The Top 8 Attractions Near Mark Twain Casino and RV Park

Bottles of Wine on Left and a Park on Right

Mark Twain Casino and RV Park is located in the small town of La Grange, Missouri. And if you know anything about La Grange, it is a small town on Missouri’s east side, and it’s often not the hottest place for a vacation.

However, if you’re into the outdoors and recreation, odds are you will find plenty of remarkable things to do here. And it may be the reason you came around.

So, if that’s you and you’re looking for a few more attractions to seek out during your time in the area, today’s post is a must-read.

We will cover several cool attractions in and around La Grange so you can turn a trip to one of the state’s smallest towns into an ideal trip.

1 – Wakonda State Park

Head over to 32386 State Park Road in La Grange, Missouri, and you will stumble across the clear waters of Wakonda State Park. If you’re into outdoors and recreation, this state park will pique your interest given the plethora of activities you’re about to embark in.

And best yet, it’s only a short jaunt from Mark Twain Casino and RV Park, so if you’re staying overnight at the park, you’re within 2.5 miles of the place.

If one thing jumps out with Wakonda State Park, it’s the six lakes on which the property sits. And every year, each lake attracts hundreds if not thousands of waterfowl. This makes it a sensational hot spot for bird watchers. If you’re in the birdwatching crowd, you now know where to go.

It’s also a great spot in the area to fish and with six lakes, you can place a safe bet that you will find a lot of them hanging out in the waters. The more common fish include bluegill, crappie, catfish, and largemouth bass.

If you’re looking to fish out in the water, two of the lakes have boat ramps, allowing for easy access.

Not a fan of fishing or bird watching? No problem.

Check out the state park’s swimming beach, which is a popular spot during the warmest months of the year when you need to cool off. Oh, and if the RV Park over at Mark Twain Casino is booked, Wakonda State Park provides an excellent consolation.

Make sure you check it out if you’re still looking for an overnight stay in the area.

2 – Spirit Knob Winery

Many small towns contain wineries, and nearby Ursa, Illinois, is no different. Head over to the nearby town and check out a winery where you will find every ingredient grown right here at the vineyard.

Come in for a wine tasting, and enjoy the panoramic views of the Mississippi River Valley. They feature award-winning wines here, so odds are you will find more than a few flavors that take to your liking.

Like La Grange, you won’t find much to do in the area, but Spirit Knob Winery is a good place to relax for a while if you’re venturing through the area in the early afternoon.

Spirit Knob Winery

You will find Spirit Knob Winery at 2211 E 640th Place in Ursa, Illinois. Once you see an elegant building standing solo amidst a horde of farmland, you will know you’ve found your place. Oh, and odds are, they’ll have their 2016 Winemaker of the Year sign in front of the venue. You can’t miss it.

Head inside, sample three wines for free ($1 for each additional sampling), and introduce the mind, body, and soul to the breathtaking views only the surrounding farmlands and river valley can bring.

Keep in mind, they’re only open between 1 pm and 5 pm. If you’re looking to sample the best wine in the area, plan accordingly.

3 – Smurfwood Trails/ATV Park

You will find Smurfwood Trails/ATV Park in nearby Canton, Missouri, at 28036 215th Street.

And while we listed a nearby state park earlier in the post, you’re getting something a little more extreme when you venture out to the ATV Park, where you will find 680 acres of winding off-road trails just waiting to be explored.

And yes, they have available campsites. Want to make these trails your main place of residence in the area? Make sure you inquire ahead of time and book a site.

Then grab your ATV, UTV, or dirtbike, and have at it. Expect to spend at least three hours here given the magnitude of the terrain.

4 – All Wars Museum

You will find All Wars Museum in Quincy, Illinois, at 1707 N 12th Street, and it’s a good place to catch a solid history on all of America’s wars, hence the name All Wars Museum.

Whether you’re interested in America’s latter wars from the 20th century and onward or the Revolutionary War and those before the 20th century, this is the place for you.

You can opt for a guided or a group tour, depending on your personal preferences. And they feature new exhibits as donations flock in. So if you’ve been here before, it’s worth making a return trip to check out what’s new.

Helicopter and Tank at All Wars Museum

Having served the area for over 30 years, they boast over 5,000 artifacts from every military engagement that has involved the US, spanning over 300 square feet of display area. If you’re an American History buff, odds are you will spend at least three hours here.

5 – Revelry Dine and Drink

Yes, we have another winery on this list. Or a retooled winery, that is, as Revelry Dine and Drink used to be known as Cellar 21. And while wine remains the primary draw here, it’s also a great place to eat if you’re looking to go somewhere other than the dining options at Mark Twain Casino and RV Park.

Revelry features an expansive menu, live entertainment, and arguably the best wines, spirits, and crafts/specialty beers. As implied above, they also have a limited bar menu that mainly features appetizers and finger foods to pair with your favorite drinks.

And best yet, Revelry complements the other winery in the area, Spirit Knob Winery listed in Section 2. Whereas Spirit Knob closes at 5 pm, Revelry opens at 4:30 and is often open between 10 pm and 1 am Tuesday through Saturday. They serve food until 9:30.

If you’re looking to check out this winery, find it at 121 N. 4th Street in Quincy, Illinois.

6 – Villa Kathrine

If you’re looking for arguably the finest structure in the area, odds are Villa Kathrine is it. You will find it at 532 Gardner Expy in Quincy, and many reviewers call the villa a “must-see” when you’re visiting Quincy.

Not only does Villa Kathrine boast remarkable architecture, this former place of residence also serves as a visitors center and it features a sensational gift shop within its walls. If you’re looking for something eclectic to spend potential winnings on, you may find what you’re looking for here at Villa Kathrine.

Villa Kathrine Scenic View

While the exterior architecture is breathtaking enough, when you step inside you will feel as though someone transported you back in time—especially when you visit the small but informative museum inside the villa.

7 – 9/11 Memorial

Head over to 730 Maine Street in Quincy and you will find the 9/11 Memorial. This is a good place to visit if you’re looking for a quick look at some recent history regarding one of the most tragic events in American history.

The memorial is a piece of twisted metal salvaged from the old World Trade Center, whose antenna came from Quincy, itself. Around the memorial, you will also find a few plaques paying tribute to the event.

8 – Quincy Brewing Company

We talked about two wineries near Mark Twain Casino and RV Park. Now, let’s talk about the Quincy Brewing Company, which you will also find in nearby Quincy, Illinois, at 110 N. 6th Street.

It’s the ideal place in the region to try local brews and if you’re not into wines and spirits that Spirit Knobs and Revels offer, odds are you will find Quincy Brewing to be your top attraction on today’s list.

They have not been open long, but they’re already a solid asset to the town. Their brews feature unique, local flavors and flairs, and yes, they will give you a tour. Located in a rather historic section of town, they have done a remarkable job retooling the three buildings in which they sit.

Our Thoughts on These Missouri Attractions

As you can see, you’re getting more outdoorsy stuff plus a few niche-based museums, and a few breweries. It’s nothing eye-popping. But if the above activities are in your cluster of interests, then you have plenty to get excited over when you’re looking for things to do outside Mark Twain Casino.

Whether you’re looking to hit the trails or ride the ATVs, check out the museums, or visit the 9/11 Memorial, you can even turn a trip to a small-town casino in Missouri into an effective vacation.

Have you visited Mark Twain Casino and RV Park? If so, tell us about your experience and let us know if you visited any of the above locations. We are looking forward to reading your stories.