Three Card Poker Online Variations to Play

Poker Chips on Left and a Closeup of a Three Card Poker Table on Right

Poker games are some of the most popular casino games in the world. Texas Hold’em is perhaps the most famous version of poker. However, there are plenty of other well-known poker games that offer great chances for winning real money. In the 90s, poker fans were introduced to the Three Card Poker game.

After its release, Three Card Poker quickly became a hit at casinos across the globe. It was not long before it also launched on the best online poker sites. Nowadays, there are many variations of Three Card Poker that you can play. Keep reading for more on this popular version of poker.

What Is Three Card Poker?

Before we break down the popular variations of Three Card Poker, let’s start with the basics. In Three Card Poker, the player and the dealer face off in a one-on-one heads-up battle. The player starts by placing an ante and is then dealt three facedown cards. Once both the player and the dealer have their three cards, the player can place a “play” wager.

If you choose to play, then both the player and dealer show their three-card hand. In order to play, the dealer’s hand must be Queen high or better. If not, then the player is only paid for their ante wager. If the dealer’s hand is at least Queen high, then they are allowed to play.

The winner in Three Card Poker is determined by which party has the better poker hand. Combinations range from High card to a Straight Flush. In some situations, a player can be paid even if their hand does not beat the dealers.

Three Card Poker is an easy card game to play that does not offer a ton of surprises. As a result, it is a great game for new poker players to try. The simplicity of Three Card Poker has made it a hit among players and casinos alike. It has also led to many different variations of the game.

Variations of Three Card Poker

There are hundreds of casinos across the globe. The number of online casinos also grows with each passing year. With so many providers, it should not be a surprise that Three Card Poker has a lot of variations. Unfortunately, we cannot cover all of them here. However, we will take a look at some of the most popular versions of Three Card Poker.

Three Card Poker Pair Plus

The first variation of Three Card Poker we are going to talk about is called Pair Plus. In this version, the player is given an extra chance to wager on their hand before cards are dealt. To win a Pair Plus wager, the cards in your hand must be a pair or better. However, you must be willing to place an extra wager to take advantage of this option.

In Pair Plus, the better your hand, the bigger your payouts on your Pair Plus wager. For instance, a hand with one pair only pays out at 1:1. However, a Mini Royal Flush will payout at 200:1 odds.

Three Card Poker Table

If you are serious about winning real money, online Three Card Poker Pair Plus may be the way to go. It can be a great way to increase wagering opportunities. If you fold before placing your play wager, then your Pair Plus wager is forfeited.

Ultimate Three Card Poker

Another popular variation of Three Card Poker is called Ultimate Three Card Poker. In this version, players have a ton of extra betting opportunities. First and foremost, players have to place a blind bet in addition to the ante before cards are dealt. The bling bet must be equal to the monetary value of the ante.

Once you have your cards, you are allowed to bet again. If the cards in your hand are less than a pair, then you can only wager up to the amount of the ante. If your cards are a pair or better, you can bet up to three times the amount of your ante.

Ultimate Three Card Poker offers players a chance to win big on a single hand. The addition of the blind bet makes this version of Three Card Poker more similar to Hold’em style games. The top payouts for Ultimate Three Card Poker are usually capped at 100:1 for a Mini Royal Flush.

Prime Three Card Poker

Prime Three Card Poker was one of the first variations of the classic Three Card Poker game to become popular. This type of Three Card Poker allows players to wager on the color of the cards they will be dealt. Also, the color of the dealer’s cards is counted as well. Prime Three Card Poker is one of the simpler variations of Three Card Poker.

If all the cards in the player’s hand are the same color, their Prime wager is paid out at 3:1 odds. This can be increased to 4:1 odds if the dealer’s cards are also all the same color as the player’s cards. It is important to note that this is based on the cards’ colors, not their suites. Hearts and Diamonds are both red, meanwhile, Clubs and Spades are both black. The wager is an optional part of each hand.

Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus

Six Card Bonus is a type of Three Card Poker that combines aspects of many other popular variations. In Six Card Bonus games, you can use the dealer’s cards to help make a five-card poker hand. However, the dealer also uses cards from the player’s hand to make their best five-card combination.

The winner in Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus is determined by which party has the best five-card poker hand. These games use the same hand structure as classic poker games. However, there are no payouts for only having a high card. Payouts for a Royal Flush can reach up to 2000:1 at some online three card poker sites.

One of the best features of Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus games is the pay structure. Even if your other bets do not hit, you can still be paid for the Six Card Bonus wager.  The security of this bet makes it a popular option for Three Card Poker players.

Progressive Three Card Poker

One of the newest variations of Three Card Poker is called Progressive Three Card Poker. In these styles of games, a small portion of every wager is placed into a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are popular with online slot games and have made their way into poker.

The rest of the game plays out like regular Three Card Poker. However, in order to win the progressive jackpot, a player must get a Mini Royal Flush of Spades. A Mini Royal Flush of other suites will pay out a smaller bonus. This smaller bonus is called an Envy Bonus.


Unlike other variations of Three Card Poker, there are no extra wagers required in Progress Three Card Poker. The amount for the progressive jackpot is automatically deducted from a player’s ante and play bets. However, the progressive jackpot gives players a chance to win more on one hand than other variations.

Best Online Casinos for Three Card Poker

You can find Three Card Poker games in poker rooms across the country. There are also plenty of options for playing online Three Card Poker. You can even play it on many of the best poker apps.

Bovada’s Three Card Poker game is called Tri Poker. This online version offers everything you would want in an online Three Card Poker game. New members can also take advantage of Bovada’s great welcome bonuses. Bitcoin users can get up to $3,750 in bonuses from Bovada.

BetOnline, our top-ranked online poker site, also offers an online Three Card Poker game. Playing Three Card Poker is a great way to take advantage of BetOnline’s new member bonus. The highly-rated online poker site offers a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $1,000.

Another great option for playing online Three Card Poker is SportsBetting.Ag. Do not let the name fool you, SportsBetting has a great online casino. The online Three Card Poker game at SportsBetting is one of the best around. Also, new members can get a $1,000 deposit match bonus on their first three deposits.


Poker is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every country has its own variation of the popular game. Three Card Poker has become especially popular in the last two decades. Before you bet, make sure you know all the rules for the variation of Three Card Poker you are playing. For more poker games, check out our list of the best real money casino apps.