Top 5 Christmas Casino Getaways

Multi-Color Christmas Tree With Las Vegas Sign and Beach Background

The holidays can be a stressful time for adults. You have parties to plan, guests staying in your home, and lots of cooking.

I recently asked my wife a simple question, “Why are we doing all of this?”

Her response, “Tradition.”

Well, here’s to new traditions. It’s time to let someone else worry about the party planning, the cooking, and then cleaning it all up.

Here are the top five Christmas casino getaways. May they inspire you to launch a new tradition.

1 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas is put itself on the map by being extravagant in every regard. Christmas in Sin City is no different.

A winter wonderland greets guests during the holidays in the desert. Casinos create lavish scenes to the delight of visitors young and old.

You should note that Christmas and New Year’s Day are among the busiest times for Las Vegas. So, you should expect to pay more for airfare and hotel accommodations.

If you have room comps that you’re planning to cash in for a holiday, be sure to verify any blackout dates with the hotel beforehand.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll quickly agree it was worth it. To kick off the fun and really get into the Christmas spirit, head to the Bellagio.

Bellagio Conservatory Snow Globe

That’s right; you’re going to see the famous Bellagio Fountains. The casino sets the choreographed fountains to all of your favorite holiday tunes.

The children absolutely love this show, but even the most Grinch-like in the family will start to crack a smile for this display.

Since you’re already at the Bellagio, head inside to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden for a Christmas treat like no other.

You’ll immediately be awestruck by the insane amounts of beautiful flowers and twinkling lights that adorn the 14,000 square foot space. Queen Bellissima rules this court, and you’ll be taken on an exciting tour of her majestic kingdom.

Both of the shows typically run seven days a week from the second week of December through January. Best of all, both attractions are completely free.

The ARIA Resort and Casino is one of the finest casinos in Las Vegas, and they do their part to spread holiday cheer. The giant Gingerbread House sits in the casino’s main lobby.

This 15 foot tall weighs over 700 pounds and contains over 63,000 peppermints. In fact, the entire house is made of edible goodies.

Get the family out of the holiday blues and into some fun in the sun by shaking up the conventional Christmas.

2 – Atlantis Resort

December can be quite frigid in much of the Northern Hemisphere and downright miserable in the rest. Why fight through the ice and sludge when you could be bikini-clad beachside?

You got it; I’m talking about the Bahamas. More specifically, the Bahamian resort with something for the entire clan, Atlantis Resort.

Adults can enjoy the massive gaming space and all of its casino games. The whole family can enjoy the beautiful beaches. The average daytime high is close to 80 degrees in December.

Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

Atlantis really shows out for the kids at Christmas, though. After all, the holidays are about making memories that the kids will hold onto for a lifetime.

The days leading up to Christmas are centered around fun activities for the kids. Atlantis makes Santa the star attraction for these fun-filled photo ops.

The activities kick off with Breakfast with Santa. This event is reserved for kids ages 3 to 12, and reservations are strongly encouraged.

A popular attraction is Santa’s Workshop, where the kids pick out and stuff their own toys to the perfect amount of “snuggability.” It has a very “Build-A-Bear” vibe, and the children seem to love it. Battle of the Elves brings some fun competition to the holiday cheer. Kids search high and low while solving simple brain puzzles to acquire pieces needed to assemble the toy.

One of the most popular perks during Christmas at Atlantis is the Santa Tuck Ins. Grandparents seem to love the special moments as much or more than the young ones.

Santa comes to you for the tuck-in and reads a story to the young children before tucking them in for the night. Of course, with the kids in bed and the grandparents feeling nostalgic, it creates the perfect opportunity for the parents to sneak out for some adults-only fun.

The week of Christmas is full of adult-themed Christmas Parties with cold drinks and cool ocean breezes. Be a holiday hero this year and take the family to the Bahamas.

3 – Casino Aruba

Looking to have a White Christmas, but prefer shorts and a t-shirt to boots and a parka?

Head to one of the best gambling destinations in the Caribbean and experience the pristine white sand beaches of Aruba.

The Casino Aruba at Hilton is the perfect spot to base all of your celebratory operations. The casino is decorated with twinkling lights and decorated trees.

The Hilton even put on their famous Christmas Brunch. This is one resort event you shouldn’t miss. However, I encourage you to break away for some of the delicious local fares.

The Casino Aruba at Hilton

Pan de Jamon is a traditionally Venezuelan Christmas Bread that has made its way to the island. This tread is bread baked with ham, raisins, and olive right into it.

This amazing treat can be found at dozens of local bakeries during the holiday season. While we’re on the subject of Christmas dinner, let’s talk about Ham di Pasco.

This may look like your garden variety Christmas ham, but I assure you it’s not. The Arubans’ unique spices and cooking methods add a nice surprise of flavor to the Christmas favorite.

City streets and the local businesses get completely into the Christmas spirit. Shops and city streets are decorated with lights, trees, and decorations you’d expect to find in Anytown, U.S.A.

If you want to really impress the locals or just your in-laws, drop some of the local vernacular. The Papiamento word for “Merry Christmas” is Bon Pasco and Kerstboom is “Christmas Tree.”

4 – Niagra Falls

The Fallsview Casino is one of the best casinos in Canada. If you prefer a Winter Wonderland to get you in the Holiday Spirit, this is your spot.

To kick it off, you’ll have a front-row seat to Niagra Falls. Tired of waiting for your daughter’s boyfriend to pop the question, take him to Niagra Falls for Christmas.

Make sure to give him plenty of advanced warning to save for a ring.

The main attraction at the Fallsview during the holidays is the Christmas On Ice show. This fast-paced and exciting show is performed nightly from Thanksgiving through mid-December.

The Fallsview Casino Near Niagra Falls

The Avalon Theater at Fallsview is transformed into a winter spectacle to behold for the show. The talented skaters perform mesmerizing stunts during this graceful performance.

There’s much more to enjoy during Christmas at Niagra Falls, though.

Ontario’s Winter Festival of Lights is a Christmas tradition for tons of people. Nearly two million people attend the light show every season.

The five-mile trail of lights contains over three million sparkling bulbs. The great thing about the Festival of Lights is that it’s fun for all ages.

So, fill up on hot chocolate, throw a couple of blankets in the car, and get ready for a carpool caroling session.

5 – Take a Casino Cruise

Cruises are a relatively inexpensive way to get away for between three and seven days. As I’m sure you know, most cruise ships have casinos located right in the middle of the ship.

That’s great news for casino gamblers looking to get away from it all with the family. Plus, even a short trip to Progresso will get you out to blue waters and temperatures in the 80s.

The beautiful part of selecting a holiday cruise is that you have hundreds of destinations and departure points from which to choose.

Christmas Decorations on a Cruise Ship

Once you’re out on the open sea, you can mosey on down to the casino. At the same time, the family lounges poolside or plays miniature golf with Santa.

The major cruise lines like Carnival have some exciting deals for Christmas Cruises if you book early.

Making memories on the open sea is one of the best ways you can spend Christmas. Not only is it the family vacation that everyone will be talking about for years, but getting to spend the holiday with staff that’s far away from loved ones makes you hold your own a little tighter.


Christmas is the perfect time to get away with family and plan a casino trip. These top five Christmas casino getaways will give you plenty of pictures for the album.

The real prizes will be the smiles on the older generations’ faces as they watch the young ones delight in the adventure. After the kids are grown, and the older generation has moved on, it’s these same memories that will bring smiles to those familiar faces.