Top 10 Reasons Casinos Show Players Love

Two Men and Two Women Gambling at a Roulette Table

Most non-gamblers look at the relationship between casinos and gamblers as highly one-sided. However, anyone that’s ever been in a casino knows the casinos bust out all the stops to attract more business.

Casinos operate in a weird space. Many people view casinos as a money-making proposition when it’s an entertainment venue in reality.

Keeping in step with other entertainment spaces, casinos go to great lengths to keep customers happy. Here are the top 10 reasons casinos show players love.

Casinos Can’t Keep the Lights On without Us

No business will ever see much success without a healthy customer base. Casinos carry massive overhead and make tremendous investments to get their properties going.

If the casino can’t earn a loyal customer base, it won’t make it long in the casino industry. Casinos must take specific steps to create a buzz about their property.

These tactics include a massive media blitz, but casinos also roll out amazing deals to attract business. Every move a casino makes is to attract new business and returning business.

That’s why casinos show players so much love around their grand opening. The casinos offer great discounts on rooms, free play money, and better odds and rules on games.

Casinos can’t keep the lights on without us, and they know it. So, in reality, it’s the players that hold all of the power in the relationship.

Casinos Pay Attention to What You Tell Them

One of the most challenging areas for casinos is keeping customers happy. Gamblers can be fickle, their interests are constantly changing, and any inconveniences are amplified.

In an industry as competitive as casino gambling, businesses must stay on the leading edge of customer satisfaction. One of the most vital areas that casinos accomplish this is through client feedback.

Casinos are proactive in their approach to feedback. Look on the online forums, and you’ll regularly see casino representatives addressing concerns and replying to customer feedback. Good or bad, casinos appreciate the opportunity to respond to feedback.

Paragon Casino Resort Casino Floor

In a world of businesses that leave customers feeling ignored and unappreciated, the casino industry makes sure that gamblers are heard. It’s a winning situation for all parties.

Casino gamblers get the best experience possible, and casinos ensure that bettors keep playing at their property. Many businesses laugh customers out the door for the slightest complaint; casinos do their best to address every gripe.

Casinos Know That Happy Gamblers Draw More Business

Casinos understand that it takes more than some slot machines and live dealer blackjack tables to create a memorable experience. That’s why many casinos place a significant emphasis on ancillary activities.

Gambling will remain a primary draw for casinos. But when you take the sum of all the parts, gambling is only a piece of the overall entertainment draw.

The luxury shops, posh spas, miniature theme parks, and mammoth concert venues keep the party going 24/7. That’s what modern casino guests have come to expect, and it drives revenue for the casinos.

Visit any casino worth its salt, and you’re going to have a tough time enjoying all of the amenities. That keeps guests returning time after time.

Jackpot Winners More Than Pay for Themselves

If you’ve ever witnessed a lucky gambler hit a massive or even a modest jackpot, you’ll probably never forget the experience. The casinos make a gigantic spectacle of the win, complete with photo sessions and champagne toasts.

You may wonder why the casinos are so excited to give away the giant cash pile. Well, the player isn’t winning the casinos’ money; they’re winning yours.

That’s right; the casinos give away all the money lost by other players and take all the credit. The jackpot wins are accounted for in the games’ return to the player. So, a jackpot win of $1,000 or $1,000,000 doesn’t affect the bottom line one bit.

Casino Slot Machine Jackpot and Paytables, Pile of Money

The casino also wins because they get to make a mass media blitz to show off the players’ good fortune. It shows other players that you can win in the casino but doesn’t mention how rare these wins are.

Still, gamblers love seeing winners. When a jackpot gets hit, that player gets to enjoy their 15-minutes of fame.

There’s No Better Advertising Than Word of Mouth

Casinos love the word of mouth advertising. For starters, it’s completely free.

Secondly, casino gamblers run in tight circles. They love to share information and will lean on their fellow gamblers for advice on where they should gamble.

When casino gamblers have a blast at the casino, it doesn’t matter whether they won or lost. These customers will share the experience with anyone who will listen.

That’s a tremendous benefit for casinos, and it also helps casino guests have confidence when planning a trip.

Cash Is King, and Average Guests Are Cash in Hand

Casinos operate under mainly the same parameters as other businesses. Offering lines of credit is a fantastic way to boost sales for businesses, and it helps casinos get more money in their safes.

However, I don’t know a single business owner that wouldn’t rather have cash in hand. Cash customers hit the doors ready to roll; there’s no time wasted sorting out lines of credit or negotiating terms.

Roll of One Hundred Dollar Bills

That increases the casinos’ opportunities to make money. Cash customers are also far more likely to fluctuate the dollars they’ll spend in the casino.

The casinos make it easy on cash customers by placing as many ATMs as possible around the perimeter of the casino. So, when the money dries up, a simple transaction will get you back in the game.

Casinos Know Precisely What’s Necessary to Keep You Gambling Longer

It’s a simple formula to make more money as a casino. Keep the gamblers on the casino floor for as long as possible.

When guests spend more time in the casino, it will always equate to more dollars. Even the guests lounging by the pool for hours build loyalty to that property.

If I make a trip to Vegas and my family wants to spend the day exploring everything the casino has to offer, I know it’s going to be an expensive day. I’ll probably spend far more on activities than I would lose on the tables.

Then at the end of the day, I’m not going to head off the property to gamble. I’ve committed to that property, and they’ll get my money at the tables.

That is precisely the approach of many casino guests. It’s specifically why casinos make it such a challenge to break away from their property.

The More You Think You Know, The Worse Things Get

There’s a fine line between an expert and a know-it-all. Expert gamblers are proficient at many games, which is beneficial for the casinos.

These players can help new players navigate the casinos and keep games moving. Gambling experts are also fabulous advocates for the casino.

Casinos love having a customer base that understands the house edge and continues to play the games. However, they prefer you let the casino keep the advantage.

Pai Gow Poker Table

A know-it-all will blindly proclaim that all casino games are rigged because the advantage is always in the house’s favor. These gamblers don’t know much more about gambling than a total newbie, because the casinos will never cheat you, they would lose too much money from bad advertising.

Since they can’t win, they write off casinos as a waste of resources. It would be best if you ignored the know-it-alls more worried about who thinks they have insider information.

Casino Employees Count on Customers Enjoying Themselves

Casino employees aren’t getting rich while you lose money playing the games. Many casino workers depend on or heavily rely on tips to boost their income.

Without happy employees, a casino will begin to falter, and there will be a mass exodus of employees and guests. Because there’s such a close relationship between the satisfaction of casino guests and their willingness to tip staff, casinos will bend over backward to keep guests happy.

High Rollers Are Welcomed with Red Carpet Treatment

The casino industry would collapse without the steady stream of ordinary gamblers pouring through the doors. Yet, the welcome receives pales compared to the onslaught of amenities and butt-kissing experienced by the high rollers.

These guests are handed all manner of complementary goods and services for playing in a specific casino. Paying for rooms, meals, and show tickets is a thing of the past when you make the ranks of casino whale.

You’ll probably be offered free transportation to and from the casino if you’re willing to put enough money at stake. The VIP treatment in the casino extends to every gambler in the building, but there’s an unwritten VVIP that exists for high rollers.

The high rollers represent an essential piece of casino revenue, and it takes an added effort to keep them happy.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’ve never been inside a casino, stop wasting time and start planning a trip. The level of service you’ll receive and the amount of entertainment you’ll have for your dollar is unparalleled.

The top 10 reasons casinos show players love is only a tiny taste of how the casino resorts pamper guests. It would be best if you experienced a casino in its entirety to gain the complete picture.