The Top 7 Tourist Attractions Close by Mole Lake Casino and Lodge

Two Hot Locales Near Mole Lake Casino Lodge & Conference Center

Mole Lake Casino & Lodge serves as one of Wisconsin’s premier gaming destinations. But it’s not the only attraction to get excited over in Mole Lake, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas.

If you’re looking to take your getaway to one of the state’s top casinos to the next level, today’s post is one you need to read. Given the small size of this micro-town (population around 435), we will venture beyond Mole Lake itself. There’s much more to explore in this beautiful area than gambling in Wisconsin.

But if you’re raring to check out a few popular locations in the Wisconsin countryside that feature a small-town flair, chances are you will find plenty of places on today’s list to get excited over.

From outdoor museums to nature trails, lakes, and recreation, you’re looking at a unique list of hot attractions in one of Wisconsin’s least densely populated areas.

Yet you can still turn a getaway to Mole Lake Casino into a full vacation.

1 – Johnnie’s Resort

While Mole Lake Casino & Lodge has a few fine nightlife attractions, Johnnie’s Resort offers a vibrant nightlife scene in the small town of nearby Laona, Wisconsin. Best yet, they combine your typical nightlife scene with a Northwoods flair.

On the resort, you’ll find a spacious, outdoor patio, a firepit, local crafts and cocktails, unforgettable upcoming local bands, and an opportunity to meet the owners, John and Chery. Locals have stated that John and Chery will spend an entire evening intermingling with patrons.

So, you can make the safe bet our local clubbers make return trips during the warmest months of the year.

But even if you’re not quite into the nightlife, you don’t need to be a partier to enjoy all of what you’ll find at Johnnie’s. It doubles as a fishing resort, featuring a prominent boat launch in the heart of Nicolet National Forest.

You’re also getting a fair share of outdoor, recreation, and scenic experiences with the nightlife scene. Go fishing and catch the scenic beauty during the day. And head over to the bar in the evening to see what they’re cooking up that night.

2 – Three Lakes Historical Museum

Looking to catch outstanding insight on the area’s local history scene? Look no further than Three Lakes Historical Museum, where you will find a nice collection of artifacts and handcrafted items from yesterday.

They operate on donations, so be sure to leave one when you gain a valuable learning experience over in nearby Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Embark on a self-guided tour through the century-old building, and the friendly staff will fill you in with answers to any questions you may have.

Beer and a Cigarette in an Ashtray

Oh, and if you’re someone who loves local craft beers and music, be sure to head over during the weekends.

You’ll have a bit of a drive ahead of you, given its location, but it’s well worth the trip if you’re into history regarding one of Wisconsin’s tiniest counties.

3 – Mecikalski Stovewood Building

You’ll find this one about 10 miles away in Pelican Lake, Wisconsin. And it’s a national historic site whose mission is to preserve the old Mecikalski Stovewood General Store named after John Mecikalski, who built this unique store from stovewood back in 1899.

If you’re into the Old West, chances are you will love this unique architecture, as it looks like something that comes straight from the hit classic television series Gunsmoke.

Now, you won’t find the Mecikalski Stovewood Building easily, as it’s sort of secluded. They also advise that you call before you set up an appointment, as they don’t always have someone over there to work the site.

But if you’re interested, you’ll get a unique history of a town that once held over a thousand people, a rather large population for the area. Volunteers who run the place have supplied both artifacts and historical records for this small museum.

You can expect to spend one to two hours here and as mentioned, you will go out of your way to find it and it’s about 10 minutes from Crandon. But if you love Old West themes and architecture, it’s more than worth taking time to visit.

4 – Lumberjack Steam Train

Located in Laona, the Lumberjack Steam Train is a great way to explore the area on a real train ride. And best yet, it won’t take too much time out of your day.

Take the 15-minute ride over the area’s most well-known bridges, through the Northwoods to the original Logging Camp. It won’t take you to Hogwarts or the American equivalent, but you’ll discover a few attractions within the attraction here.

At the original Logging Camp, you will find the Museum of Logging History, a nature center, an old slaughterhouse, petting zoo, nature trail, Cracker Barrel Store, and you can go on a guided tour through the woods with the Green Treasurer Forest Tour.

Locomotive for the Lumberjack Steam Train

Head over to the Choo-Choo Cafe for lunch or dinner and return to the depot once you’ve completed your tour.

They often run the train to the camp and back between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. And as mentioned, it won’t take too much time out of your day to explore a few solid attractions within the realm of what may be the area’s top attraction.

5 – Dinesen Log Cabin

Built as a fur trading outpost, the Dinesen Log Cabin boasts an “Out of Africa” connection in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, per The Journal Sentinel.

Having once served as the home of Wilhelm Dinesen, father of well-known author Karen Blixen, the house went through a 10-year restoration project before opening to the public in 2010.

While it started off as a fur trading post, Dinesen purchased the building in 1973 and set up his hunting and trapping endeavors here, referring to the site as Frydenland. Although many occupants frequented the cabin after Dinesen, it became deserted and fell into disrepair.

But now you can take the time out of your day from the real money casino games at Mole Lake Casino & Lodge and arrange a tour of the house and grounds. If the history of fur trading suits you, or if you’d like to get a taste of what Dinesen used the building for, it makes for a phenomenal history lesson.

Plus, the building’s artifacts are also said to touch on Dinesen’s daughter’s most famous work, “Out of Africa,” which later became an Academy Award-winning film.

This is the site to see if you’re big on local history or if you’d just like to glimpse at what life was like back in the mid to late 19th century.

6 – Shell-B’s (Formerly Pichotta’s Pub and Grub)

Shell-B’s is about 15 minutes away in Wabeno. And while chances are you’ll find a few hot dining options over at Mole Lake Casino & Lodge, it’s not the only place that you can experience a sensational, local flair.

They have a phenomenal menu featuring famous fried chicken, Friday fish fries during specific times of the year, homemade soups, specialty sandwiches, wing nights, homemade pizzas, and so much more.

Per TripAdvisor reviewers, they brightened up the atmosphere inside and added a few healthy options to their menu. Sure, it’s still possible to get your hands on those old school, pub favorites. But now, you can eat without guilt if you so choose to.

A Burger At Shell-B's in Wisconsin

Plus, they’re always cooking up something new with daily lunch and dinner specials, along with a beer garden that makes this small restaurant a hot visit near Mole Lake Casino & Lodge.

Customers have especially praised Shell-B’s burgers and pizza. So, whether you’re seeking comfort food or one of their healthy options, you’ll satisfy your hunger and taste buds at Shell-B’s.

7 – The Trails of Forest County

Perhaps you’d like to immerse yourself fully into the Northwoods?

If that’s the case, be sure to check out one of their many trails. You’re getting a few attractions under this subheading, and depending on what you’re after plus your hikers skill level, odds are they have something exceptional waiting for you.

You can go snowmobiling on almost any of their public trails through the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, where you will also find the 100-mile Snow Safari Trail. Throughout, you’ll have access to maps, food, and pit stops.

In Central and Southern Forest County, you will stumble upon the Lumberjack Memorial Trails. Comprising 100 additional miles of trail in the Lakewood Area.

Black Bear Sportsmen’s Club gives you another 40 miles of trail, and it connects you to north and west trails over in nearby Oneida County.

Other fine options include the Three Lakes Trails and Tombstone-Pickerel trails, in the western and southwestern portion of the county.

Our Conclusion on the Mole Lake Casino & Lodge Area

Mole Lake Casino & Lodge certainly has a solid number of thrills. But you’re getting much more than just a cool trip to one of Wisconsin’s best casinos here, even if Mole Lake and the surrounding areas are among America’s tiniest towns.

They contain hidden gems throughout, as this post states in both Mole Lake and the towns surrounding it within a 15 to 20-mile radius. So, choose a few of the seven attractions listed, a few of which boast attractions within an attraction, and transform your time here into an all-out getaway.

Have you been to Mole Lake Casino & Lodge? If so, tell us in the comments and let us know if you visited any of the above attractions. We are looking forward to reading your stories.