15 Tips That Will Make Every Casino Gambler Better

Excited Man Holding Poker Cards With a Pile of Casino Chips in Front of Him

Casino gambling is challenging because you’re fighting an uphill battle against the house from your first bet to your last. I don’t know many casino gamblers that couldn’t use a boost to improve their gambling results.

Casino newbies rarely know what they’re doing, and only a tiny percentage realize how little they know. Veteran casino gamblers can become stagnate or lose sight of the primary gambling fundamentals.

Please don’t fret; I’ve put together some of the top casino strategies that cover the basics. Here are 15 tips that will make every casino gambler better.

Build a Hard Stop Budget for Gambling

Setting a budget for a casino trip can be tricky. There are a ton of variables that you merely can’t account for to the penny.

Meals, resort fees, souvenirs, and street performers all add costs to your trip, and the list goes on. However, you are in direct control of how much money you gamble.

Set a hard stop number for your gambling activities and stick to that number no matter what occurs.

Find Games That Slow Down the Action

Casino games by design slowly drain your money away. Each game has a different house edge, but that edge works over time.

So, when you play games quickly, the house advantage is greatly magnified. Slot machines are a prime example of games moving exceptionally swiftly.

The Casino Floor at The Casino at Dania Beach

Find games that you can play as slowly as possible, and you’ll lose less money during your session. Avoid sitting at empty tables where you’re essentially playing heads up against the dealer.

You can slow nearly any casino game down by taking your time; this is especially valuable for slot machine players.

Take Your Poker Skills to Another Level

Poker is a true rarity in casinos because players aren’t constantly battling a house edge. Instead, they face one another in a contest of skill rather than chance.

The more skilled players will always have an advantage over less experienced opponents. This truth means better poker players will make money playing poker.

The fact is that you don’t need to be a great poker player to make money; you merely need to be better than the competition. So, take your poker skills to a higher level, and you can make money against the newbies.

Play the Games That Give You Best Opportunities to Win

I talked about how the house edge is constantly lurking in the casino, but some games are better for gamblers than others. Slot machines are notoriously bad for players in land-based casinos, with an average house edge over 7%.

Games like blackjack, craps, and baccarat all have a house edge below 2%. These games all give players a legitimate chance to walk out with short-term wins.

In the long run, the math will still dictate that you lose more than you win. Still, you’ll get small wins to make the sting feel lessened.

Always Know the Rules Before You Play

One of the biggest mistakes I see players making is playing games they don’t understand. I can’t express how critical it is for you to know the game and its rules before making a single wager.

There are several ways to learn games conveniently. I spent hours playing Pai Gow Poker on my phone before my last Vegas trip.

Pai Gow Poker Table

You can also utilize the casinos’ free classes to learn new games. There’s no shortage of ways to learn how to play casino games.

Put the work in before you start playing for real money.

Online Casinos will Inherently Save You Money

Making the most of your casino sessions is paramount. One of the avenues you should explore is online gambling.

You almost can’t help but save money when you opt for gambling online. You’ll immediately cut out all costs related to travel, accommodations, and the ancillaries by gambling from home.

Plus, the games in online casinos are traditionally much better for the players than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Table rules are looser, and RTP on slot machines can be over 99%.

Find an excellent online casino, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Create a Loyalty Rewards Account Immediately

Before you make a single bet in any casino, you should find the player’s card kiosk and register an account.

The casino will reward you comps based on how much you’re playing. These essentially amount to freebies in the form of everything from a free travel mug to complimentary trips and even cashback on your losses.

Maximize the value you’re getting by earning rewards on every bet you make.

Use Basic Strategy on Every Hand of Blackjack

Blackjack is by miles the most played table game in U.S. casinos; it’s also one of my favorites. When you can find a table with the best rules and use strategy, the house edge drops to only 0.5%.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

To do that, you merely need to pick up a basic strategy card online or in the casino gift store and use it for every hand played. The handy charts are straightforward to follow and give you the best play for any scenario you’ll face.

Practice Your Favorite and New Games Online for Free

Sometimes you just want to play your games without any fear of losing money. Perhaps your budget is tight, or you’re trying some new strategies and don’t want to lose your shirt in the process.

One of the most excellent ways to practice is by playing the games online for free. I mentioned earlier how I used a mobile app to learn Pai Gow Poker; this was a convenient way to learn a new game.

Finding your favorite casino games online for free is a stellar way to improve your skills and protect your bankroll.

Save the Drinks for After the Casino

Alcohol seems to be a significant stumbling block for many casino gamblers. They buy into the Vegas party scene, and it costs them dearly.

Alcohol diminishes both your judgment and inhibitions. So, while you may believe you’re entirely within your element, it often leads to reckless wagers.

Save your party experience for after you gamble, and you’ll be much better off, thanks to your discretion.

Give Yourself a Break

Casinos are built to lure you in and keep you there until the money is all dried up. They are purpose-built for entertainment, and players often have so much fun that they forget to take a timeout occasionally.

Give yourself plenty of breaks during your gambling sessions. I set an alarm on my watch for every 90 minutes.

Casino Slot Machine Row, Guy Walking Away from Slots

This break gives me a minute to assess how I’m doing and whether or not I’m still enjoying myself. I’ll frequently use this break to get outside and take a few deep breaths of fresh air.

Don’t underestimate the physical and psychological impacts that giving yourself a break can have.

Start a Career as a Card Counter

If you genuinely wish to become a better gambler, learning to count cards should be a high priority. Card counters are able to eliminate the house edge in blackjack and sustain a profit.

Most casual gamblers and even avid blackjack players fail to realize how easy the process of becoming a card counter can be. Giving yourself time to practice will greatly speed up the process, and you could be counting cards on your next trip.

Let Your Losses Go

Stop chasing losses. When you lose in the casino, the math is doing precisely what it’s supposed to be doing.

Varying your bet amount or doubling down to try and recoup losses will only make you lose that much faster. Stick to a flat betting approach and try to mitigate your losses as much as possible.

By not panicking when things begin to go in the casino’s favor, you’ll be getting the most entertainment from your gambling experience. Chasing losses is among the worst mistakes a casino gambler can make because it grossly inflates the effects of the house edge.

Leverage Casinos Against Each Other

One thing that can improve your overall results in the casino is leveraging offers and VIP rewards offered by casinos for a better deal. You can use these rewards to get discounted or free rooms, better comps, and cash bonuses.

Casinos will be eager to earn your business, and if you’re going to gamble enough, the casinos will bend table rules to match your requests.

Playing casinos off of one another won’t necessarily develop your gaming skills. However, you’ll see the difference in your bank account.

Treat Your Body as a Temple

You shouldn’t expect to perform your best when you’re not taking care of your body. I already covered the damaging impact alcohol can have on your gambling because I believe it deserves a separate point of discussion.

Keeping in line with that is the other factor that directly relates to your health and your performance. The two most important factors are often overlooked in casinos, those are sleep and diet.

Large Spread of Breakfast Foods

You need to eat healthy meals while you’re in the casino gambling. Many casino guests will skip meals to stay in the action, which leads to fatigue both physically and mentally.

The same can be said for sleep. Get a good night’s rest before you head to the casino floor.

In Summary

If you want to start seeing better returns from your investment of time and money in the casino, start making changes today. Use these 15 tips that will make every casino gambler better to become the gambler you’ve always wished to be.