Top 9 Reasons Casinos Never Cheat

Casino Sign with a Crossed out Cheat Underneath it

Getting cheated by the house may have once been a real possibility. Luckily, those games are long behind us as the mobsters that once ruled the casino industry have been replaced by the massive casino conglomerates.

The new and much softer casinos are focused on driving entertainment and tourism to drive the bottom line, not intimidation and fear. Still, I constantly hear hapless gamblers spouting off about how the casino has once again wronged them.

Let me assure you that the casinos are not interested in cheating you out of any wins, but me telling you isn’t enough. Let me show you the top 9 reasons casinos never cheat.

Hopefully, then you’ll be able to put your worry to bed and make the most of your casino sessions.

1 – Reputation Is Everything to Casinos

Casinos rely heavily on their reputation and brand recognition to lure players into their lair. The marketing campaigns, superstar acts, and willingness to put in waterparks and other attractions are a testament to the lengths casinos go to stand out from their immense competition.

The premier casinos spend millions just on marketing, all in an effort to bolster their reputation and show potential guests what a great time they could be having.

If social media has taught us anything, it’s how fast you can go from darling to outcast. A casino that started cheating players would instantly become synonymous with getting bamboozled.

Trust the logic; casinos care more about their good name than they do about suckering you for another 100 dollars. Even when you extrapolate that to include every gambler in the casino at a given time.

2 – It’s Called the House Edge for Good Reason

They say the house always wins, which is the 100% truth in nearly every instance. A few advantage gamblers may get the better of the casino by employing techniques that turn the odds in their favor.

Still, in almost all situations, the casino holds the advantage over the players. That occurs because the casino games are all built with a house edge.

This edge varies by game but still puts players at an automatic disadvantage when playing casino games.

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The edge not only exists as a constant, but it may also fluctuate based on the house rules. So, you’ve got to ask yourself, “If the casino knows it’s always going to win, why would it cheat?”

Casinos don’t stand to gain anything by cheating the players out of money they’re already going to lose. All cheating would do is speed up the process, which is a bad move for casinos.

3 – You Drive Players Away When They Never Win

If players never win at a casino, the word is going to get around pretty fast, and a casino’s customer base will shrivel away as loyal guests make their gambling home in other nearby casinos.

I had a great buddy in college that always wanted to play golf and happened to be a hardcore gambler for a 20-year-old. This guy wanted to bet on any and everything; he’d play video games for money almost every night.

The first time we played golf, I beat him pretty handily and didn’t think too much of it. What’s $20 amongst friends, right?

The next time we played, he wanted to go double or nothing but insisted I give him 2 strokes aside. Fine by me, I knew my game, and more critically, I knew his.

I wrecked him week after week, and after about 4 months of losing close to $100 per week to me, he stopped playing me for cash. It took him several months to get to that conclusion, but he finally realized he’d never beat me.

Had I been a far savvier bettor, I would have let him take the occasional win. There’s no telling how much money he would have donated to the cause, so to speak.

If casinos don’t let players win from time to time, they’ll merely go elsewhere. Not to mention you’ll never have word of mouth from the winners that drives the casino industry on a grassroots level.

4 – The Casinos Are Regulated by Strict Legislation

Casinos are under stringent parameters about what they can and can’t get away with. Every modern casino has a valuable license that allows them to offer casino gaming to the masses.

These gaming licenses aren’t easy to come by, and it doesn’t take too severe of an infraction to have your license yanked out from underneath you. Should a governing body make a call to pull the casino’s license, it’ll be all she wrote.

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However, things don’t need to escalate to that level to do some severe harm to the casino’s reputation. Merely having an investigation launched by a gaming commission or control board would deal a heavy blow to a casino’s business.

The fines, legal fees, and loss of business could send a casino into bankruptcy.

5 – Casinos Have a Lot to Lose By Cheating Players

I covered how casinos don’t risk cheating the players because of the legal impacts that could follow; we’re going to look at that and then move on to how they really lose.

The casino will immediately have its license pulled when casinos are busted by the governing gaming authority over cheating. That means turn out the lights, the parties over, and everyone go home.

If the casino operates under an ambiguous or patently crooked gaming authority, it may keep its license. However, word will spread like wildfire, and players will boycott the casino right out of business.

In rare cases, the casino will dispute the claim and cry foul on the software provided for games. This tactic may keep the casino afloat, but they’ll never enjoy the success they once had.

When players cheat, they go to jail. When casinos cheat, they go to bankruptcy court.

6 – Most Players Increase the Casino’s Profits by Playing the Games Poorly

Earlier I discussed how the house edge is designed to slowly suck your money away from you a little at a time. That design keeps you gambling and entertained for hours.

That is the basic arrangement in casino gambling. Casinos provide fun and exciting games, and the players slowly lose money to the house edge. Sometimes the players will make a few wins that allow them to leave with house money and tell all their friends how great casinos are.

The casinos know that most players play the games in a manner that is already driving up the house edge dramatically.

Players will often ignore basic strategy altogether when playing casino games. So, the edge they face is much higher than the savvy gamblers who are still losing money.

People Playing Poker Badly

Then you have the massive groups of players who believe betting in a way to chase their losses will bring them back to even. Chasing losses will devastate your bankroll in the casino.

Even more, players further handicap themselves by not operating with any type of gambling bankroll. They merely blow through what they brought and head home; the suckers head to the ATM and bust out another thousand.

As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of suckers. With the gamblers doing so much of the heavy lifting, the casino doesn’t even need to think about cheating.

Their primary concern for casinos is what to do with all of that money.

7 – The Tourism Industry Would Dry Up for the Casino

Based on the information we’ve covered above, it’s pretty clear why the casinos would never make the decision to cheat players. Modern casinos are mega resorts aimed at entertaining the entire family, and business is spectacular.

All it would take for all of that money to dry up would be a single substantiated accusation of cheating. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

If you don’t think the Las Vegas casinos or other areas pride themselves on the tourism market, look at what’s happening in the casinos. The Las Vegas Strip was once one of the most player-friendly places in the world.

Go today, and you’ll see many games with rules that are terrible for the player. Still, it’s a long way from cheating.

Savvy gamblers know to avoid the poor tables, but the novice gambler in Vegas for the “scene” hasn’t a clue. The casinos genuinely care enough about their business enough to never cheat.

8 – Casinos Are Subject to Regular Examinations and Audits

One of the measures that keep casinos honest is the random examinations and audits by third-party firms hired by the gaming commissions.

They’ll be brought to light if there are any shenanigans whatsoever during these necessary checks and balances.

The casinos know the numbers don’t lie better than most, so they’d never cheat players.

9 – There’s Too Much Money Pouring Into the Vault

The single biggest reason casinos never cheat is that they are making money hand over fist. It would actually be more effort than it’s worth to implement a manner of cheating players out of more money.


I once read an article sighting how a modern casino would have to spend more money to effectively cheat players than they would make in return. Knowing how much money the casino makes stings a bit when I lose, but knowing they aren’t trying to cheat me helps me sleep better.

In Summary

There’s a lot of fear among new gamblers that the casinos are out to get them. You can relax in the comfort that modern casinos will never cheat you, the casinos don’t need to cheat because you’re beat the second you walk through the door.

I hope the top 9 reasons casinos never cheat will allow you to play the games more enjoyably.