7 Things Casino Dealers Hate

Female Blackjack Dealer With a Happy and Sad Mask Graphic

Whether it’s a second job for some extra income or a career, dealing cards at a casino can be an excellent job for many. Dealers are some of the most influential people in a casino.

They’re typically regarded as the face of casinos because of their level of interaction with casino patrons. Dealers are generally deft at not only dealing cards but handling a variety of factors daily.

In my years of gambling, I’ve engaged every dealer I’ve had in a conversation. I’ve even developed some great friendships along the way.

Like most jobs, dealing cards have their positives and negatives that dealers are forced to handle. For the most part, dealers can sort of blend into the background of a casino and become an afterthought.

However, any self-respecting gambler should make sure they’re courteous and kind to dealers, regardless of your gambling trip outcome. If you think you’ve rubbed a dealer the wrong way in the past, here’s one way to find out.

These are the seven things casino dealers can’t stand about their jobs.

1 ‒ Obnoxious Gamblers

Gambling is an exciting and emotionally-charged activity. Dealers understand that most of the games they deal are competitive and can result in a rapid emotional swing between hands.

However, gamblers who are perpetually loud and braggadocious are some of the least popular kinds of gamblers.

Imagine you’re at your day job, and one of your customers comes into your workplace and starts screaming intermittently. Doesn’t sound so fun, does it?

Man Screaming at a Casino Table

Once again, most dealers don’t mind gamblers getting excited. In fact, most enjoy it when their clients are in pleasant moods and are winning money. More money means more tips.

The gamblers who immediately sit down at the table and become the loudest person in the casino are challenging to deal with. If you gamble consistently, you’ve definitely sat next to this type of gambler.

If not, you’ve least witnessed them in action. You have the opportunity to change tables, whereas dealers are stuck there until their break.

2 ‒ Players Who Don’t Follow Casino Etiquette

There’s a difference between new gamblers who are eager to learn and new gamblers who refuse to follow the most basic directions. As one dealer I know puts it, dealing cards to players who don’t follow basic casino etiquette is like herding cats.

Look, table etiquette is something most gamblers learn over time, and there’s no fault in committing a few harmless errors.

When errors turn into more egregious blunders, it can slow down the play or even lead to other gamblers being adversely affected. The reason dealers can’t stand dealing with players who demonstrate improper etiquette is because it isn’t their job to babysit gamblers.

Additionally, when the play’s pace slows down, there are fewer hands, which can mean fewer dealers’ tips.

Most dealers are willing to offer advice and help guide new players through their first few casino experiences. But, consistent mistakes are frustrating for other gamblers and, in turn, a headache for dealers.

3 ‒ Handling Drunk Gamblers

When it comes to the most challenging type of gambler to deal with, drunk gamblers are near the top of the list. For some gamblers, playing cards and drinking go hand in hand.

But, at some point, the drinks can lead to a downward spiral for individual gamblers. This is especially true when free alcohol is involved.

Most dealers will tell you that they like it when their table is winning. Contrary to popular belief, the dealer has no skin in the game.

When gamblers get drunk, it makes it harder for them to make sound decisions. Drunken gamblers tend to be sloppy when it comes to following casino etiquette and even abiding by basic common courtesies.

Glass of Alcohol on a Casino Table

Unfortunately, I’ve spent more time than I’d like next to drunk gamblers. Watching them slowly descend into a drunken stupor is a lot like watching a trainwreck.

It’s hard to watch, but you can’t seem to turn away. This is especially true for dealers who have to make sure these dealers avoid making catastrophic mistakes. Spilled drinks are expected, which results in a table being shut for cleaning.

Additionally, most dealers say it’s painfully apparent that some gamblers don’t want to engage with drunk gamblers who want to be buddies with everyone.

Although casinos would prefer not to lose business whenever possible, gamblers can get kicked out of casinos if they take things too far.

4 ‒ Players Who Don’t Tip

Dealers make most of their money off of tips. It should be common knowledge.

You wouldn’t know that based on some gambler’s refusal to tip. Most dealers are perfect professionals who deserve to be rewarded for the skills they use on the job.

Nothing is more tragic than seeing a gambler win a giant hand and not tip the dealer. Most of the time, you expect them to tip at the end of the night. But, when they color up their chips to head home, they leave the dealer high and dry.

It’s part of the job. Dealers, like other members of the service industry, have all been stiffed on tips.

But that reality doesn’t make it any easier when gamblers forget or refuse to tip. If you’re new to casinos, always remember to tip.

5 ‒ Gamblers Who Smoke

It’s always a good rule of thumb to ask your dealer and fellow tablemates if they mind you smoking at the tables, whether cigarettes, cigars, or even just a vape.

If dealers get a job at a casino, they’ll be interacting with gamblers who prefer to smoke while they play cards.

But that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant to breathe in second-hand smoke during an entire shift. Dealers really appreciate the gamblers who ask first.

Man Smoking a Cigar With Heavy Smoke

If you’re told it’s not a problem, blow their smoke away from the dealer’s face. Be kind.

Some dealers I’ve spoken to say it seems like some gamblers make a game out of seeing how much cigar smoke they can blow into their faces. Once again, they understand it comes with the territory. It’s always a nice gesture to make dealers feel comfortable in their work environment.

6 ‒ Players Who Blame Everyone but Themselves

For whatever reason, some gamblers tend to think that dealers’ job is to steal their money. If you’re the type of gambler who is argumentative and combative towards gamblers, please re-examine how you treat casino employees.

Dealers know that when there’s a lot of money on the table, emotions can be high. As I said, no one likes watching someone lose a lot of money.

However, when gamblers decide to take out their anger on the dealer or other players at the table, things can go south quickly. Like the overly obnoxious gambler I discussed earlier, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with someone like this.

When I ask dealers about their least favorite part of the job 9 times out of 10, they say it’s being berated for the cards they deal. It creates a sense of helplessness for the dealers who have zero control over the house edge at casinos.

Once again, gamblers always have the opportunity to distance themselves from these types of people, but dealers are stuck with them.

7 ‒ Watching Gambling Addicts Lose Money

The most soul-crushing part of a dealer’s job is watching gambling addicts come through the casino on payday to spend their hard-earned money. Several dealers say they come to know these gamblers over the years, and it’s troubling to watch their lives spiral out of control.

One dealer I know told me about one gentleman who got help for his gambling addiction, and she didn’t see him for close to a year. However, he could not overcome his demons.

He reverted to the same habits of losing his entire check in one sitting. It’s one of the negative aspects of the job that many dealers have had to face, and it doesn’t get any easier to deal with.


For the most part, dealers enjoy their jobs. It’s a good source of income in a typically fun-filled and exciting work environment. But, since dealers have to interact with so many different types of gamblers, there’s bound to be some bad days and unruly customers.

For gamblers who think they have acted as some of the people I’ve discussed in this post, remember that dealers are just ordinary people trying to make a living. Most dealers are great people and are instrumental in the day-to-day life inside a casino.

Next time you’re in the casino, consider striking up a conversation if they’re in the mood so you can pick their brain about the business. Finally, always remember to tip your dealers.