precisely what you’re signing up for ahead of time.

When you make the full-time jump to gambling as a vocation, you’re going to face an uphill climb. Every dime you spend must be earned in the casino; there won’t be time to keep your side gig and be successful.

When I say every penny you spend comes from gambling, I mean your mortgage, rent, car payment, groceries, cell phone, utilities, and any other expenses must be paid from your gambling wins. Most people understand this and lay out their finances ahead of time to ensure they can cover the shift.

Pro Poker Player at Poker Tournament

Many people fail to consider other expenses like vacations, entertainment, savings for retirement, and perhaps most importantly, healthcare.

When you go pro, you’re making a commitment to earn all of your income in the casino. That means no sick days, no vacation pay, and no guarantees.

Professional gambling is genuinely a sink or swim proposition. Allow me to wish you all of the success in the world.

3 – Eliminate the Word “LUCK” from Your Vocabulary

You’ve probably heard the argument on whether profitable gamblers are skilled or lucky. This argument is baseless and holds zero merits.

A lucky gambler may hit the jackpot in a game of chance, but that same gambler will give that money back to the casino plus some interest shown enough time.

Skilled gamblers make a profit through advantage techniques that give them a sustainable edge. This edge provides them with a long-term positive expectation; the casino has the same expectation over gamblers.

Sure, occasionally, professional gamblers get lucky. They probably get lucky far more often than an average casino gambler, but the word luck has no place in a rookie pros arsenal.

If you start relying on luck as a professional gambler, you’re going to be spending a ton of money to work with nothing to show for it. Understand that you have an advantage that ensures a profit, and leave luck for the retirees spinning the slot machine reels.

4 – Learn Everything You Can About Bankroll Management

Money management is one of the first tenets preached by any successful gambler. You can’t be in the game if you blow through your bankroll, and bettors that don’t execute excellent bankroll management will never maximize their true winning potential.

Treat bankroll management as the most crucial piece of your gambling business model. All of the money you win or lose will be directly impacted by how well you manage your bankroll.

Casino Roulette Wheel, Pile of Money

You should learn everything you can about bankroll management and practice it to the best of your ability in every facet of your gambling. You need to budget for every dollar you spend on travel, meals, accommodations, and gambling.

Once you have all of your gambling-related expenses, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of how much you’re making. You can use that number to determine how much you should be adding to your bankroll each week or every month.

5 – Always Keep an Even Keel

Making a living as a professional gambler will be full of ups and downs. You’ll likely face losing streaks that seem to never end.

You’ll catch a horrible break at some point that sets you back, but you must push forward. Losing is a part of gambling.

Gamblers who become obsessed with perfection are doomed to a lifetime of disappointment. Pros that are able to keep an even keel in the casino will have a lower stress workday.

Sometimes the cards won’t fall in your favor; losing your cool will not change that. What it will change is how you play the ensuing hands.

Getting angry over losses only results in more significant losses in many instances. Remain calm and make the most out of every opportunity.

6 – Focus on the Proper Areas of Gambling

As a prospective professional gambler, I hope this doesn’t come as a shock, but you can’t make a living jumping from game to game. Most casino games will never give you the ability to make a long-term profit.

So, those games are automatically out. There are 3 primary areas advantage gamblers stick to for making money in the casinos.

The first is poker; poker is a skill-based game where you can make a sustainable and lucrative profit by finding games where your skill gives you an advantage. Poker pros are making millions at the top level, but only the truly elite reach that measure of success.

The sportsbook is another critical area where sharp bettors can find an edge and guarantee a profit. In order to make a profit in sports betting, you must overcome the vig.

That requires you to win at least 52.4% of your bets. Develop a system where you’re consistently beating the handicappers, and you can write your own check; poker pros would die to do numbers like Billy Walters or Anthony Bloom.

Man Playing Blackjack and Touching his Wedding Ring Nervously

Blackjack card counters face a lot of challenges in making a living. The casinos are constantly battling the advantage gamblers and trying to keep them off of the table.

Still, if they can find the games, they will make a comfortable living playing their favorite card hame.

Other areas where pro gamblers can find profitability are horse racing and video poker. I equate horse racing to sports betting, and video poker is a cross between blackjack and poker.

While there are several ways pro gamblers can make a living gambling, staying ahead of the curve takes extreme dedication.

7 – Stay Motivated by Constantly Striving to Improve

The grind of professional gambling is the most extreme challenge a gambler could face. At times, staying motivated can be the most critical aspect of your success.

One of the best ways to stay hungry is by constantly striving to improve as a gambler. When you’re regularly learning, you stay excited about new ways to make a profit.

You’ll also learn what doesn’t work earlier in your career, which will lead to more success down the road.

8 – Treat Your Gambling Like a Business

If you’re going to go from the amateur ranks to the pros, you’d better start acting like a professional. That means you track everything you do related to gambling.

Wins, Losses, bets, time spent gambling, and detailed notes on your performance should be made after every session. It will also be beneficial to make a note of approaches you’re taking and areas you’re working to improve.

Treating your gambling like a business is a tough transition for some, but you will not be successful until you take this approach.

9 – Enjoy the Rollercoaster

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride. You’re living the dream of many amateur gamblers by taking your skills to the next level.

Yes, there will be significant ups and downs that make you question your choice. However, only the pros that refuse to quit when others fold will enjoy the maximum rewards of professional gambling.


Making it as a professional is as tough as it sounds. Use these top 9 tips for becoming a professional gambler to boost your chances of making it.

Treat every wager like a business decision, continue becoming a better gambler, stay calm when things go poorly, and enjoy the ride. Gamblers that take a pragmatic approach to their new career are better positioned to be successful.