The Top Five Things to Look for in a Gambling Site

Thinking Man With an Online Casino Background

I always suggest new players join two or three online casinos. Doing this gives you the option to test-drive several of your favorites.

You’re not a beginner anymore, though. You’ve progressed into the world of intermediate or perhaps the advanced online gambling.

Entering a New Phase

As you transition from a beginner player into a veteran, some things will become apparent. For example, one of the sites you initially signed up with will provide you with an overall better user experience.

This may be as simple as a more easily navigable interface. Many of the factors that will be steering you to your favorite site will be fairly obvious.

You may be missing out on features that will definitely increase your entertainment. If you are diligent, you could even see increased winnings. So how do you spot the major differences between online casinos?

You’re not a beginner anymore, but you’re no pro either. It can be easy to miss key opportunities to enhance your experience. Especially if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

Don’t fret. I’m going to cover the top five things to look for in a gambling site.

These factors will be things you likely missed or overlooked completely as a beginner. It’s time to take your game to the next level, and you must have the gambling site along for the ride.

1 – The Games

You undoubtedly checked out the games before you ever signed up. You likely browsed their vast selection of online slots and checked the typical boxes.

So, I would be surprised if you went with a gambling site that doesn’t offer popular games like craps, roulette, and blackjack. Even players that don’t play one or more of these top games will check to make sure they’re available.

Suppose your favorite way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon is by playing roulette. As a beginner, you probably checked out the varieties offered before signing up.

Some beginners will take things a step farther and carefully investigate each game’s rules to make sure the house edge is as diminished as possible.

What if I told you there are gambling sites that provide live dealer gambling for some table games?

Online Live Dealer Blackjack

This feature transforms your living room, office, or poolside into your personal casino floor.

Having a live dealer at the blackjack table adds a tremendous amount of enjoyment to the overall experience. I enjoy having a face to look at and somehow feel better about the bad breaks.

A brief smile after I hit a blackjack from the other side of my computer screen is a welcome addition to my online gambling experience.

As you leave your online gambling beginner phase in the rearview, try out some live dealer games. You may have a new favorite way to spend your Saturdays.

2 – Mobile Gaming

Most beginner online gamblers won’t consider mobile features when picking a gambling site.

Part of this is strictly out of an abundance of caution. Beginners often have legitimate concerns about the privacy of their personal information.

However, most cases are a result of fear over facts. There are some truly frightening tales of gamblers that have given critical financial information and personal details to the wrong people.

Let’s cut this fear out of the equation at this point. Reputable online gambling sites take exhaustive measures to protect their customers’ data.

These precautions translate to their online mobile sites and apps. If you’re confident in the safety and security of the gambling site you favor, it may be time to look into their mobile applications.

Gaming on the go is taking over as the preferred method for millions of gamblers. Sports bettors, in particular, clamor for the chance to place their bets on phones and tablets.

Having an app on your phone means never missing out on a favorable last minute adjustment to the line. It also means that if you get a report that a team’s QB has just been benched due to injury. You can pounce immediately from anywhere you have a reliable signal.

Of course, it isn’t just sports bettors cashing in on mobile apps. Players can enjoy a seemingly endless supply of slots on the go.

Players that don’t want to miss out on their beloved table games can also download and go.

Blackjack, roulette, and craps are all prominently featured on the top mobile apps.

Before you settle on a gambling site upgrade, look into the top contenders’ mobile apps. This is an important enough feature to sway most serious gamblers in one direction or another.

3 – Payment Times

The length of time a gambling site takes to process your payout may be the precise reason you’re in the market for a new home.

Payout schedules vary dramatically from site to site. Some of the best online gambling sites with fast payouts will begin processing your payout immediately or at least the same day.

Some gambling sites may take from 48 to 72 hours to start your payment. Others have an established schedule as to when they will process withdrawal requests.

Gambling sites that only process payment requests on specific days can be the most frustrating. Imagine you want to cash out some of your winnings or possibly worse, your deposit to take a last-minute trip.

You request the withdrawal from the online site and anxiously await your funds. Surely, it won’t take more than a day or two, and you have plenty of time.

You wake up the next day, half expecting your funds to be waiting in your bank account. Still not there, though.

Online Casino Blackjack Screenshot

No worries, you’re sure it will be there by the time you have dinner. Unfortunately, bedtime comes, and the cash is still in limbo.

You decide to call your financial institution and see what the hold-up is. They inform you that there have been no attempts to transfer funds to your account.

You begin to panic and call customer service for the gambling site. At this point, they inform you that payout requests are only paid out on a twice a week schedule.

And because you made your requests on late Friday, the request wouldn’t be completed until Tuesday. This can be a gutshot for many unprepared gamblers.

Avoid this pitfall by doing your due diligence. A little bit of legwork at the start can prevent some major inconvenience and undue stress in the long run.

4 – VIP Rewards

I see many beginners get so caught up in the deposit bonus that they completely ignore the loyalty programs.

These VIP rewards can continue to be cashed in after your deposit bonus is dust in the wind.

Advanced gamblers understand that these online casino VIP programs are another key to stretching your gambling dollar to its fullest.

Free spins, anniversary gifts, and increased deposit bonuses are a few of the most sought after loyalty rewards. Some loyalty programs will even provide cashback rewards to its VIP clientele.

Of course, the higher you climb up the VIP ladder, the better rewards you will be blessed with. Before you decide on a new gambling site, you should check out their loyalty programs.

It may seem small at first, but you could see tremendous benefits down the road. Gambling sites spend a ton of money attracting new customers.

They can’t stand the thought of having those dollars strolling out the doors. Give them the shot at keeping your business, but make sure they earn it.

5 – Casino Game Software

Beginner gamblers probably aren’t aware of any software differences when they get started. All I knew when I began my online gambling career was that I could finally lay action online.

It hadn’t occurred to me that the gambling sites’ software would have a significant impact on my user experience. How different can slots really get among these online software developers?

El Royale Online Casino Slots Game

It didn’t take long to see some major differences between gambling sites I was using. It isn’t enough for the gambling sites you frequent to have smooth, clear graphics.

The interface needs to be intuitive and seamless. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time and money on these gambling sites.

Don’t allow glitchy software to ruin your experience or cost you money.


You’re not a beginner anymore. It’s time to ditch the big wheel and ride with the big dogs. The top five things to look for in a gambling site will guide you in your decision.

I’m not suggesting at all that the site you settled on as a beginner can’t continue to be your best choice as you grow. First, you need to make sure it checks all of the boxes for you.

Above all, remember that gambling is meant to be entertainment. You will do best to find a gambling site that will keep you excited about your favorite hobby.