The Top Casinos in Singapore and Which Ones to Avoid

Singapore Flag and Casino Images

Singapore doesn’t immediately jump to mind when most people think about premier gambling destinations. The small island off the southern tip of Malaysia is traditionally very conservative.

So, many were surprised when the government suddenly legalized gambling. Two of the largest casino resorts in the world opened their doors. Here are the top real money casinos in Singapore and which ones to avoid.

Casino Gambling in Singapore

In a place where it was once illegal to chew gum, you probably wouldn’t expect to find massive casino resorts. Yet, Singapore has defied the odds.

Multiple huge casinos have set up shop in the last 20 years. They are making Singapore one of the newest kids on the casino gambling scene.

The move has paid off for the casinos and the tax collectors. Millions of players pour into the casino every year.

However, it’s not the locals that are filling the casino coffers. In fact, locals are subject to a daily fee of $70 to enter the casinos.

Singapore Casino Table Game

This fine really drives home the point that the government isn’t keen on the idea of its population being involved in casino gambling.

Sill, there is no fee for foreigners that wish to spend the day gambling. Tourists have flocked to Singapore for its beautiful climate and picturesque beaches for years.

Suddenly, they had the additional draw of casino gambling to lure in visitors. This has made a clear impact on the tourism industry.

The luxurious resorts in Singapore are among the finest in the world. They easily rival even the poshest resorts of Las Vegas or Macau.

In addition to the opulent atmosphere, Singapore’s casinos also offer all of the games you know and love.

Blackjack, craps, roulette, and slot machines are all well represented in the beautiful resorts. Baccarat is one of the most popular games in Singapore. Especially among the high rollers that travel from around Asia and Eastern Europe to gamble in the tropical locale.

For the most part, you are going to feel like you’re playing in any of the most beautiful casinos on the planet.

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is a massive property; this fabulous casino resort encompasses over 120 acres. Considering Singapore’s limited space and enormous population, it’s quite impressive.

It’s certainly not what you expect when you book your stay. Well, it’s not what You’d expect as you make the trip to the resort and pass the giant commercial and residential buildings that seem to be stacked on top of one another.

This sprawling casino resort features an impressive six hotels, and the central area of the resort boasts four massive towers.

The other two zones are split into east and west. You could spend an entire day exploring each of the three zones and not run out of fantastic amenities.

The west zone is loaded with salons and spas. ESPA is the resort’s 10,000 square foot luxury spa and offers any treatment you could desire.

You’ll also find a tremendous marine life observatory and an interactive maritime museum in the resort’s western hemisphere.

Resorts World Sentosa

The east zone houses the Universal Studios Singapore theme park. Rides and attractions fill the park, and it’s as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids.

Resort World Sentosa has a massive 165,000 square foot casino floor where patrons can sit down to their favorite casino games. Over 2,500 slot machines crowd the giant casino floor.

Table game enthusiasts aren’t forgotten. The casino has over 500 tables where players can enjoy their favorite game.

You’ll also find some of the finest restaurants in Singapore at Resorts World. The central hotel section is full of fine dining establishments that rival the best Las Vegas casinos.

What sets Resorts World Sentosa apart from the competition is the sheer amount of non-gambling activities to enjoy.

Guests have a luxury spa, nature parks, immersive historical museums, and even its own theme park to keep occupied.

For those traveling with the family or who prefer not to spend all their waking hours in the casino, Resorts World Sentosa is the clear frontrunner for a Singapore vacation.

Marina Bay Sands

When it comes to deciding where to do your casino gambling, Singapore is a two-horse race. Marina Bay Sands is Resort World Sentosa’s only real competitor.

Marina Bay Sands doesn’t offer the sprawling acreage of its closest competitor. However, in the gambling arena, it stands toe to toe with the behemoth.

The Marina Bay’s beautiful towers have become a staple of the Singapore skyline. Luckily, beauty isn’t only skin deep.

Visitors are welcomed by a tremendous interior that is both vast and exciting.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

Some visitors may choose to start their exploration in the 1,000,000 square foot luxury retail space known as The Shoppes at Marina Bay. The Shoppes are home to over 300 boutique retail shops and small cafes.

You’ll even find a full canal reminiscent of Venice. Here you can enjoy a smooth gondola ride or sip your coffee while you watch the boats gracefully pass below.

The table games shine at the Marina Bay Sands. You have your choice of over 1,000 table games.

Craps to Sic Bo, you’ll find a little bit of everything in this fabulous casino. The fun doesn’t end with the tables for determining gamblers.

The casino also has over 1,400 slot machines players can enjoy. Slots players will have no trouble finding their favorite game at a level that is suitable for their bankroll.

The impressive Marina Bay Sands casino isn’t without its fair share of attractions outside of the property. Its ArtScience Museum is home to nearly two dozen different gallery spaces. Van Gogh Alive is the crown jewel of the museum’s collection and draws incredible crowds.

While the casino is a top-notch facility, there are several guests that have named the hotel the worst in all of Singapore.

Clearly, this is an embellishment, and believe me, there are hotels in Singapore; I wouldn’t let my neighbor’s cat stay in overnight.

However, it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy when you’re dealing with thousands of guests at a time. Do your research and decide for yourself.

Aegean Paradise Cruise

There’s also a cruise line that has gotten into the casino game. Aegean Paradise Cruise allows it’s guests to gamble 24/7 regardless of whether they’re staying overnight in a cabin.

One of the biggest draws for the boat-based casino is the relatively low table limits. Many of the tables have a minimum bet of under $2.

Aegean Paradise Cruise makes it easier for gamblers on a budget to stretch their bankroll as far as possible. In total, there are over 40 table games scattered across the ship’s decks.

Blackjack and poker are the most common games played. There are also around 100 slot machines for players to get their fill of the spinning reels.

The cruise will cost under $20, and for about double that cost, you can get a decent cabin to rest for the night.

Preparing for Your Singapore Casino Trip

There are a list of things you need to consider before taking your Singapore casino gambling adventure.

For starters, Singapore can be pretty expensive. On average, you’re looking at $200 for a modest hotel room.

So, in addition to a sizable bankroll, you’ll need a decent amount of cash to float your meals, travel, and lodging.

Don’t forget that you’ll be visiting one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Please avoid the mistake of overextending yourself in the casino.

Singapore Beach

Usually, I stress the importance of bankroll management. This discipline becomes more necessary when traveling to exotic locations.

You’ll want to be more than certain you have ample funds to go out on the town for a nice dinner, enjoy a spur of the moment excursion, or load up on once in a lifetime souvenir opportunities.

It’s equally vital to budget your time correctly. There is a seemingly neverending list of things to do outside the casino in Singapore.

It would be nothing short of a complete shame to spend all of your time in the darkened halls of the casino. Especially when you have a scene straight from a postcard just a short trip away on the fantastic beaches.

What You Need to Watch Out For

Before you even plan your casino trip, spend time putting together a daily budget. Be sure to include your allotted daily gambling bankroll into this budget.

Expect lodging, meals, and incidentals to run between $200-300 per day. This doesn’t include airfare and other costs associated with your travel needs.

Take the proper amount of time to plan your trip, and you’ll be much better suited to enjoy the vacation when it actually comes time to soak up the sun and hit the tables in Singapore.

At the end of the day, your options for casino gambling in Singapore are limited. Still, examining the top casinos in Singapore and which ones to avoid will go a long way in putting your mind at ease for the upcoming trip.