Top 8 Activities and Attractions Close to Amelia Belle Casino

Amelia Belle Casino Logo With Two Attractions in the Background

Amelia Belle Casino comprises a fine selection of casino gaming. But this Boyd Gaming venue in Amelia, Louisiana, is one of several phenomenal places in the area to visit. If you’re in the region for an extended period and would like to do some exploring, today’s post will give you a few more ideas.

You’ll find several nearby attractions in the Amelia area, ranging from popular outlets to odds and ends locations. Plus, if you’ve brought the family to the area, you will also discover a few family-friendly activities listed below.

Are you ready to see what’s waiting for you in Amelia? Keep reading to find out more.

1 – Morgan City Visitor Center

Go over to 900 Martin Luther King BLVD in nearby Morgan City, Louisiana, and you will come across the Morgan City Visitor Center. This interactive outlet plays host to the history of the Cajun Coast, featuring several fine regional attractions.

Step outside into the swamp area and into the covered walkway to view trees native to the region like the cypress tree. At certain times of the year, you’ll hear the cicadas buzzing and you just may glimpse an American Bald Eagle.

Others have reported to have spotted Cayenne, the six-foot American Alligator that inhabits the swamp. You may not want to get too close to Cayenne, but they’re always a fun sight to see when you venture the grounds.

Not an ordinary visitor center by any stretch, plan on spending a few hours here.

2 – Brownell Memorial Park

Head over to 3559 LA-70 in Morgan City and you’ll run into the park. Best yet, it’s one of those attractions on today’s list in which you can visit along with the Visitors Center, given their two-mile proximity to one another.

Or if you dined out instead of in after a morning’s worth of casino gaming at Amelia Belle Casino, Brownell Memorial makes quite an incredible pit stop.

Here, you’ll find walking paths, and an even larger nature scene than you would over at the Visitors Center. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have commended the friendly staff, who will even give you a few tidbits about the attraction’s history.

Brownell Memorial Park Louisiana

Hike through the swamp area and you’ll wind up at Lake Palourde. So if you’re interested in burning a few calories in arguably Louisiana’s most scenic spots, take a trip to Brownell Memorial Park.

3 – Diving and ROV Historical Preservation Museum

Also in Morgan City, at 111 1st Street, sits the Diving and ROV Historical Preservation Museum. About 1.7 miles near the Morgan Visitors Center, this one is another fine attraction to visit when you’re out in Morgan City, especially if you’re also planning on visiting the International Petroleum Museum.

The latter of which sits just 75 feet away. This venue will teach you all you need to know about the diving and ROV industry and like the Visitors Center near it, it displays a few phenomenal interactive designs. The Diving and ROV Preservation Museum also holds the story of the world’s first movable reusable drilling rig, which launched in 1954.

Expect to spend at least an hour here if not more if you have friends, family, or peers who work or have worked in the industry.

Come and catch a breathtaking story on the industry’s phenomenal evolution, which exists to this day.

4 – International Petroleum Museum and Exposition

A recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travelers Choice Award, the International Petroleum Museum and Exposition is right next to the Diving and ROV Historical Museum at the same address. It’s another location in which you should plan on spending at least an hour, especially if you’re into the oil and petroleum industry.

The tour guides here are among the most knowledgeable around of both the oil rig (nicknamed Mr. Charlie) and the entire industry. Many have had personal experience in the industry, so you’re getting a lot of firsthand information here.

International Petroleum Museum and Exposition

If you’re looking to complete your learning experience on the industry that shaped Morgan City, pay a visit once you’ve walked through the Visitors Center and the Diving and ROV Museum.

Like its neighbor, plan on spending at least an hour here. Or at least per reviewers on TripAdvisor, they intend for tours to last no longer than an hour, but many wind up at the two- or three-hour mark.

5 – Cajun Man’s Swamp Tours and Adventures

Cajun Man, also known as Captain Billy, heads up the swamp tours.

Head over to Gibson, Louisiana, for an epic adventure through beautiful Cajun Country. If you or someone in your travel group is interested in seeing animals native to the region thrive in their natural habitat, a day out on the water is for both you and them.

Here, you will see several alligators, birds, and other forms of wildlife. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have even stated that they stopped and fed the gators.

Catch a breathtaking glimpse of the bald eagle, learn about the history of the Bayou, and chill as you take a break from the adrenaline-pumping games at Amelia Belle Casino.

Add in the incredible scenery and return to the casino floor after your tour renewed and ready to rock those slots and tables once more.

6 – Cajun Jack’s Swamp Tours

If you’d like a second swamp tour, or if you’re spending time in nearby Patterson, Louisiana, head over to Cajun Jack’s Swamp Tours for more fun across the area’s wetlands. Captain Caviar heads this one up. He’ll give you an overview of the area’s history, along with a few cool ghost stories before you tour.

As with the Cajun Man’s tours, you’re off to venture through the illustrious scenery and wildlife that the Patterson area offers. Besides the Cypress trees, Spanish mosses, eagles, pelicans, you’ll also find the setting of the first Tarzan Movie back in 1917.

Another cool location involves an island out on the Bayou where legend states pirates had buried treasure

Cajun Jack's Swamp Tour Louisiana

If you’re sensing a history theme in today’s post, along with outstanding nature scenery, you’re correct in your observation. And you won’t get much more history of the area than you would here at Cajun Jack’s Swamp Tours.

7 – Wedell Williams Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Park

Come to 118 Cotton Road in Patterson, Louisiana, and you’ll find a complete history of the area’s aviation industry. Plan on spending some time here, especially if you’re into the history of aeronautics.

Mingle with the locals, get a few close-ups of the old planes, and make sure you head to the Sawmill side for more. Some reviewers on TripAdvisor have stated they enjoyed the Sawmill side more than the Aviation side, citing the history on the way people worked on the planes from the time period.

If you’re planning a day trip to Patterson, mark this one in red because of its multiple departments, family-friendly atmosphere, plus its proximity to many of Patterson’s finest restaurants, including Gameday Pizza and Atchafalaya restaurant.

Some reviewers have even stated that the museum boasts a free entry. So, if things didn’t go your way during your slot and table odyssey at Amelia Belle Casino, you may still be in luck.

8 – Lake End Park

Head over to 2300 Hwy 70 in Morgan City, and you’ll come across yet another fine look at Louisiana’s natural scenery at Lake End Park. Right on Lake Palourdes, it’s also a great place to park the RV if you’re in town for an extended period and you’re not keen on lodging indoors.

You’ll find several firepits, picnic tables, pavilions, and so much more. They have hiking trails at this park, boat launches, and of course, phenomenal campsites. Many reviewers have visited Lake End Park for years because of its clean waters, scenic views, and recreational opportunities.

Lake End Park Louisiana

A few have warned, however, that things get crazy on the weekends. So, avoid this one if you’re not cool with crowds overtaking the premises.

Oh, and if you don’t have an RV, you can always rent out one of those cabins if you’d rather lodge at the lake. Best yet, they’re also handicap accessible. The cabins book fast, so make sure you reserve a spot ahead of time in case you’re interested in renting one.

Plus, Amelia Belle Casino is always nearby, so have a fun time at the casino when you need to jaunt indoors before returning to the lake for hiking and fishing opportunities.


Amelia Belle Casino is a fun venue featuring diverse gaming in the real money slots and table games. However, the surrounding area is also a great opportunity to explore, given the number of museums and nature-based tours.

Despite the region’s smaller size, it makes for a great vacation opportunity whether you’re here to play at Amelia Belle Casino, visit relatives, or are in the area for business purposes and need ways to unwind.

Take a few of these ideas above, build that itinerary, and have fun in the Amelia-Morgan City-Patterson area.

Have you been to Amelia Belle Casino or any of the attractions listed above? If so, tell us in the comments and let us know about your experiences. We are looking forward to reading your stories.