The Top 8 Attractions Close to Catfish Bend Casino in Iowa

Catfish Bend Casino Logo In Front f Two Nearby Attractions

Catfish Bend Casino is an attraction full of awesome attractions within its walls. But you’ll also find a slew of great places to visit beyond the premises. Today’s post will cover eight places that you can visit if you’re on vacation at this epic resort in Burlington, Iowa.

As with many cool tourist attractions in Iowa, you’re getting more than your fair share of outdoor and recreational activities. So if you love the outdoors, you’re in luck even if the slots and tables at Catfish Bend had other ideas.

Ready to discover what kind of home runs you will find in the areas surrounding Catfish Bend Casino?

Keep reading and discover all the goods.

1 – Snake Alley

Constructed in 1894, this local landmark and recipient of TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2020 Award attracts tourists from all over America because of its winding road.

It’s purpose? To connect the area’s residential district to the commercial district. Given its snake shape, it’s easy to see why it’s a local gem that attracts just about everyone who comes to play in the area.

Snake Alley comprises five half-curves and two quarter-curves. It covers a distance of 275 feet and a drop of 58 feet. It’s a great alley to drive, walk, and even bike. And yes, many will make the trip over just to test their skills in what may be America’s windiest road.

It recently ranked #1 in Ripley’s Believe it or Not’s Odds Across America campaign.

2 – Mosquito Park

Sure, you’ll find some breathtaking scenery on Snake Alley, but you’ll find something even more over at Mosquito Park. For one, Mosquito Park boasts an overlook quite unlike any other. Set right next to the river, head over to the overlook, and gaze out into the horizon until the blue waters meet the sky.

Oh, and you’ll also discover land over the horizon too, uniting three of Earth’s four classical elements in one epic view.

It’s also one of the top spots in the area for a picnic, and it’s an even finer spot to watch the sunset, or both.

If you’re looking to spend an afternoon or even an evening somewhere in the area near Catfish Bend Casino, Mosquito Park is the perfect place to consider.

3 – Crapo Park

Crapo Park is another great location to catch the vibrant scenery in the Heartland. As with Mosquito Park, you’re right on the Mississippi River, and they offer phenomenal eye-catching views of where Iowa meets Illinois.

Instead of viewing the river from the overlooks, you can get right up onto the riverbanks for a closeup of the Mississippi. And these banks remain full of life, with fresh-cut green grass plus a mixture of evergreens and deciduous trees within a forested clearing.

Mississippi River View From Crapo Park In Iowa

There’s nothing quite like its rather Hogwartian feeling if I had to give it a comparison. Either way, if you’re up for sightseeing, picnics, and glimpsing scores of flowers native to the area, it’s the perfect place to visit in the spring and summer.

If you love nature, then Crapo Park is a go-to. But it’s also a great option in conjunction with Mosquito Park and even Snake Alley. You’re getting your fair share and different angles of the Hawkeye State’s scenic views.

So why not take an entire afternoon to visit all 3 locations?

If the games didn’t go your way at the casino, then you’re looking at the ultimate stress reliever.

4 – Community Field

Home of the Burlington Bees, a former minor league affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels until 2020 and now a member of the independent prospect league, you’re getting an epic family-friendly outing when you head over to Community Field.

Best yet, since it’s a minor league team on the indie circuit, tickets won’t break the bank. One reviewer on TripAdvisor reported they paid just $10 for box seats, so it shows just how close you can get to the action at this minor league facility.

Reviewers have also noted the team shop’s uniqueness, which also includes a collection of old baseball programs. There’s seriously nothing quite like it. Even if you’re a window shopper, reviewers still stress that the gift shop is a must-visit.

This is an ideal area attraction if you’re looking for a hometown community feel that won’t break the bank. And if you’re traveling with kids, a trip to a Burlington Bees game is a fine alternative over the more serious action you’ll find at a Major League Baseball stadium.

5 – Port of Burlington Welcome Center

Port of Burlington Welcome Center is a hub for everything you need to know about the Burlington area. And while you’ll find plenty of awesome ideas in today’s post, the Port of Burlington Welcome Center provides an even greater number of local attractions.

Just how many attractions do they talk about?

Per their description on TripAdvisor, their number encroaches 300 in Burlington, Iowa, and nearby areas in Illinois and Missouri. You’re getting a total package here that goes far beyond the scope of today’s post.

Plus, you’ll even find a small museum on the premises along with a gift shop. So if you’re looking for a bit of education and even a few items to commemorate your trip to the area, look no further than the Port of Burlington Welcome Center.

6 – Capitol Theater

Looking for vibrant entertainment in the area?

While you’ll find your fair share of entertainment at Catfish Bend Casino, take the time to see if the surrounding area provides something more geared toward your tastes.

And Capitol Theater is one such option.

A theater the community restored in recent years, they put on many productions here. The refurbished theater puts on movies, concerts, and theatrical productions. So regardless of your tastes, odds are you’ll find something playing in the area that piques your interest.

Capitol Theater In Burlington Iowa Sign

It’s a piece of history the town of Burlington, Iowa, continues to be proud of. And it’s one of those small-town gems that you won’t find in a major metropolis. So absorb the history at this restored theater and enjoy the productions and tributes of today.

You won’t find entertainment quite like it anywhere else.

7 – Aspen Grove Cemetery

Some of us are interested in just reading old gravestones, while still others say they just make for epic scenery in the fall. Something about the fall and cemeteries. It must be a Samhain thing when the veil between the physical and spirit world rests at its thinnest during the Month of October.

Regardless of your motive for visiting Aspen Grove Cemetery, you’re in for an epic blend of history and scenery.

So what’s the primary draw?

Like most old cemeteries, this one dates back to the Civil War. In fact, they restored the Civil War Soldiers Lot just a few years back, and here in February 2021, it still looks brand new.

You’re getting a lot of history here. It’s also well maintained, and you’ll see more than a few cemetery workers out and about doing their thing to keep the walkways clear. Many locals love heading out here for a stroll during an afternoon in the spring and fall or even a summer evening.

So if you’re looking for a scenic place full of history at every corner, head over to Aspen Grove Cemetery and brace yourself for an experience like none other.

8 – Garrett-Phelps House Museum

Part of the Des Moines Historical Society, the Garrett-Phelps House Museum, is yet another hidden gem in the smaller town of Burlington.

Best yet, you will find the Garrett-Phelps House Museum right on Columbia Street at the top entrance to Snake Alley. So if you made plans to visit the top attraction on this list, be sure to make a stop here at Garrett-Phelps House Museum.

Although they built this Victorian-style home back in 1850, the furniture itself dates back to the American Revolutionary War. So yes, they were even hauling old furniture back in the 19th century to the former Western frontier.

So what’s the story behind this place?

It was home to the Phelps family. And per the museum, its biggest claim to fame started during its time as a hospital. And yes, you’ll find several old medical instruments in the exhibits here.

Oh, and we were talking about scenic views earlier in today’s post. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have raved about the views you’ll get if you’re willing to climb those steep stairs to the second story.

Apart from a nice workout burst, you won’t believe the view awaiting you at the top: above everything else in Snake Alley.

It’s a fantastic museum that boasts one of Burlington’s finest stories, one that continues to the present day.

Our Final Thoughts About the Catfish Bend Casino Area

Catfish Bend Casino is full of its fair share of thrills. Besides the casino, its location on a full-out resort will give you more than a few reasons to remain within the premises, especially since many of us see Burlington, Iowa, as a relatively small town.

Don’t make this mistake. If you’re into nature and history, it’s more than worth taking an entire day to explore the area of Burlington, Iowa. And given the unique, small-town odds and ends attractions that make it unique, it’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

Have you been to Catfish Bend Casino? If so, did you venture off the grounds and explore the Burlington, Iowa, area? If so, tell us your stories in the comments. We can’t wait to read about your experiences.