The Top 5 Twitter Accounts Every Las Vegas Fan Should Follow

Las Vegas Sign And Twitter Logo

One of the coolest things about the social media age is how we can all connect on a deeper level with whatever it is that interests us.

Baseball fans can hop on Twitter and engage with superstars like Bryce Harper in genuine back and forth conversations. Folks who enjoy creating art can scroll through endless galleries featuring original work from all over the world.

In my case, personal passions like the gambling industry and Las Vegas living have also made Twitter a goldmine. Over the last few years, I’ve carefully cultivated my Twitter following to offer a nonstop stream of information, opinions, and images that keep me informed about gambling in Sin City.

That means I always know when and where the latest progressive slot machine jackpot was paid out and which casinos are offering “no resort fee” promotions. I never have to wonder if an in-house show has been cancelled, or what my fellow locals are saying about the latest restaurant to open up on the Strip.

And thanks to Twitter, I’m constantly learning new things about Las Vegas.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to five of my favorite Las Vegas-focused accounts to follow on Twitter. These accounts are an eclectic bunch, so they might not all be up your alley, but I hope you find a few that improve your personal social media feed.

1 – @VitalVegas

Vital Vegas Twitter PhotoIt’s right there in the name, as this account is a vital resource for anybody who lives in Las Vegas or visits regularly.

The brainchild of local reporter Scott Roeben, Vital Vegas was born as a blog devoted to covering Sin City in all its glory. The full website is worth its weight in gold for Las Vegas enthusiasts, so definitely bookmark in your favorite browser.

As for the @VitalVegas account on Twitter, the feed has evolved from a basic social media avatar into an invaluable resource. Mainstream media outlets regularly find themselves “scooped” by Roeben via his continually updated Twitter feed, while his nearly 50k followers are always kept in-the-know.

Roeben lives and breathes Las Vegas, regularly making the rounds at casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants all over the city. He scours the Strip, Downtown and Fremont Street, and the suburbs like Henderson and Summerlin to dig up dirt on every aspect of the gambling, hospitality, and entertainment industries. And whenever one of Roeben’s many sources supplies a particularly juicy tip, the Vital Vegas account on Twitter provides instantaneous updates.

To get an idea of the breadth of coverage Vital Vegas provides, just take a look at what Roeben reports within just 24 hours. Within the span of a single day, Vital Vegas followers learned that Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand were sold for $4.6 billion and a new outdoor bar was coming to Neonopolis. Followers also saw a sneak peek at Elon Musk’s underground tunnel and a first look at the new Cristal Ballroom at the Wynn Convention Center.

And the best part about @VitalVegas is how Roeben makes sure to engage with his network of followers on an individual basis. You can ask questions about the hotel you’ll be staying at, which shows are hot at the moment, or buffets to avoid due to health inspection concerns, and Roeben won’t hesitate to reply back with everything you need to know.

Whether you’re a local who wants to know everything they can about Las Vegas, or a visitor who wants to feel like a local, Vital Vegas is definitely an essential follow on Twitter.

2 – @ClassicLasVegas

@ClassicLasVegas Twitter PhotoIf the Vital Vegas account is the best online for current events, @ClassicLasVegas holds the same status when it comes to celebrating Sin City’s history.

Every day, over 20k followers of Classic Las Vegas find their feed beautified by pictures of Las Vegas from back in the day.

I’m talking old black and whites of Dean Martin examining a miniature sculpture of the Bellagio long before the first brick was laid. Neon hued shots of the Strip as it looked in the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Pics of classic casinos like the Aladdin, the Dunes, and the Riviera in their heyday. There are even old menus showing off venerable Las Vegas meals like the famous 99-cent shrimp cocktail once served at the Golden Gate casino in Downtown.

If you enjoy historical photography, advertisements, and scenes from a bygone era, Classic Las Vegas on Twitter is for you.

3 – @ReviewJournal

@ReviewJournal Twitter PhotoThis one’s a gimme, but you can’t put a list together of must-follow Las Vegas accounts on Twitter without including the local newspaper of record.

As the largest circulating newspaper in the Silver State, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has been keeping readers informed on the news of the day since 1909. The paper boasts a circulation of over 172,000 for its weekday edition, and over 204,000 on Sundays, but both numbers are exceeded by @ReviewJournal and its 250,000+ followers.

The feed you’ll find there is standard fare for a prominent newspaper, so expect updates on local stories of interest ranging from corporate casino sales, the crime blotter, sports, weather, and even gambling industry performance. The reporters at the Las Vegas Review-Journal do fine work, so it’s no surprise to see their affiliated Twitter account staying abreast of the social media revolution.

4 – @ViewFromVegas

@ViewFromVegas Twitter PhotoRun by sports betting impresario Dave Tuley, who works as a senior reporter for, the @ViewFromVegas account is devoted to covering the city’s thriving sportsbook scene.

Tuley provides updates on daily betting odds, point spreads, and lines to over 50k followers, while covering every sport under the sun. But following @ViewFromVegas offers much more than sports betting data, as Tuley combines that basic coverage with opinion pieces and straight journalism on the city’s sports betting industry.

Want to know how the local bet shops fared in terms of monthly handle (bets accepted) and win (profit earned)? Well, just ask @ViewFromVegas and you’ll instantly learn the following:

“Nevada sportsbooks won $18.7 million from bettors in August but were outhandled $293.5 million to $287.7 million by New Jersey books for the third time in four months; the Nevada win was still an increase of 48.72 percent from August 2018 w/ $12.6 million from football.”

Tuley has been a respected voice within the sports handicapping community for decades now, and his @ViewFromVegas feed has it all for serious bettors.

5 – @LVCabChronicles

@LVCabChronicles Twitter PhotoIn 2006, a local by the name of Andrew Gnatovich got a new gig driving a taxicab around Las Vegas, and the city hasn’t been the same since.

Shortly after starting career as a cab driver, Gnatovich discovered that driving people to and from in Sin City is an utterly unique experience. He began writing colorful blog posts about his adventures behind the wheel, and that blog eventually evolved into the @LVCabChronicles account on Twitter.

Gnatovich retired from the taxi driving profession in the latter half of 2019, so the feed may not be updated as much these days, but scrolling back through years’ worth of his absurd stories is well worth your time. I won’t spoil the best posts his followers have been treated to over the years, but suffice to say, what happens in Vegas gets written up with rapier wit on @LVCabChronicles.

Everything you can imagine (and so much more) has happened in the backseat of Gnatovich’s cab. Honeymooners gone wild, gamblers going for broke with unbelievable bets, and even appearances from local celebrities who need a lift—he’s seen it all.

You can read more about Gnatovich and his days and nights driving Las Vegas revelers to their destinations here in this great interview with the Las Vegas Sun.

But to get a glimpse of what his acclaimed Twitter account has on tap, get a load of this story about a guy who gambled and lost before he ever stepped foot inside a casino.

“I picked up two guys at the Bellagio, and they were going downtown to the Golden Nugget. One guy’s phone rang. He was talking to his wife and told her they were in Oklahoma City. The fare was $14.95. The guy gives me $15 and says, ‘Keep the change.’

I was looking for my next ride when I heard a phone ringing in the backseat. I answered it, and a woman said, ‘Who’s this?’ I said, ‘My name’s Andrew, I’m a cab driver.’ She said, ‘There are cabs in Oklahoma City?’ I said, ‘How should I know? I’m in Las Vegas.’

She was mad. I asked what I should do with his phone, and she said, ‘Chuck it out the window.’ So, I rolled down my window and threw out the phone. I didn’t even hang up.

If the jerk hadn’t told me to keep the change, there could’ve been a different end to that story.”


Las Vegas is a place unlike any other, so finding so many Twitter accounts that specialize in Sin City isn’t all that surprising. The best of the bunch listed here find a way to encapsulate everything that makes this city so special, distilling the essence of Las Vegas into a stream of can’t-miss content. Do yourself a favor and follow these five accounts today, and you’ll immediately find your feed becoming a lot more interesting.