Top 5 Safest XFL Betting Sites for 2020

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On Saturday, February 8th, the XFL makes its return. It’s been 19 years since the football league held its last game and fans are eager to see what’s in store this time around. Obviously, many of these fans are also interested in wagering on the game outcomes. Today, we’re going to look at five of the safest XFL betting sites for 2020.

Sports betting has never been more popular in the US than it is right now. There are a huge number of fantastic online sportsbooks now available throughout the entire country.

Now is the perfect time to check out which sites are offering the best options to wager on the 2020 XFL season. Each of these online sportsbooks is known for its fantastic odds and safe payment options.

Bovada – $250 Sports Welcome Bonus

Bovada is one of the oldest and most popular online sportsbooks in the United States. It’s been operating for years and offers a massive list of betting odds for just about every sport you can think of. For many, the design of this website is what makes it the best in the country.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an online betting site with as clean and modern as Bovada. It’s extremely easy to make bets, collect money, and receive promotions through this site. The owners of this site clearly understand how important it is to have a fantastic design.

Aerial View of Football Field, Bovada Logo

Right now, Bovada is offering a huge list of fantastic XFL betting odds. There are odds available for each team playing this weekend. That’s not the only reason why Bovada is one of the safest betting sites for the 2020 XFL, though.

This site also allows its members to place their wagers on the season’s championship winners. At the moment, the Dallas Renegades are listed as the betting favorites. The Seattle Dragons are the biggest underdogs in 2020. If you want a modern, fun XFL betting site, this might be the one for you.

BetOnline – 50% Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000

Another hugely popular online sportsbook in the US is BetOnline. This website is known by many as an “all-in-one” site, offering players some great casino and poker gambling options. The fact that this site doubles as a place to gamble on casino games means players can add this site as a top option when it comes to online casinos.

The sports betting options are by far the most popular, though.

BetOnline offers a huge range of different wagering options. The NFL betting options have grown extremely popular here. This site is known for its fun prop betting options, too.

Recently, BetOnline began offering some fun XFL wagering options. As you might expect, there are some fantastic XFL prop betting options here.

One bet is on which player enters into this new football league first. At the moment, the favorite is Chad Johnson with odds of +500. Another solid wager is on Antonio Brown, who’s odds sit at +700.

Another fun bet is on whether or not the XFL season manages to make it through the entire season without being canceled. The odds of this happening sit at -2000. The odds that the XFL ceases operations before the end of the season sit at +700. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular site. Check out BetOnline today!

MyBookie – 50% Sports Sign-Up Bonus Up to $1,000

Over the past few years, MyBookie has grown into one of the most popular sports betting websites in the US. It’s fairly new, yet it’s now used by millions of people. Part of the reason for this quick success is the fantastic design and wagering options.

MyBookie is also known for having a fantastic customer support system. Many bettors are unfamiliar with how important this feature of betting sites really is. Customer support is what is available to help you out when you encounter issues with your betting experience.

There is a range of fantastic support options available here. The best is a live chat feature. It allows you to speak directly with a website representative over text chat.

MyBookie Laptop

The support features here makes MyBookie one of the most trustworthy XFL betting sites for 2020. Obviously, there are some fantastic bets available on the XFL here including individual games and the championship winner. Give this site a look today!

XBet Sportsbook – Sign Up Bonus Up to $300

It’s easy to see why XBet Sportsbook has grown so popular. It combines many of the fantastic features that the sports betting sites above offer. It’s modern, safe, and offers a massive range of different betting options.

In fact, XBet offers more XFL online betting options than any other website on this list. The basic wagering options are available. The prop bets here are what makes this site truly special, though.

Here, members are able to place bets on things like how many wins each team manages to secure. You’re also able to bet on whether or not this season’s championship game even takes place.

As time goes on, even more of these fun prop bets become available.

The great customer service options and solid payment options also make this one of the safest XFL betting sites for 2020. Feel free to check it out today and see why this site has grown so popular around the country.

Football fans around the country are hugely interested to see how this XFL season unfolds. Hopefully, it ends up being more successful in 2020 than it was back in 2001.