The Ultimate Craps Strategy Shortcut Guide

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Craps doesn’t usually enter the discussion when it comes to the best casino games or the gambling options with the lowest house edge. But if you stick to the simple strategy you’re going to learn below and manage your bet size correctly, craps is a great game for players of every experience level.

Keep reading to learn about all of the advantages that craps players have, why playing online craps is better than playing in a land based casino, and about the secret craps bet that doesn’t have a house edge.

Craps Advantages

The biggest advantage craps offers to gamblers isn’t one that gets much discussion. Casinos want gamblers to risk as much as possible every hour they’re in the casino. Casinos know that the house edge built into their games will take care of the profit and the profit goes up if the casino can get players to risk more.

The two ways that gamblers risk more are betting more per wager and/or making more wagers. An example of a game where you make more wagers per hour is a slot machine. You can play 500 or more spins every hour on most slot machines.

A baccarat table in the high limit area with a minimum bet of $100 or $500 is an example of playing a higher amount per wager. Playing more per wager and/or more wagers per hour are detrimental to your bankroll.

This is where craps offers an advantage for gamblers. Most craps tables offer a reasonable table minimum bet in the range of $10 to $20 in land based casinos and as low as $1 when you play craps at an online casino.

When you stick with the two best bets I describe below, the only bet you make that has a house edge is either a pass line or don’t pass line wager on the come out roll. When you bet on a come out roll, most of the time a point is set and it takes multiple rolls for the bet to resolve.

The importance of this is that it reduces the total amount you risk every hour you play. This means that even though some blackjack games and some video poker machines offer a lower house edge than craps, you still often lose less per hour playing craps than playing a game with a lower house edge.

Crowd Around Craps Table Playing the Game

Another advantage that craps offers deals with a bet that has zero house edge. These types of bets are extremely rare in a casino. Once a point has been set you can make a special bet called an odds bet. You won’t see a space on the felt for the odds because casinos don’t tend to advertise fair betting opportunities.

To place an odds bet you slide your bet out behind your pass or don’t pass line wager after a point has been set. If you have a large enough bankroll to do it, you should always place the maximum odds bet allowed. Ask the casino person running the craps game what the odds bet limits are when you join the table.

Why would you want to make the maximum bet on a break even wager? You can only place an odds bet after making a bet on the come out roll. The bet on the come out roll has a house edge. You want to make the smallest wager possible on the come out roll and the largest bet possible on the odds bet because it effectively makes the house edge as small as possible.

In the long run you’re going to break even on your odds wagers and lose 1.41% on pass line bets and 1.36% on don’t pass line bets.

Rolling the Dice

One of the concerns that many first time craps players have is rolling the dice. They worry that they’re going to make a mistake or get embarrassed. Of course, if you play online craps you don’t have to worry about this, but here’s why you don’t need to worry about rolling the dice in a land based casino.

The first thing to know is that you don’t have to roll the dice.

When it’s your turn to roll, you can pass the roll to the next player. Unless you’re the only player at the table you never have to roll the dice unless you want to.

But I encourage you to roll the dice when it’s your turn. Watch the other player roll before you join the table to see how they throw the dice. After joining the table, when it’s your turn to roll the dice simply tell the casino person who gives you the dice that this is your first time.

In my experience, almost every time a player explains that this is their first time rolling the casino personnel are quite helpful. And don’t worry about making a mistake. If you make a mistake the casino person will tell you what you did and you can correct it.

The thing you need to know is the casino wants both dice to bounce off the far wall of the craps table. This can be on the fly or after the dice hit the table.

Dice Control

I want to warn you about something that I see advertised quite a bit online. Some people claim that with enough practice that you can control the outcome of dice rolls while playing craps. They make this sound good because in order to overcome the house edge you only need to alter the outcome of a small percentage of rolls.

I’m not saying that dice control is real or that it’s a myth, but do want to point out a couple things you need to know.

The first thing is that just about everyone who claims dice control is real is trying to sell you something. They’re either trying to sell you a book, a video, or a course on how to do it. This alone doesn’t mean that dice control isn’t real, but it does make my scam radar go up.

Zoomed in Image of Dice Rolling

The other thing is that even if it is a realistic possibility, you’re going to need to invest quite a bit of money in a realistic practice environment and thousands of hours in practice. You’re not going to become an expert in a few hours.

My recommendation is to focus on the simple strategy outlined below and look into dice control to decide if it’s realistic or not later.

Playing Craps Online

Playing craps online offers two advantages that land based carps players don’t have. The first advantage is that some online casinos give you a deposit bonus that at least doubles your bankroll. This helps you play twice as long or longer on the same amount of money.

Make sure you read the terms for the bonus to make sure that you can use it to play craps. All online bonuses aren’t created equal, and some of them are only for slots play.

The big advantage for online craps players is you control how fast you play.

If you play online as fast as you can you’re going to end up playing far more rolls every hour than you play in a land based casino. But you can also choose to play much slower than in a land based casino, which makes your bankroll last longer.

The final advantage to playing craps online is that the tables usually have a lower minimum bet amount. With minimum bets of $1 to $5 at most online casinos, compared to $10 to $20 in most land based casino, you can play five to 20 times longer on the same bankroll.

The Only Craps Strategy You Need

Here’s the only craps strategy you’re ever going to need. Make the minimum table bet on either the pass line or don’t pass line on the come out roll. Most craps players prefer the pass line bet, but the don’t pass line wager is slightly better.

Then make the maximum odds bet when a point is set. This is the total craps strategy, and gives you the best chance to win in the short term and long term. Never make any other carps bet.

As you learned above, if you use this strategy to play online craps, getting a bonus, playing slow, and making minimum bets, it can increase how long you can play by a large amount. With a bankroll that allows you to play 10 hours in a land based casino, you might be able to play over 100 hours online. This is a big difference, so you should consider it before you start playing.


Craps is a simple game, and if you use the simple strategy outlined on this page you can play knowing that you’re always getting the lowest house edge possible. When you use this strategy to play online craps you make your bankroll last as long as possible, giving you as much bang for your buck that you can find with any gambling game.