The Top Excuses Losers Make to Explain Their Bad Luck

Man Shrugging in Casino With Flying Money

Some casino gamblers love to come up with reasons and excuses for their losses. This is because it keeps a mentality of losses being the fault of external forces rather than their own decisions.

But you have to understand that in gambling, making excuses is part of a losing mentality. You’ll never become a better gambler if you constantly blame anything other than your own skills.

Here are the top nine excuses losers make to explain their bad luck. Use this list as an example of what not to do and learn ways to improve when gambling for real money.

Then, you’ll be able to learn from every mistake you make in the casino, sportsbook, or poker room.

They Just Wanted a Rush

I can’t tell you how often I hear a loser try to twist their weak decision-making into some romanticized endeavor.

They’ll fully acknowledge that they know putting it all on a single roulette number was a wild bet. Still, they wanted to feel the rush of a fantastic bet.

So, they put it all on one number and let the wheel spin, only to ultimately fail and see their chips vanish to the casino vault.

Roulette Table With Stacks of Chips on Top

If you’re looking to make wild casino bets, you’re entering the slippery slope of problem gambling. The sheer thrill of playing games of chance should be enough of an adrenaline factor for all players.

Instead of throwing money away on wild bets, play the games that give you a rush. If you can’t find the game that you love, maybe gambling isn’t for you.

Drawing Weak Cards

Poker rooms are filled with frustrated players that simply can’t catch a break. They blame the weak cards for their terrible performance.

Texas Hold’em has a small percentage of solid starting hands. That means you may need to loosen up your range of playable hands.

When playing Texas Hold’em, you may be forced to fold dozens of hands in a row. This can be incredibly frustrating, but you can’t beat it very often by folding trash pre-flop.

The problems start to arise when you’re forcing your way into pots with weak hands and getting caught by better players.

On average, only about one in every 12 poker hands is going to be a decent start. So, it’ll take skill to navigate how to weather the upswings and downswings.

Become a better poker player, and the cards become far less critical to your success.

Lady Luck Wasn’t on My Side

Somehow, we have made it to the year 2021, and the notion of luck continues to win out over basic logic. Since the first cave-dwellers played games of chance, luck has been deemed the reason for their success.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case in the least. Casino games are totally random, and there’s no Lady Luck that’s abandoned you in your time of need.

Instead of trying to find the perfect shirt or blowing on the dice, just so, learn the best games to play and what bets to make.

Sure, even the best poker players on the planet can catch a bad beat. The difference is that these beats rarely knock them out of a tournament.

Stop blaming your losses on a lack of gambling luck and acknowledge the lack of skill. The casino games are supposed to win most of the time; it’s not divine intervention when that happens.

Trying to Play With the Elite

This next excuse is applicable primarily to the poker rooms, but I’ve seen it in the high-limit areas, too.

Players will try to take their game up to the next level and find better opponents. They’ll color up and find a seat with the heavy pockets.

When they lose, it’s a result of merely wanting to see how they’d fare against the elite players. I’ve got some sobering news.

Stack of Chips and Cash on a Poker Table

The players on the higher buy-in poker games aren’t necessarily any better than at the smaller stakes. You simply got beat, the same way you get beat on the minimum tables.

When this happens on the casino floor in games like baccarat, it’s equally reckless. You’re exposing your bankroll unnecessarily.

Learn to play the games like the best players before deciding to jump on a table with them.

The Casino Games Are Clearly Rigged

It can be easy to develop a loser mentality over years of being beaten by the casinos at their own game. After all, the house always wins.

When you begin slipping into the mentality of thinking you’ll never win because the games are rigged, you’re done.

Of course, the games are rigged, but not in the way that you think. The casino has the mathematical advantage in every game on the casino floor.

However, you can take steps to diminish the casino house edge. Rather than focusing on how the casino can’t be beat, look for ways to cut their lead.

By implementing proper strategy, you can drastically shift the odds. You may not win every time you walk into the casino, but you may be able to walk out a winner more regularly.

Dismissing the Bet as a Longshot

I spend a lot of time in casino sportsbooks. A cold beer and good game are always on the menu, which happens to be a favorite way for me to relax.

As you can imagine, I hear and see a lot of broken-spirited punters shuffling through, staring at the floor.

One of the most common excuses I hear is that the bet was a long shot to start. So, the gambler seems to not be shocked at the result.

Then, why make such a bet? That’s an important question to answer. In my estimation, it’s one of two things—greed or adrenaline. These losses are easily avoidable. Still, some punters can’t help themselves.

When you make a wager because you’re trying to score big, you’re more likely to start chasing those losses elsewhere. Again, learning an essential strategy for your gambling can eliminate these troubles.

It’s All Play Money

There’s something that psychologically shifts in our brain when we play with casino chips instead of cash. I’ll admit that more than once, I’ve headed for the cashier and stopped to toss a $100 chip or two on a quick final hand of blackjack.

I seem to lose these bets at a much more regular rate than the math would dictate. Still, it happens, and it’s because I forget that those small clay circles represent a hard currency.

Fortunately, I’ve mostly outgrown the destructive practice. However, I constantly hear players on their way to bankruptcy, claiming they’re letting it ride because it’s all house money anyway.

Variety of Las Vegas Casino Chips

They aren’t referring to house money as winnings; they mean that they exchange cash for chips the moment it’s casino money.

I equate it to taking my niece to Chuck E. Cheese; the game tokens don’t have much value outside of those four walls. So, she is sure to spend every last token before we leave the pizzeria.

Every dollar that you leave the casino with is money to fund your next casino adventure. Treat every chip in the casino like a crisp bill pulled from your wallet. You may be surprised at how your gambling habits change.

Trying to Bust an Opponent

Have you ever had an opponent catch you on the river and steal a pot? I have, and I’ve even taken it a step farther, unfortunately. I’ve chased that player all the way out of the game.

I’ve been described as hyper-competitive. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’ll own it.

More than once, I have bankrupted my session in an attempt to bust an opponent that had smoked me on a previous hand. I rarely have anyone to blame besides myself. Every time this happens, it’s more of a result of poor play than someone’s lucky break.

When you’re going on tilt when playing poker, you’re in an extremely bad headspace. Go for a walk, grab a drink, or take a bathroom break.

Giving yourself time to clear your head can keep you from making grave errors.

Having to Press for a Higher Profit

Losers will regularly lament how they played flawlessly and only lost because they hadn’t reached their win limit.

That is essentially excusing bad gambling habits disguised as proper strategy. Having a win limit is a valid bankroll management technique.

However, you’ll never go broke if you also set an adequate loss limit. So, if you confess that your losses result from not hitting your win goal, you’re lying to yourself.

Focus on setting a more realistic win goal and stick to a strict loss limit. Your casino winnings will shift dramatically.

Stop Making Excuses About Bad Luck

Stop making the top nine excuses that losers make to explain their bad luck, and you’ll become a more well-rounded gambler.

Let’s suppose that you focus on discovering the true causes of your losses instead of false beliefs about casinos. In that case, you’ll start winning more than you ever have before. When you lose, it’ll be a result of the math and not your gameplay.