Top 9 Attractions and Activities Near Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast

Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast Attractions

Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast is one of the premier must-visit hotspots in the Bay St. Louis area. But it’s not the only place to get excited about when you venture on over. You will find plenty of exciting vacation destinations here just waiting to be explored, and today’s post covers a few of them.

Whether you’re looking for a few outdoor destinations, history museums, fun places to eat, or even an entertainment hall, Bay St. Louis has it. So, grab that note-taking app on your phone_or if you’re old school, a pen and paper—and jot down a few hotspots mentioned below.

Are you ready to see all of what the Bay St. Louis region offers after Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast? Keep reading.

1 – Bay St. Louis Beach

If you’re looking to have fun in the sun on a warm day and you’d like to skive off the resort, check out Bay St. Louis Beach. Expect to spend over three hours here, because when the skies are sapphire and the waters are so clear that you can see the bottom, you’ll never want to leave the sun and sea.

Even with those progressive slot machine jackpots booming over at Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast, there’s nothing like a good beach day.

You’ll find the main beach at 100 Jody Compretta Dr. in Bay St. Louis, and it’s a great place to visit if you also plan on visiting the Creole Creamery or Antique Maison LLC later in the day.

Best yet, they’re maintained well, which several reviewers over at TripAdvisor have noted. And it’s exceptionally relaxing when the wind’s blowing off the coast during the hottest days of the year.

2 – L&N Historic Train Depot

If you’re looking for a bit of history and information on the region, head over to the L&N Historic Train Depot. In this old building, you’ll also find the visitor’s center, which will provide you with several brochures regarding area attractions, many of which you’ll find right here on today’s post.

You’ll find it at 1928 Depot Way in Bay St. Louis, and if you’re visiting the next two hotspots on today’s list, it’s more than worth venturing to. In fact, you’re even getting two attractions in one here, since the Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antiques Museum is literally attached to the place, along with the Mardi Gras Museum.

L&N Historic Train Depot

Okay, that’s three attractions in one. And 100 Men Hall sits about 150 yards away.

Curious to see what the Alice Moseley Museum and 100 Men Hall hold? Keep reading.

3 – Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum

You’ll find it right inside the Historic Train Depot, so if you ventured out there for some information on the area, you’re in the right place. The depot houses a vast collection of Alice Moseley’s finest works.

Given her love for the depot and the oak trees surrounding the location, she based many of her folk art scenes in and around the location. So, once you’re done scouring for information on the area at the Train Depot, come and check out some of her original pieces of artwork.

The museum also contains her son Tim’s antique collection. Just some relics of his collection include pieces of pottery, glass art, and primitive furniture. Oh, and make sure you catch that DVD they’re constantly playing of Alice telling stories about her works.

And never forget her famous quote, “Your reach should always exceed your grasp.”

The museum also serves as an entertainment venue, and it’s open Monday through Saturday, except on major holidays.

4 – 100 Men Hall

Looking for more entertainment in the Bay St. Louis area?

Head over to 100 Men Hall at 303 Union St. in Bay St. Louis, just over 500 feet away, catch tributes to some of the most historic Blues music ever created. It was once a popular stop during the Golden Age of Blues between the 1930s and 1960s, featuring some of the most popular artists in the industry.

Inside of the 100 Men Hall

In 2011, they rewarded it with the Blues Trail Marker, and in 2018, the building underwent a restoration project. Once again serving as the area’s crown jewel, they have opened it to the public by appointment, but they also hold a plethora of live events throughout the calendar year.

Locals revere the place as a community icon. So if you’re in the mood to meet and mingle with those who call Bay St. Louis home, you will find them here.

5 – Bay St. Louis Little Theater

If you’d like to indulge in even more local entertainment, Bay St. Louis Little Theater is where you will find it. And best yet, it’s within a quarter-mile of the Train Depot, Alice Museum, and 100 Men Hall. If you’re spending an entire day in the town, make this theater your next stop.

If you’re looking for entertainment for the evening and you didn’t see anything you liked at Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast, this venue is where it’s happening. Especially if you’re in the mood for comedy productions, which at the time of this writing, appear to be their go-to.

Venture out to 398 Blaize Avenue, check out what’s playing, and prepare for an unforgettable local production when you need to take some time away from the casino floor.

6 – Creole Creamery

It seems like anywhere you travel, there is always that one ice cream place that every local you come across insists you stop at and try. Creole Creamery is that place in Bay St. Louis. Just name the flavor, and odds are, they have it in stock.

Best yet, they also serve up dozens of seasonal flavors of ice cream. If you’re curious to see what earl grey or eggnog ice cream tastes like, they may also be able to supply your demands.

Inside View of the Creole Creamery

Other than ice cream, they offer sorbets, cakes, coffee, and even catering options. It’s an especially attractive place when you need to cool off on a hot day. And with such an eclectic blend of flavors, odds are you will make a few return trips during your stay in Bay St. Louis.

7 – Smith & Lens

Head over to 106 South Street in Bay St. Louis, and you’ll find a small but diverse art gallery. Reviewers on TripAdvisor agree that when you’re in town, Smith & Lens is that can’t-miss attraction. They also feature different artists each month, so if you’re in town multiple times of the year, make return trips.

Reviewers have also commended the owners, who always seem to be present and are highly personable. Their first owner, who goes by Smith, is a jeweler while the second, called Lens, is a photographer, and both sell their unique pieces of art here.

They also hold special events twice a year featuring Frida Kahlo and Dolly Parton. Make sure you check out these tribute events. One reviewer noted that they encourage costumes when you attend, so keep that in mind if you plan on venturing out to the party.

8 – Antique Maison LLC

If you won something over at Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast and you’re looking for something unique to spend those winnings on, you may just find it at Antique Mason, over at 111 N 2nd Street in Bay St. Louis. If you just had ice cream at the Creole Creamery, or if you visited Smith & Lens, you’re near.

And they have a lot of fine antiques to choose from, including historical relics, nautical, whatever you’re interested in. Long story short, they provide a sensational selection of collectibles that you won’t find on store shelves of national chain outlets.

Antique Maison LLC

It’s the ideal place if you’re looking for something unique. “A needle in the haystack,” as one reviewer put it. If that describes what you look for when you’re shopping, come on in and discover which treasures await.

9 – The Bridges Clubhouse

And if you’d like to stay at Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast but you’re looking to step outside the walls and gain some fresh air, play some golf at the Bridges Clubhouse.

Reviewers have commended the course for its fine, challenging design, but what else would you expect from a course with Arnold Palmer’s name on it?

Others have been critical, however, stating that the greens need to be updated and that the bar and restaurant aren’t always open when they should be. For example, one reviewer stated it had yet to open despite their 2:30 tee time.

You may find some minor inconveniences here. But if you’re looking for a fun round of golf in the area, The Bridges Clubhouse will provide. And best yet, you don’t need to venture far to find it.

Our Conclusions on the Bay St. Louis, MS Area

Bay St. Louis brims with attractions at every corner, and Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast is just one of many must-visit hotspots in the region. Take today’s post and create that vacation itinerary with a few ideas presented above.

But remember, today’s post has only given you nine of many possible suggestions of places to visit when you’re vacationing in the area. For more information, visit the Hancock County Tourism section at the L&N Train Depot.

Have you visited any of the above attractions or Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast? Let us know in the comments down below.