Top 9 Buffets in Atlantic City

Hand Reaching for Food at Buffet
It’s kind of an established fact that Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a second-class citizen in the world of poker cities. When it comes to best and brightest places to wager some money, the seaside attraction has taken a deep backseat to places like Las Vegas, Macau, Monaco, and San Jose.

Given the city’s proud history of nightlife, casinos, ocean boardwalks, and entertainment, it’s kind of a shame that Atlantic City doesn’t get the same press that Vegas does. With that said, it’s not like Atlantic City has fallen into the ocean either. There are still plenty of places you can play a round of cards and get a good meal.

Therefore, when you find yourself in Atlantic City and you have winnings burning a hole in your pocket, you have nine perfectly good places to grab a buffet. That may be fewer than Sin City, but you can still feast on a fine dinner at a reasonable casino price.

1 – Borgata Buffet

When it comes to Atlantic City, you can’t do much better than the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. It really is the class of Atlantic City casino resorts including their nightlife, fully decked-out spas, meeting spaces (because we all want to meet in a casino instead of play) and, of course, there’s the food.

The Borgata is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also serves brunch on certain days.

The fare is pretty typical for a buffet at breakfast and lunch—omelets, bacon, ham, and lox for breakfast and fried chicken, Asian cuisine, pizza, and sandwiches for lunch. At dinner, though, the Borgata turns into a gourmet dinner with prime rib, cold and hot seafood entrees and enough desserts to please any sweet tooth. If you’re in Atlantic City, this is the buffet to try first.

2 – Palace Court Buffet

Close on the heels of the Borgata is the Palace Court Buffet at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino. The Palace Court is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and open for brunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. During these times, diners can feast on sushi, pizza, ice cream, desserts, carved meat, and all the sides one could possibly desire.

Knife and Fork Cutting Meat

Also, on Saturday and Sunday dinner, the Palace rolls out the extra glam and features crab legs and prime rib on their buffet. Then again, perhaps the greatest feature of the Palace Court Buffet is a no-wait, self-service wine area so you can always make sure you glass is extra full. Viva Atlantic City!

3 – The Buffet at Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel, Casino, and Marina

For those who love the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, can I offer you The Buffet at Golden Nugget Atlantic City, Casino, and Marina? Those who want to bring a little Vegas into their Atlantic City will find The Buffet to be right up their alley (though, let’s be honest, the AC version seems a little nicer than the place in Sin City).

All diners can stop by the buffet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even better, Fridays feature an all-you-can-shove-down-your-gullet (my words, not theirs) seafood buffet that is a steal at around $35. For those who need a cocktail, The Buffet offers a full bar along with a mouthwatering spread of pizzas, carved meats, salads, desserts, and more.

4 – Capriccio

If you think you’ve had an Atlantic City brunch, wait until you try Cappricio at the Resorts Casino Hotel on the Boardwalk. Capriccio is renowned for its upscale Italian cuisine in an artful, Old World-style setting. On Sundays, though, Cappricio really kicks things up with a Sunday brunch that looks like it’s right out of a gourmet photoshoot.

Italian Pasta on Table

Diners will feast on Italian favorites, sushi, lamb, caviar, antipasto, cheese, cold salads, cold seafood, and lots more (including scrumptious desserts). Even though Capriccio may not do buffets all the time, their Sunday brunch was more than good enough to land them on the list of best buffets in Atlantic City. And it’s only open one day of the week!

5 – Kelsey’s

Another restaurant making the list because of a superior Sunday brunch, Kelsey’s is the place to go in Atlantic City to get your soul food fix. Open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday, for less than $30, you can treat yourself to a fine meal combining breakfast and soul food favorites.

Whether you want grits, eggs, omelets, fried fish, bacon, or shrimp, Kelsey’s has something for you on their buffet. The only drawback is that Kelsey’s isn’t in a casino, but it is less than a 10-minute walk for those who want to dine on something a little different.

6 – Fiesta Buffet

Are you ready for a party? Then, be sure to check out the newly-redesigned Fiesta Buffet at the Tropicana Atlantic City, which is one of the more colorful and well-stocked buffets you’re likely to run across in the entire area. This buffet features breakfast from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM, when the buffet switches over to lunch until 2 PM. Dinner is promptly at 4 PM until 9:00 PM.

Buffet Food in Trays

That makes the hours a little unusual especially compared to Las Vegas, which might be the real city that never sleeps. Still, while the buffet is open, enjoy colorful salads, seafood dishes, seafood scampi, meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and everything in between. Even better, stop by for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

7 – Fresh Harvest Buffet

The Fresh Harvest Buffet is the pride and joy of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City. The Fresh Harvest serves up lunch and dinner every day. The lunch buffet offers an impressive selection of salads, bagels, pizzas, fish, and six different types of gelato, three types of cookies, multiple types of individual desserts, and a crepe station.

Dinner just piles on more with an international section, more meat, and a lot of choices of seafood for your dining pleasure. Even better, the Fresh Harvest Buffet is open until 9 PM on weekdays and 10 PM on Friday and Saturdays. That way, you can get in a little more gambling before you fill your tummy with amazing food.

8 – Waterfront Buffet

The Waterfront Buffet is located “near” Harrah’s Atlantic City (and also very near the waterfront, hence the name). Despite it just being “near,” this is one of the official restaurants of the Harrah’s Atlantic City complex, though it’s only open for dinner, which is unfortunate because there are a lot of things to try at this buffet and one meal doesn’t seem like enough.

Hands Cutting Up Chicken and Other Foods on Plate

When you go to the Waterfront, you can enjoy salads, steaks, chopped salads, fresh fried chicken, and, most importantly, on Fridays, you can dig into all the crab legs you can eat. It’s not bad and the price is startlingly affordable for Harrah’s members (less than $25).

9 – Sunday Brunch at Nero’s

Our last entry in the list takes us back to Caesars Palace for one last Sunday brunch in Atlantic City. At Nero’s, you can gaze out onto the water as you dine on crab legs, oysters, shrimp, steak, sushi, waffles, crab stuffed salmon, make-your-own-bloody Mary’s, and more (like cheesecake, pastries, and tiramisu).

Nero’s is one of the prettiest places to eat in Atlantic City, so we recommend it any time. But they have really figured out the magical combination to make a perfect brunch.


Atlantic City gets made fun of a lot and sometimes, it brings it on itself.

For instance, when I started researching this article, I literally found Golden Corral listed as a top buffet in Atlantic City. Still, that’s really unfair, as there are a lot of talented chefs working hard to prepare meals that any of us would be proud to eat.

Therefore, next time you’re looking to get away and aren’t feeling the overwhelming hustle and bustle of Vegas (or the heat), give Atlantic City a try. There are several casinos that would be proud to have your business and there are at least nine delectable buffets that you can you try. Really, the hardest part should be trying to figure out which Sunday brunch you’re going to attend.