The Worst Sports Betting Tips Ever Uttered

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One of the most challenging things that new gamblers face is wading through all of the terrible advice that’s out there in search of the good. It’s incredibly tough for the newbie gambler to differentiate between the bad and the good without any real-world experience.

The confusion that comes with such a significant degree of misinformation puts a lot of gamblers in a no-win situation. Sports bettors are faced with as many bits of terrible gambling advice as anybody in the casino.

Here are the most terrible sports betting tips ever uttered. Be wary of these classic pieces of advice that are thrown around in sportsbooks, bars, and online forums.

When you begin to recognize the terrible sports betting tips, you’ll be keener on the advice that makes sense for gamblers.

They Can’t Lose

Whenever you hear someone say that a team can’t lose, it’s best to walk away. There’s no such thing as a “lock,” and buying into the notion of a guarantee will crush your bankroll.

The reason sports are so entertaining is the unpredictability that comes along with the contests. It doesn’t matter how much of a favorite a team or competitor is; the unthinkable can happen.

It would be best if you always placed value over the hype. The way you make a profit in sports betting is by finding opportunities that will work in your favor the majority of the time.

The problem with believing in a team that can’t lose is gamblers will place all of their eggs in one basket. When that team loses, you may lose your entire bankroll.

Follow Your Intuition for Difficult Contests

I see this more than I do the guaranteed picks; sports bettors stride into the sportsbook confident that they can skip the vital steps of properly handicapping games and bet with their gut.

You certainly don’t need to pay attention to trends, critical matchups, or the lines to place sports bets. However, you’ll never be able to attain a consistent profit by betting on a hunch.

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When gamblers ignore all data and decide to bet with their hearts, it slides the edge further into the house’s favor. You’re now talking about a coin flip at best, and the casino will kill your bankroll by taking the vig when you lose more than you win.

Even bettors that get it right half the time will have their bankroll chewed up by the vig. Always bet with your head and save the intuition for navigating around traffic jams.

Better yet, take your gut feeling to the live dealer baccarat table; you’ll lose less money.

Look at the Line for the Best Position on Totals

Many novice sports bettors assume that the betting lines offered and the totals are somehow correlated to the final score. These gamblers then try to dissect these numbers to predict a final score.

Rookie sports bettors often believe they can find value in the games by knowing what the sportsbooks think the final will be. In other words, they are under the false impression that the casino is giving players the outcome of games.

The problem with that logic is that the sportsbooks couldn’t care less about the outcome of a game. The only objective for the sportsbooks is getting equal action on both sides of a wager.

The casinos can’t lose when there’s even money on both sides of a bet. That’s because they make their money off the losers, regardless of which way the event goes.

Use a Tout Service to Boost Your Sports Betting Acumen

If you spend much time listening to gambling podcasts are perusing the sports betting sites, you’re constantly inundated with advertisements for tout services.

I’ve even heard many veteran sports bettors telling newbies that tout services are the best way to boost their sports betting acumen. This tip amounts to pure garbage for several reasons.

First, if you’re counting on a tout service to make your picks, you aren’t learning how to evaluate contests and spot the best value correctly. So, you’re not learning anything of usefulness by allowing someone to make your picks.

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Secondly, while the tout services make promises of enormous success, they fail to deliver. The best you’re going to do with a tout service long-term is close to fifty percent, which makes you a loser.

Finally, you’re devoting more resources to your sports betting. That adds more strain to your bankroll, and you’ll deplete your funds at a more rapid rate.

Betting the Heavy Favorite on the Money Line Is Free Money

The considerable money line favorites require gamblers to wager enormous sums of cash for a minimal return. They seem like an absolute lock, but you must be perfect betting in this fashion.

For example, let’s assume that you’ve got the reigning National Champion Georgia Bulldogs facing the University of North Texas. The Bulldogs would be a gigantic favorite on the money line, and rightfully so.

The line could be +3000, meaning you wager $3000 to win $100. It seems like an easy way to let the casino hold your money for a few hours and make $100.

However, for this bet to be profitable, you’ll need to go a perfect 30 and 0. We all know how frequently upsets happen in NCAA football, and the chances of going even 28 and 2 are slim.

Betting the Under Is the Only Play in a Defensive Match Up

When two defensively solid teams face-off, the prevailing logic in sports bars and loser lounges around the world is to always bet the under.

That would be sound advice if the sportsbooks all adhered to a flat total for all games, but the casinos are much more intelligent than that. The calculation is adjusted and set before the public ever gets a chance to wager.

NFL Bills and Colts at Line of Scrimmage

The professional handicappers are masters of putting the line precisely where it needs to be for both sides to get play. It’s important to remember that you’re not competing for the sportsbook’s money; you’re going for the cash on the other side of a bet.

Casinos don’t stress about being right or wrong; they only want people to bet equally on either side.

You Can Ignore Bankroll Management If You’ve Got Enough Money

I have a friend that spouts this nonsense all the time. We’ve got a standing golf game on Tuesday afternoons, and he’s constantly launching into how his weekend betting went.

As we go through his long list of losses, he’ll constantly remind the group that you don’t need to worry about your bankroll if you’ve got enough money. I’ve heard him say the same thing to many people around the club, at bars, and in the casinos.

That’s dangerous advice for many and foolish advice for all. Your bankroll management needs to be one of the principles you look at on a near-daily basis.

Everything you’re able to accomplish as a sports bettor revolves around your bankroll. You put yourself at a tremendous disadvantage if you merely ignore it because you’ve got money to burn.

Home Underdogs Always Provide a Lot of Value

The home underdog can be a solid value bet, but it has its limitations like anything else. I’ve heard from some well-respected sports bettors who preach the philosophy of only betting home dogs.

I agree that there’s often a value to be found when looking at games where the home team is a slight underdog. Yet, that can’t be the sole basis for placing a wager.

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What you’re looking for is the complete picture of the contest. When the home team has the chance to prove more profitable over the long term, the value exists, making it a good bet.

What you should never do is get so locked into betting the home underdogs that you avoid entirely other games where there’s a better value.

Fatigue Doesn’t Factor into Travel

The professional sports leagues put a ton of strain on players. The factor that travels plays into this is even more taxing on players.

When a team makes the trip across multiple time zones, the effect can be unpredictable. Giving teams time to acclimate to the travel can play a significant role in their success or failure.

So, the idea that it won’t affect players going from the east coast to the west or vice versa is preposterous. I’m not saying it’s enough of a factor to make considerable swings in games, but you should pay attention to travel.

In closely contested games, the home team will have a slight edge. When travel is a factor, that edge will increase.

Making money from sports betting is about finding the most value. You should look at as much information as possible if you plan on besting the sportsbooks.

In Summary

These are the most terrible sports betting tips ever uttered. Unfortunately, the list goes on forever, and we’d need an exhaustive set of books to cover all the poor sports betting advice out there.

If you want to take your sports betting to the next level, start finding reliable sources for good information and work up from there. The rewards from sports betting can be incredible, but it requires discipline and hard work.