Things to Do in Puerto de la Cruz While Gambling at Casino Taoro

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Located in Tenerife, Spain’s north coast is the spectacular city of Puerto de la Cruz. Tenerife is a one-of-a-kind island, a part of Spain’s Canary Islands. It is a city that is well-known for its beaches. It also has a great place to try your luck—Casino Taoro.

If you are looking to gamble for real money during your vacation, then you should really consider going to Puerto de la Cruz, especially if you like slot machines. Spain’s rich culture alone will amaze you and make you never want to leave.

About Casino Taoro

In Puerto de la Cruz, there’s a famous swimming complex by the name of Lago Martiánez. Within this spectacular swimming complex is Casino Taoro. Of the three casinos located on the island, Casino Taoro stands out.

It’s not the biggest casino in the world, but it has a modern vibe. Not to mention, it’s a short distance from sandy beaches. To top it off, the casino is a short distance from the local airport, Tenerife North.

The dress code at Casino Taoro is pretty loose, but business casual is recommended as you will not be able to enter wearing your swim trunks. Also, you must be over 18 to gamble in Spain, so make sure you have identification on you when you go.

Casino Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz

As far as casino table games are concerned, you can enjoy blackjack and double zero American Roulette. You can also enjoy the poker tables. These games are all located in one of the two casino rooms at Casino Taoro. The other room contains the electronic gaming machines.

Almost everyone at this casino will be tourists, as Tenerife is one of the most amazing vacation spots in all of Spain. However, there will surely be a decent number of locals playing games there.

Besides the casino, there are numerous things to do and enjoy in Tenerife, Spain, when you feel like taking a break from gambling.

Here are five things to do in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Spain while gambling at Casino Taoro.

Eat at Puerto de la Cruz’ Restaurant District, La Ranilla

La Ranilla is Puerto de la Cruz’ amazing restaurant district. There, you will find some of the very best tapas bars and restaurants in all of Spain. If you happen to meet a possible date while gambling at the casino, then La Ranilla is the perfect place to enjoy dinner by candlelight.

La Ranilla Restaurant District

The scenery here is perfect to take some unforgettable photos and stunning selfies to show off to your friends. Having traditional dishes, along with more modern spins on local cuisine, La Ranilla truly has a dish for everyone, so you will have no shortage of options to choose from.

There’s also plenty of shopping as well as a budding artist community. La Ranilla is the definition of “hip,” Spain-style.

Get Some Beach Time in at Playa Jardin

Spain is particularly well-known for its amazing beaches. One of these mind-blowing beaches is located in Puerto de la Cruz—Playa Jardin. At Playa Jardin, you will walk in lovely volcanic sand and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

This is a particularly popular tourist spot during the summer, as many of the same people come year after year to enjoy Playa Jardin. And don’t worry, there are plenty of showers on the beach to clean off after a day of swimming in the ocean.

Perhaps you are traveling to Spain with your family. Playa Jardin is perfect for a family outing; there are playgrounds near the beach for the kiddos to enjoy.

Lose Yourself in the Magnificent Botanical Garden

Of the many botanical gardens around the world, the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most unique and well-known. The tale of this botanical garden is a fascinating one. It all started with King Carlos III in 1788.

The king wanted some plants from both Central and South America. These plants would occupy his Madrid Palace; however, once these plants were transported, they needed a place to stop before going on to Madrid.

Puerto de la Cruz Botanical Gardens

They needed a place to stop so the plants could become acquainted with the different atmosphere and environment so many miles away from their home.

You guessed it—Puerto de la Cruz was the perfect place to stop as the climate there was subtropical. It is from this that the current botanical garden was born.

Both subtropical and exotic plants populate the garden. Among the many plants, you will see fig trees, mulberry trees, aloes, aroids, bromeliads, and palm trees. This is also a great spot if you’re planning a casino trip with your family.

Get Your Taste of the Arts at Castillo San Felipe

Close to the Jardin Beach, you’ll find Castillo San Felipe. At Castillo San Felipe, you can enjoy both theater as well as dance performances. Art shows are also held in this lovely space.

The structure is a castle created in the colonial style and stands out as one of the most amazing pieces of architecture on any of the Canary Islands. At one point, it even had a drawbridge and a moat surrounding it.

Castillo San Felipe

If you are a history buff or castle lover, then you must visit Castillo San Felipe, especially since it is a castle that is still being utilized as a tribute to the arts. Be ready to take some awesome photos and selfies here as well.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Loro Parque

Among all the zoos in Europe, Loro Parque is considered to be the very best. In fact, some would say it is the second best zoo on the entire globe. That may seem to be a bold statement, but Loro Parque has got awesome animals to back it up.

White Tiger at Loro Parque

Among these animals are a myriad of birds, penguins, treetop animals, as well as aquariums full of underwater creatures.

Once again, if you are traveling with family, especially with the little ones, a day at Loro Parque is something you won’t want to miss. The kids will especially enjoy the animal feedings.

The Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz

Spain is known for its incredible history and culture, so if you are interested in archaeology, then you’ll want to make sure you visit the Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz. Even if you aren’t an archaeology aficionado, you will appreciate everything this museum has to offer.

The museum is small and is located within Puerto de la Cruz’s historic fishing quarter. The structure is an old Canarian house from the 19th century.

Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz

Some interesting things you will find at this museum include mummies of the people who originally inhabited the island.

Among other cool things to see at the Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz, you will find butterfly collections, ancient maps, weapons, and even artifacts from more recent times.

The Hermitage of Ermita de San Amaro

The Hermitage of Ermita de San Amaro came into existence as a place to convert Spain’s Aboriginal population to Christianity. In this sense, it was similar to Ladera de Martiánez and Llano del Bailadero. The structure was built in 1591.

It has an interesting history and at one point was thought to be the home of a religious cult. There are legends that exist around Ermita de San Amaro. The architecture by itself is enough of a reason to visit this landmark.

Enjoy the View at Parque Taoro

If you want to overlook Puerto de la Cruz from above, then you must visit this magnificent park by the name of Parque Taoro.

Parque Taoro

This is a place you want to take your time to get to and enjoy the journey as you’ll be walking up many steps. However, it is totally worth it, and little waterfalls will keep you smiling along the way.

This is also a great place to take a date whom you may have met at the casino.

Have Fun in Puerto de la Cruz

Casino Taoro has enough excitement to keep anyone spellbound for days on end. If you are looking for some of the best gambling destinations in Europe, then you must experience the food, the culture, the beaches, and of course, the architecture of Puerto de la Cruz.

Thinking about taking a gambling trip to Tenerife, Spain? Let me know if this article inspired you to embark on an adventure in the comments.