Top 7 Reasons You Should Give Roulette a Spin

Two Roulette Tables

Real money roulette is one of the most successful casino games of all time. The game has been played in casinos and gaming parlors for hundreds of years with no signs of slowing down.

Stroll through any casino on the planet, and you can’t help but notice the large crowds of cheering gamblers at the roulette table. It’s become a casino mainstay, and the tradition has continued into the burgeoning world of online casinos.

That’s primarily due to the games being enjoyable and exciting to play. Still, lots of the advantage gamblers will encourage you to avoid the game at all costs.

They point to the overall house edge and volume of pure sucker bets as a reason to steer clear. However, roulette has plenty of beautiful things to offer the average casino gambler.

Here are my top seven reasons you should give roulette a spin.

1 – Roulette Is Easy to Learn

One of the reasons for roulette’s incredible popularity is that the game is straightforward to learn. A total casino novice can cozy up to the roulette table and have the basics figured out in a matter of minutes.

The first casino game I ever enjoyed was roulette. I was an adequate poker player, but nobody in my group could play a lick.

So, I decided to join them at the roulette table for some accessible gaming. It was a great introduction to casino gambling.

We played for hours, and my bankroll never got too far into the red, nor was I slaughtering the casino. Still, I was having a total blast, and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

By making relatively safe even money bets and keeping a consistent bet size, I was able to stay at the tables long after my friends had gone to the room and reserve some chips for day two of our adventure.

Eventually, the complimentary Jack Daniel’s caught up with me. I began making bets that can be summed up as reckless negligence. Luckily, a friendly dealer suggested I come back and try the following evening again.

Not everyone has the luxury of a dealer saving their behind. Still, as long as you stick to solid even-money wagers, you’ll be fine.

2 – Roulette Promotes Socializing

Much of roulette’s attraction comes from the social aspect of the game. Casino gamblers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Still, many lifelong introverts become extroverted when they hit the casino floor.

It seems that many gamblers enjoy the party atmosphere created around specific table games, and roulette is at the top of the list. You’ll meet players from across the country and around the world sitting at a Las Vegas roulette table.

The social atmosphere created can be enjoyed by the total newbie and grizzled casino veteran simultaneously. Anybody looking to enjoy an exciting casino game is welcomed at roulette.

While the action is somewhat fast, there’s still plenty of time for chatting up your neighboring players. So, don’t be surprised when after a short session at the roulette table, you’re suddenly surrounded by several new friends.

Men in Suits Playing Roulette

The social nature of the game may scare away some players, and it’s not for everyone. Still, the game is a fantastic option for players looking to be a part of the crowd.

This party atmosphere makes it especially easy for casino rookies to blend in and enjoy an entertaining gaming session.

3 – The Suspense Isn’t Going to Kill You

I can list several casino games that lack the essential element of suspense that many players crave. This suspense builds intense drama and has players on the edge of their seats spin after spin.

Card games like blackjack don’t offer much in the way of suspense because the dealer is acting as soon as you make a decision. Hit and the card immediately appears before your eyes. Stand and the dealer is on to the next player before you can blink.

There’s not much waiting in blackjack. If you aren’t watching the game unfold, you aren’t going to get much thrill from suspenseful drawn-out results.

The more strategy you implement in a game, the less suspense you’ll enjoy. Texas Hold’em being an obvious exception.

Roulette is a game purely of chance. Players make their wagers, the wheel begins to spin, and players wait with bated breath to discover their fate.

I see many comparisons drawn between horse racing and roulette because players watch eagerly and erupt in delight or moan in defeat.

Players that are looking for a drama-filled casino experience needn’t look any further than roulette.

4 – Roulette Requires Zero Skill

You don’t need to have one drop of gambling skills to enjoy roulette. In fact, the less gambling insight you have, the more you may enjoy roulette.

Unfortunately, there may be a small premium you pay for not having a single bit of casino knowledge.

I mentioned earlier how the game is easy to learn, but you don’t need to know the game to have a great time. I’ve seen players that, like myself, had never stepped foot in a casino before trying their luck at roulette and leave the table with a generous profit.

Any gambler that Lady Luck decides to bless could walk away from a significant winner.

Roulette Wheel and Excited Woman Grabbing Chips From a Roulette Table

I had a casino employee tell me about a young lady that decided to hit the casino floor on her 21st birthday weekend. The birthday girl laid $500 on her lucky number 7 for her birthday and won.

That bet pays 35 to 1, so the birthday girl instantly made $17,500 on her first-ever bet in a casino. I have no clue how the story ended for our celebrant, but it sure got off to a banging start.

My point being, you can walk into a casino and immediately win money with no skill whatsoever. All you’ll need is a little bit of luck.

5 – Better for Players Than Slot Machines

Novice casino gamblers are mainly split into two groups—the slot machine players and those who aren’t afraid to put it all out there.

I talk to a considerable number of first-time casino gamblers and recreational gamblers that stick to the slot machines because they feel safe. You put money in, spin the reels, and either lose or win.

There are zero margins of error. Well, there’s not too much you can do wrong under the watchful eyes of the roulette dealer.

More important is the fact that roulette offers a far better house edge for casino gamblers. If you stick to even money wagers in roulette, the house edge is around 2.7%.

You can definitely do better in the casino, but not on the slot machines. What many players fail to recognize is that the penny slots they love have a house edge above 10%.

That means for every $100 you put into the slot machine, on average, you’ll lose quadruple playing slot machines. You may think that the small denomination protects you from losing too much, that’s not the case.

Slot machines move extremely fast, and you’ll be going through several hundred spins per hour. Additionally, many of the penny slots will require you to bet a minimum credit.

When you factor in the minimum wagers, betting max lines, the speed of the game, and the enormous house edge, you’re likely to see much more significant losses playing slot machines than roulette.

6 – You May Get Lucky and Win

Roulette gives players a legitimate shot of sneaking away from the table with house money. The most obvious way to profit from playing roulette is to get lucky and hit 35 to 1 on a single number bet.

Unfortunately, that also maximizes your risk. There are better ways to make money at the roulette table, and I prefer letting chance do its work.

By making even money bets, I have a decent chance of catching a slight anomaly and getting a run where black happens to win more than red.

Casino Roulette Wheel

When this happens, I make a profit. Sometimes, that’s a small profit of only a few hands. However, on occasion, I’ve gotten fortunate and walked away from the table with thousands.

Again, it’s not going to go your way every time, but it’ll give you a much better shot than slot machines.

7 – The Chance Factor Makes Roulette a Blast

Baccarat is becoming the most popular casino game on the planet. One thing players love is the sheer chance involved.

Roulette and baccarat are similar in that way. You can’t outthink roulette, there’s no strategizing to beat the game; you’re relying purely on fate.

That drives advantage gamblers crazy. They see it as merely burning money.

However, your average casino gambler is going to have an absolute blast playing roulette. Best of all, there’s no guilt from blaming yourself for a loss.

Lady Luck takes complete responsibility for whether you win or lose.