10 Things You’ll Never See Sharp Bettors Do in a Las Vegas Sportsbook

Inside of a Las Vegas Sportsbook

Sports betting has always been full of ups and downs. The massive swing of fortunes often comes down to a matter of seconds.

Adding to all of the infinite variables is the fact that you need to win over half the time to break even in Las Vegas. Becoming a profitable sports bettor is the obsession that drives some gamblers to bankruptcy.

Still, many savvy gamblers execute a proven system for winning every year. You’ll find different tactics and methods for every profitable sports bettor you meet.

But they will have several things in common. Here are 10 things you’ll never see sharp bettors do in a Las Vegas Sportsbook.

1 – Betting Beyond Their Means

Gambling attracts much of its attention from players who want to risk something. The risk versus reward fulfills a desire and can be entertaining.

However, the urge to go all-in is destructive. Before a gambler ever gets themself into sports betting, they need to drill down on their bankroll management.

It’s incredibly challenging to achieve a winning percentage that makes a profit. Even when sharp bettors reach the magic number of 53%, they face losing streaks.

You’ll never see sharp bettors making wagers that put their bankroll in jeopardy. They may risk as little as 1% of their entire budget on a single bet.

This practice ensures that they’ll stay in the game for the long run. Eventually, the tides will turn, and they’ll begin winning again.

But until that happens, it’s vital that sharp bettors avoid going bankrupt.

2 – Chatting Away at the Betting Window

Casinos know all too well how far some gamblers will go to gain an edge. One of the tricks sometimes employed in the sportsbooks was having people relaying live updates at the games.

That eventually led to the sportsbooks banning communication devices at the betting window. Imagine a gambler who has an inside edge; the house would stand to lose a fortune.

So, the casinos combat the gamblers having an inside track the best ways they know-how. It’s also in poor taste to be talking to someone on the phone while conducting a transaction.

A Sportsbook with Multiple Monitors Showing Games

The sportsbooks stay busy during significant events, and if you’re hurting business, the casinos won’t take it lightly. Plus, you’re going to be facing annoyed gamblers if they miss the betting window.

The sportsbook will remind you to get off your phone. However, if you refuse to heed the casinos’ warnings, you may receive a ban.

Stay off your phone. You can catch up with your bookie or whomever during the game.

3 – Losing Their Cool

The most straightforward method for getting yourself booted from the sportsbook is becoming loud and belligerent. Sportsbooks are designed to be a fun and entertaining place where gamblers can combine their passions of sports and gambling.

There’s not much room for loud and out-of-line behavior. Still, the casinos aren’t in the business of turning away paying customers.

They give sports bettors a ton of leniency. Yet, customers who feel the need to go on extended rants that cause a disturbance will be politely asked to cut it out.

If they continue to cause a scene or can’t control their temper, the gamblers are on their way out. Sportsbooks are prime for emotions to run high.

The emotional response we feel makes sports betting such an exciting venture. But if you ever want to be successful as a sports bettor, you need to be sure that you’re keeping them in check.

4 – Making a Bet Without Examining All the Angles

I see a majority of sports bettors in the casino placing bets on a whim. These gamblers have little information pushing them one way or another.

I’ve encountered a lot of players that point out a star player for one team as giving that team the edge. However, they do little accounting for what’s happening on the other side of the ball.

Anytime you make a wager without carefully handicapping the match-up, you’re tossing a coin. Because you must win over 52% not to lose, coin flips are the number one reason most sports bettors lose.

People Sitting at Casino Sportsbook, Three Dollar Bills Spread Out

The casino charges the vig to ensure they always win. So, a bettor who wins 50% will lose much faster than many believe possible.

Sharp bettors pour exhaustive research into their bets. Recreational bettors may be able to post short-term profits but winning consistently takes work.

Sharp bettors examine all the angles before making bets.

5 – Starting Trouble with Gamblers Who Bet the Other Way

Sports tend to be violent. That makes it a short hop into the lives of some sports fans.

I’m not in any way insinuating that sports fans are violent. However, there’s an initial territorial response that comes along with fandom.

When you have rival teams playing, that can create drama in the sportsbook. As the insults fly and the alcohol flows, things can quickly escalate.

If you get into a physical altercation on any casino property, you can expect to get booted. Sharp bettors know better, and they rarely bet on their favorite teams anyway.

6 – Drinking Too Much

Casinos are like giant adult parties where you can win money. Sadly, far more players lose than win.

Still, it’s the hope of winning that brings players into the casino time after time. The booze may not be comped in the sportsbook, but that doesn’t stop many gamblers.

Sometimes the line at the bar is much longer than at the betting window. The harm in overdoing the free drinks is that some bettors will become looser with their wallets.

3 People Enjoying Their Time in Mannings Sports Bar at Harrahs New Orleans

That loss of inhibitions can lead to exaggerated bet sizes and poor choices. Sharp bettors aren’t in the sportsbook to have a good night out with friends.

The only concern for sharp bettors is making money. These gamblers may enjoy a drink or two, but you’ll never see things go to excess.

7 – Focus Solely on Live Betting

Live betting is the most exciting aspect of sports betting to come along since the prop bets burst onto the scene. The additional options for bettors, the shifting lines, and the incredible excitement are enough to turn any sports bettor’s attention.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s an easier path to wins than traditional sports betting. The fact is that, in many ways, live betting creates more challenges than opportunities.

Live betting can sometimes come with friendly lines, but there’s a catch. The rub lies in the vast number of available wagers at the average sports bettor’s disposal.

Sharp bettors will sometimes wade into live betting, but they’ll almost always place emphasis on more traditional wagers.

8 – Trying to Get Back in the Black with One Shot

Gamblers love to chase losses. It’s one of the biggest mistakes a gambler can make, and it’s among the most common errors gamblers make.

Increasing your bet amount may sound logical if you’re in the midst of a severe drought. The odds of going on a massive losing streak are slim.

Sports betting is much like other forms of gambling. It’s designed to slowly take your money a little at a time or at least feel that way.

Red Rock Casino Sportsbook

When you start increasing your bet amount, you’ll lose much quicker. Your losses will quickly eliminate any wins, and the vig will be more substantial based on your higher bets.

You’ll never see sharp bettors trying to win back their losses in one swing. That kind of behavior could bankrupt them, which happens to recreational gamblers.

9 – Bet Based on Biases

I’ve never placed a bet on my favorite MLB or NFL teams. I’m not a sharp bettor on the same plane as Tony Bloom or Bob Voulgaris, but I learned long ago to keep my heart out of the sportsbook.

It’s nearly impossible to try to talk the average sports bettor out of betting on their home team. When you allow your biases to influence your betting, the losses accelerate.

Sharp bettors are only focused on the contests and their participants. They rarely allow personal biases to sway them in any direction.

10 – Following the Herd

Many sports bettors (and gamblers in general) believe there is safety in numbers. They follow the crowd to eliminate the feelings of inadequacy from losses.

These bettors feel like it’s better to lose with the masses. At least they were wrong with the majority when it ultimately fails.

Inside a Casino Sportsbook

The most significant issue is that if the masses were winning, the sportsbooks would have to close shop. Sharp bettors will always bet on their own accord; there’s no room for playing it safe.


If you want to become a better gambler, take what you can learn from the sharp bettors and apply them to your own betting.

The 10 things you’ll never see sharp bettors do in a Las Vegas sportsbook are toxic for gamblers. They’re precisely the type of behaviors that you need to strike from your gambling playbook.