Top 5 Best Cigar Bars in Las Vegas for 2020

Las Vegas Casino, Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, Hand Holding Cigar
Las Vegas is home to some of the best cigar bars in the United States. There are countless places in this city offering world-class cigars, some of which are known to be better than others. Today, we’re looking at five of the very best cigar bars in Las Vegas for 2020.

Many will tell you that Las Vegas is the best place in the country to buy and taste premier cigars. Since 2006, however, cigar smoking has been limited to certain establishments. Here are the cigar bars you need to check out during your next trip to Sin City.

Mr. Chow: Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has a number of fantastic bars and restaurants. For cigar fans, none is better than Mr. Chow, located on the hotel’s second floor above the casino. It’s a high-end, Chinese-themed restaurant offering delicious menu items such as Peking duck and handmade noodles.

Visitors here also have access to some of the best cocktails available in Las Vegas. From 5 PM to 7 PM, these cocktails are half the price. Once you’ve had a drink and finished your meal, head over to the restaurant’s outdoor patio overlooking the Garden of the Gods swimming pool where cigar smoking is welcomed.

Don’t be concerned if you left your Cubans in your hotel room.

This restaurant offers an incredible cigar menu with options such as Padrón 1964 Aniversario, My Father Le Bijou, and the Dominican Romeo y Julieta 1875 Love Story.

Mr. Chow is without a doubt one of the best cigar bars in Sin City. If you’re staying at Caesars Palace, make sure to give it a visit and see why so many people call it one of the best cigar bar.

Rhumbar: Mirage Hotel and Casino

Want to enjoy your cigar in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere? Consider heading over to Rhumbar, located at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. It’s one of the coolest outdoor bars in the city and is completely cigar-friendly.

Rhumbar Mirage Hotel and Casino, Cigar Smoke

Rhumbar is popular amongst tobacco fans. Customers here have the option to buy some world-class cigars or bring their own to enjoy. There are also hookahs available to use with a wide variety of flavors.

This is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail and cigar. It’s most popular during the warm summer nights, yet you’ll find it packed any time of the year. Prices are reasonable and the music is always great. If you’re looking for one of the great cigar bars in Las Vegas, make sure to check out Rhumbar!

Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos: Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Calling all music and cigar fans! Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos, found inside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, is the place for you. What’s better than enjoying a cigar while watching pianists jam out with each other?

This dimly-lit venue will make you feel like your back in the 1920s. It’s one of the coolest bars in Las Vegas with wooden walls, red curtains, and black and white checkered floor. As you might expect from a bar inside the Paris Hotel, there are a variety of incredible French-themed cocktails available here.

The party kicks off at 6 PM and runs until 2 AM.

This bar doesn’t charge an entry fee, yet a two-drink minimum is required.

Cigars can be purchased here as well. Peek your head into this bar to see why it’s considered one of the best cigar bars in Las Vegas for 2020.

Whiskey Down: MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Speaking of going back in time, Whiskey Down offers customers the chance to drink and smoke in an incredible 1890s-themed bar. This venue is popular with more than just cigar smokers. It offers one of the largest selections of American, Canadian, Scottish, and Irish whiskeys in the world. It combines the cool, relaxed atmosphere of Rhumbar with the elegance of Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos.

Whiskey Down MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Two Cigars

Unlike many Las Vegas bars, Whiskey Down provides sofas and oversized chairs to relax on. The speakeasy-like atmosphere is like nothing else you can find in Las Vegas. Gambling fans also claim this is one of the top cigar bars in Las Vegas.

There are three blackjack tables running here at all times. Customers can relax with their whiskey and cigar while testing their luck at the tables. If you’re anywhere near the MGM Grand, come on down to Whiskey Down!

Casa Fuente: The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

It’s easy to get lost inside the Forum Shops at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas. This incredible hotel-casino offers a massive selection of shops, bars, and restaurants. If you find yourself in this maze, keep your eyes out for Casa Fuente, considered by many to be a top pick when it comes to cigar bars in Vegas.

As you might expect from one of the top cigar brands in the world, Casa Fuente is one of the coolest and most visited cigar bars in Las Vegas. There’s a huge selection of Arturo Fuente cigars available here. You can also pick up some delicious Caribbean-themed cocktails.

Patrons who order a drink from the bar are able to smoke outside cigars as well.

Casa Fuente just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and is consistently ranked as one of the top bars for cigar smokers in the United States.


Keep in mind that cigar smoking is available in all of the Las Vegas casinos. After choosing one of the best cigar bars in Las Vegas for 2020, you can enjoy everything Vegas has to offer! If gambling is your primary reason for visiting Las Vegas, hit the tables and enjoy your cigar at the same time.

If you’re in Nevada and don’t feel up to driving to a casino, there are numerous Nevada online casinos for you to enjoy a little action. Check out our current recommendations, complete with a wide range of games and generous bonuses here.