6 Things to Avoid in Las Vegas

Man Holding Hands Up and the Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and is incredibly popular in the gambling community. Some may thumb their noses at the idea of traveling to Vegas for a gambling trip.

Rest assured, Sin City can still bring the heat. The city is home to more casinos than any other city in the nation.

Even if you’re not a huge gambling fan or are traveling with people who don’t necessarily enjoy spending countless hours gambling at the tables of one of Vegas’ numerous casinos, the city still has plenty to offer.

Like most well-known tourist destinations, there is a booming industry ready to take advantage of first-time travelers. To make sure you can have the best trip you can hope for, here are six things to avoid in Vegas.

1 ‒ Don’t Fall for a Scam

Where there is one tourist, there are dozens of con artists ready and waiting to take advantage of them. While it should be obvious that certain parts of Las Vegas are designed to appeal to certain degenerative personality type.

The city is mostly family-friendly. However, there are some darker influences in the town; it’s easier than you would expect to fall for a scam.

Walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll encounter several street vendors, photographers, and salespeople trying to get your business. Even something as simple as taking a picture in front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign will result in your party being hounded by supposed professional photographers.

Men Handing Out Cards on the Vegas Strip

Most of these people are trying to make a living and are harmless, but there are also a variety of scum bags trying to take advantage of you. The worst types are club promoters, offering tourists worthless VIP passes for club crawls that tourists could make on their own.

While some of these salespeople are legitimate, the amount of money you would have to spend on these passes is better spent elsewhere around the city.

2 ‒ Blowing Your Budget on a Hotel

It’s perfectly understandable to think that you have to stay at one of the premier hotels or casinos on the Strip to get the full Vegas experience. However, this is not the case. While the rooms’ quality at the luxury resorts is undeniably high, the price point might not be worth it.

As I said earlier, Vegas is full of resorts, hotels, and other room and board types, which can appeal to tourists from all economic situations.

Vegas is a year-round destination but still has its peak seasons, so it’s easy to find great value when booking your hotel if you choose the right time.

There’s a popular misconception that Las Vegas is incredibly expensive, and trust me, it can be if you don’t plan your trip intelligently.

To save some money for the entertainment on your vacation, consider staying at one of the resorts regarded as a “middle tier” option. I can assure you that you’ll still have a pleasant experience and will most likely be surprised by the quality of whichever resort or hotel you decide to pick.

If it’s your first or second time visiting Vegas, there’s too much to do to waste time in your hotel room anyway.

3 ‒ Trying to Visit Every Casino

Whereas the previous few points are geared towards any type of tourist, this one is for the group’s avid gamblers. If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas for the first time, then there’s a good chance you have it in your head that you have to hit up every single casino in the city.

This is a mistake that you should undoubtedly avoid at all costs.

If you’re going to Vegas to experience as much as possible, bouncing from casino to casino isn’t the world’s worst idea. But if you plan on spending all of your free time gambling, and you have aspirations of having a successful gambling trip, it’s imperative that you find a casino that works for you.

People Walking on the Vegas Strip

Vegas has too many casinos to see, mainly because there are several casinos off the Strip in Downtown Vegas. Depending on how many days you’re staying in Vegas, I recommend having a loose plan of attack and narrowing down your potential casinos to an attainable number.

If you spend too much time traveling between casinos, you’ll likely never find one where you can get comfortable and start winning money.

4 ‒ Overpaying for Entertainment

With the overwhelming number of options, and even on the outskirts of town, there’s virtually no reason to overspend when it comes to entertainment. Most tourist destinations feature intense competition among all the different venues and entertainment companies, making it a perfect opportunity to work the price down on your choice in activities.

No matter what type of entertainment you’re looking for, there’s almost always a cheaper option.

Some tourists are conditioned to think they have to shell out a good deal of money for high quality entertainment in Vegas.

While most entertainment is most likely worth the admission price, if you’re trying to keep your budget low there are other options out there that won’t cost an arm and a leg. The best way to locate the cheapest entertainment is by doing some research before your trip.

But even if you’re feeling spontaneous, you’ll most likely run into some good alternatives by simply walking down the Strip.

5 ‒ Blackjack Tables

Like my earlier point, this one is for you who are traveling to Vegas for the sole purpose of parking yourself at a table. Scouting out the best blackjack tables in Vegas can be a chore, especially if you’re looking for cheaper tables. While $5 tables do exist, they are few and far between, especially on the Strip.

If you’re planning on going to Vegas during a busier part of the year or on the weekends, finding a seat at an affordable table is going to be tough. After wandering around the Strip, you might finally locate a somewhat inexpensive table with several open seats.

You might feel inclined to sit down, right up until the moment you realize the table only pays out 6:5.

For inexperienced gamblers, a 6:5 table means that you will get paid out $6 for every $5 bet if you get blackjack. Most tables should be 3:2, meaning you’ll get paid out $3 for every $2 you bet, but Vegas is known to have several 6:5 tables.

I highly recommend avoiding these tables, simply because there are tables with better payouts elsewhere around the city.

6 ‒ Don’t Walk Everywhere

When you first get to the Strip, you might think to yourself that every casino is within walking distance. The skyline on the Strip is deceptive, and you’ll be surprised to see how far certain casinos are away from each other.

I’ve made the mistake of walking from the Mandalay Bay, which is on the Strip’s south side, to the Bellagio, thinking it was only less than 10 minutes away.

Aerial View of the Vegas Strip

Walking around Vegas, you can delude yourself into thinking that everything is within walking distance. Trust me when I say it’s not. If you’re traveling to Vegas during the summer, keep in mind that Las Vegas is a desert, and the Nevada summers are brutally hot and dry.

Unless you plan to take the tram between neighboring casinos, which is an excellent transportation mode, consider taking an Uber or Lyft.

There’s no reason to try to walk across the city when there’s all that entertainment. If you’re hellbent on walking along the Strip, make sure comfortable shoes are on your list of things to bring to Vegas.


Las Vegas is a top vacation destination for people who enjoy a good time. If you’re a big fan of betting or the gambling industry and have yet to make the trip, now is a great time to do so.

Most casinos are offering deep discounts on their hotel rates, and travel is also relatively inexpensive. Like any good vacation, a trip to Vegas requires some preparation and research.

Due to the city’s nature, there are plenty of opportunities to fall into common tourist traps. One of the more blatant and unfortunate of these is the countless scam and con artists in the city.

This is no reason to avoid booking a trip to Vegas, but always be aware of the potential to fall for a smooth talker’s phony sales pitch while you’re walking down the Strip.

When booking your trip, make sure you’re getting a good deal on your hotels. I always recommend first-time Vegas-goers avoid staying at a luxury resort. Don’t try to gamble at every casino and shop around for the best entertainment option if you plan to do something other than gambling.

Finally, even though the Strip looks compact, and every casino appears like it’s just a quick walk away, avoid walking everywhere, especially during the day.