The Top 8 Attractions Close to Little Six Casino

Two Attractions Near Little Six Casino With The Casino Logo On Bottom

Little Six Casino provides an intimate setting of casino thrills. But given its small size, chances are it’s not the only fun place in the area that you will visit. Along with another nearby casino and racetrack, you’re looking at an area in Minnesota brimming with gaming opportunities.

And better yet, you will also find more than a few awesome things to do beyond just the three casinos in the area. The other two of which you will find an overview in the subheading below.

We will discuss a phenomenal lake park plus an amusement park. There are also two distinct golf courses in the area, one of which you will find close to the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. And rounding out the list are two odds and ends attractions unique to the area.

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Cleary Lake Regional Park

If you have a thirst for adventure and recreational activities, Cleary Lake Regional Park should grace the top of your list. It’s a familiar and well-reviewed staple in the region. And it’s a place where you can do just about anything from an outdoor standpoint.

Looking to immerse yourself fully in Minnesota’s natural scenery? Embark on a bike ride, hike, or even a run on one of their trails.

Looking to immerse yourself fully in Minnesota’s natural scenery? Embark on a bike ride, hike, or even a run on one of their trails. It’s also a great place for cross-country skiing. Because as you should know, Minnesota is a popular destination for winter-based activities.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor love the clean and well-maintained trails. And locals have stated they have frequented the trails here dozens of times. And you will find a lot of them at Cleary Lake Regional Park.


Playworks is a great place to haul any kids you may have with you if they’re looking for a fun way to pass the time.

They also offer daycare packages, so you can even drop them off, and they’ll have the time of their life at Playworks while you have the time of your life on the casino floor.

So what is Playworks?

Indoor Playground At Playworks

Think of it as something like an indoor playground. And if you name it, they have it. Slides, jungle gyms, and even arcade games. Keep in mind that the staff supervises all activities and they have plenty of them on hand. So your kids won’t just be running amok.

And chances are, once they experience how much fun they will have or have had, you can make a safe bet they will beg for a few return trips. And best yet, it gives you more time on the casino floor at Little Six Casino or one of the nearby locations.

Canterbury Park

If you’re up for a fine day at the racetrack, be sure to give Canterbury Park a go. They got the area’s finest horse racing lined up during the spring and summer months. So if it’s a clear day and the races are going on, be sure to make a trip over.

But even if they aren’t running the races that day, you should still head over to Canterbury Park.


Because they also feature the area’s most avid card and poker rooms.

Unlike many of Minnesota’s casinos that limit their table gaming to Blackjack, you’re getting a fantastic variety of games here at Canterbury Park.

Apart from Blackjack and its variants, they also offer EZ Baccarat, Face Up Pai Gow, Criss Cross Poker, Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em.

Best yet, they also have arguably the area’s finest poker room. Games offered include Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and even mixed variants.

Meadows at Mystic Lake

If you’re into golf, the Meadows at Mystic Lake is a must. It’s one of the area’s finest golf courses, and yes, they take a lot of pride in keeping the place in perfect condition for the games.

Meadows at Mystic Lake also offers a scenic tour of the nearby forested scenery that Minnesota offers. They also boast several well-detailed statues throughout the course. Something reviewers per TripAdvisor have raved about.

One reviewer actually said it felt like, “playing golf in an art museum.”

It indicates what to expect here at Meadows at Mystic Lake. But you’re getting more than just an epic golf game.

The Meadows Bar and Grille is a perfect place to grab a bite after a day at the golf course. Plus, if you’re looking to kick off the nightlife in style, be sure to head over to The Meadows After Dark for an even finer experience.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

And if you head over to the Meadows at Mystic Lake, chances are you’re spending a day over at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel.

If this is the case, then you’re heading into Little Six Casino’s sister site. You can think of Mystic Lake Casino as the aforementioned casino’s bigger sister. While Little Six provides a small, more intimate atmosphere, Mystic Lake gives you the opposite.

It’s one of the largest casinos you will find in Minnesota. So you can expect more ways to win at the slots, Blackjack tables, pull tabs, and so much more.

Wilds Golf Club

Wilds Golf Club is another fun thing to do near Little Six. And if The Meadows at Mystic Lake didn’t quite satisfy your golf game craving, maybe you’ll find it at Wilds Golf Club. You will find this course just outside of Prior Lake. The Wilds receive just as much attention as The Meadows.

Some reviewers have griped about its lack of features. And for the $90-plus price, it’s understandable that reviewers expect the course to be in top shape.

Golf Course At Wild Golf Club

But, it seems like a fantastic option if you’re someone just looking to get started with your golf game. Or if you’re not quite ready for a top-level course. So don’t walk away from today’s post thinking less of Wilds Golf Club.

It still receives its fair share of top reviews on TripAdvisor. Just to a lesser extent.

And again, if you’re looking for a course in tip-top shape, head over to The Meadows. But if you’re cool with a course featuring lesser frills, even at a higher price, then you may have a fun time at Wilds Golf Club.

Footloose Cycle Cruise

This is one of the hottest activities in the Prior Lake area. It features a cycle boat they have christened Ariel. And if you’re looking for top-notch services and treatment, a trip on the cycle cruise is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon away from the casino.

They feature an outstanding bar running down the center of this 36-foot pontoon. The bar itself features 12 peddle stations and a 6-foot paddle wheel.

Oh, and don’t forget to immerse yourself in all the sights and sounds you will see and hear from the epic scenery surrounding Prior Lake.

It’s a great place to host a party or even a private event. So if you’re in the area and are looking for a way to have a fun outing with a work or travel group, be sure to give Footloose Cycle Cruise a fair shot. Especially if your group is the outdoorsy type.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Yes, you will find the Minnesota Renaissance Festival right here in the Prior Lake, Minnesota area. On the Shakopee County side, if you’re looking for specifics. The festival lasts for seven weeks, from mid-August until the last week of September (the first weekend of October in some years).

You’re looking at over 400 acres of Renaissance-era fun. So if the Renaissance is up your alley, you definitely must travel to this England-themed festival if you’re in town during the aforementioned time periods in the above paragraph.

Featuring over 700 entertainers, 275 crafters, and 100 food booths, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is arguably the number one entertainment hotspot in the area when it comes to town.

Fire Breathers At The Renaissance Festival In Minnesota

The festival attracts over 300,000 annual visitors from all over America. So brace yourself if you’re not big into crowds. However, if you’re cool with crowds and looking forward to a different kind of entertainment, then look no further than the festival.

Step back in time and glimpse what life looked like in another era. Enjoy the shows, food, and learn a thing or two on how to build authentic, Renaissance-era tools.

A Wrap up of the Area

Perhaps the coolest thing about Little Six Casino is the fact that you have several fun casinos to try your luck in the area. All of which feature different styles. It’s also a fantastic area if you’re into the outdoors, recreation, and golf.

Even better, you’ll also find this area about a half-hour from the Twin Cities. So if none of the above fun things to do on this list suits you, you can always find fun in Minneapolis or Saint Paul. But today’s post gives you a good idea of what the Prior Lake area offers.

Have you been to Little Six Casino? If so, did you visit any of the places listed above? Let us know if you did in the comments and tell us about your experience. We can’t wait to read your stories.