The Top 10 Craziest Cocktails in Atlantic City

Cocktail on Table, Atlantic City Text
Atlantic City has always hung on to its allegiance to its 1950s reputation. Back in the day, Atlantic City was a destination for glitz, glamour, great shows, and more than a few places where one could get a drink. Gambling in Atlantic City had also begun to take off.

Even as Atlantic City has seen its fortune wane and reputation rebuildt, one thing never changed: you can get a drink in Atlantic City.

There is a number of reasons why alcohol and AC go hand in hand. Maybe it’s the beach life that begs for something cold and delicious. Perhaps it’s the fact that even if Atlantic City isn’t Sin City, there’s still a lot of mischief that goes down within its borders. Maybe it’s just the fact that the casinos know a crowd with a drink is going to spend more money.

Either way, the point is that Atlantic City has held firm to its commitment to get you an alcoholic beverage that you are going to want to drink over and over.

It is so true that it’s hard to figure out exactly where to start your drinking adventures in Atlantic City. However, have no fear. I have found ten of the craziest cocktails in the city that you have to try.

10- Lemonade and Vodka from Chelsea Beach Bar

Overall, Chelsea Beach Bar gets mixed reviews from various patrons in the past. Despite this, the general consensus is that there are fewer more idyllic spots in Atlantic City to drink during the day and enjoy the beach.

With that said, that’s not enough to land a cocktail on the list.

Fortunately, Chelsea Beach Bar does have the lemonade and vodka combination that, by all means, grants it a spot on the list. The lemonade is freshly squeezed, and it comes with a double or single shot of vodka.

There’s no reason to go with the single when the double will do nicely. Order the double, take in the beach and enjoy.

9- Bourbon Flight from Firewaters Saloon

There was some debate as to whether the bourbon flight should make it on this list since it’s not technically a cocktail. Plus, while Firewaters Saloon does have some cocktails (I considered adding both the Six Shooter margarita and the White Buffalo Mojito to the list), it’s primary focus is craft beer.

Bourbon Flight on Table

Still, this is my list, so I am pulling rank and pointing out that Firewater’s Saloon’s list of bourbons is pretty impressive, and for less than twenty dollars, I can get three pours of my choice.

For me, that means I need to get about six flights, but that’s another story entirely.

8- Grog from Rhythm & Spirts

On one level, grog seems a strange entry on the crazy cocktails list. On the other hand, do you know how hard it is to find grog on a menu? Even more importantly, do you know how hard it is to find good grog on a menu?

Perhaps I just have a soft spot for grog (hint: I have a sweet spot for grog), but I couldn’t pass up the chance to put it on the list.

If you’re not sure what grog is, it’s a rum-based drink that’s a little rummy and a little fruity. Rhythm & Sprits also add sage (which is non-traditional, but I am not complaining.)

The main advantage of grog is that’s it’s incredibly potent and will have you singing sea shanties after just a few drinks.

And I know what you’re thinking, but yes, singing sea shanties is a reason to order the grog. Maybe just don’t bring a video recorder.

7- Passion Fruit Margarita at Casa Taco & Tequila Bar

It’s kind of hard to go wrong with any tequila-based beverage at a tequila bar. With that said, I had to narrow the list down to one, and so I chose the passion fruit margarita off their happy hour menu. I was tempted to choose the pomegranate margarita, but passion fruit was just a little more exotic.

Red Margarita with Slice of Lime

It’s also delicious and if you show up for a happy hour, not too expensive.

And really, that’s what a crazy cocktail is all about. It needs to be crazy good (which it is), and I should be able to drink up and not have to take out a mortgage.

6- Pineapple Drinks from Coastal Craft Kitchen and Bar

Yes, drinks served in pineapple are nothing new, but that’s no reason not to include them on this list of crazy cocktails. I happen to like drinking straight out of a pineapple as it reminds me of times spent in tropical waters.

Plus, given Atlantic City’s proximity to the beach, it makes sense to order a drink with a beach theme.

Therefore, head over to Coastal Craft Kitchen and Bar. The food is good, so feel free to grub up while you enjoy something sweet and refreshing served out of pineapple with a lovely umbrella and all the accouterments.

5- Sage Peppercorn Smash from Bar with No Name

The sage peppercorn smash made the list not because it is visually appealing, like the pineapple drinks at Coastal Craft Kitchen and Bar. No, the sage peppercorn smash made the list because a mixologist said, “I am going to mix sage, then I’ll add peppercorn, and then I’ll smash them” and somehow created a delicious drink.

Peppercorn Sage, Peppercorn Cocktail

Like a lot of non-traditional flavors, the sage peppercorn smash isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s also not necessarily the drink I am craving when I come out of the ocean. (Bar with No Name has those drinks, by the way.)

Instead, the sage peppercorn smash is, however, my choice when I want something that’s a little gilded and more than a bit of gourmet. The drink is just a little extra sophisticated, and I like that in my cocktail.

4- Dam Mexican Mushrooms from Rhythm & Spirits

This drink could have made the list based on the name alone, but it’s also a really unique drink featuring Bols Genever, a Dutch distilled spirit, and house-made orgeat (a syrup from almonds, sugar, and flower water.) Lemon and mint round out the cocktail.

Again, there’s not a lot of fancy dressing that goes into this drink, but there is Bols Genever and orgeat, and that’s not something you see very often. Based on nothing other than that, you have to give this cocktail a try.

3- Bright Idea at 2100 Bar and Lounge

I could have basically turned this entire post into just drinks from 2100 Bar and Lounge, but I didn’t. I limited myself to only two, but really 2100 Bar and Lounge is the mixologist’s dream and the destination for those who want the weird cocktail.

In that vein, I present the Bright Idea.

The Bright Idea is a mix of gin, wine, blue curacao, toasted marshmallow, lemon, and soda. Full stop: that’s pretty crazy right there.

However, to make the drink genuinely memorable, they serve it in a lightbulb with a flamingo straw because, it’s a bright idea (get it?)

Anyway, the whole thing is unusual, fun, and there aren’t a lot of drinks that mix wine and gin. Definitely worth it.

2- Jurassic Punch at 2100 Bar and Lounge

Like I said, I could have added a lot of cocktails to from 2100 Bar and Lounge, but I didn’t. However, I couldn’t resist not having the Jurassic Punch on here, which is made from vodka, lemon juice, Aperol (Italian bitters), raspberry, ginger beer and gummy bears that is served in a plastic pounch with straw, like a lunchbox drink pouch.

Bartender Putting Cocktail Drink on Table

This drink is definitely not for everyone given that flavor profile. A lot is going on there. Still, the gummy bears are stupidly fun in a drink and the whole pouch thing makes it fun to drink. So, it’s worth trying.

1- Anything at Wet Willie’s

Wet Willie’s does frozen drinks, like you would find a convenience store, but with liquor. All you need to do is walk up, choose your frozen concoction, grab a straw and drink slowly because if you’re like me, frozen drinks cause brain freezes.

With that said, there are lots of choices from mango to pina colada to sex on the beach to the sugar free “Call a Cab®”. You can also make your own mix if that’s your thing.

No matter what your thing is, Wet Willie’s is a fun place to get a drink that refuses to take itself too seriously.


There you have it. There are plenty of different cocktails that you can find and drink down in Atlantic City. If bourbon is your thing, you can go to Firewaters Saloon. You can get something gourmet at Bar with No Name or something fun, frozen, and super delicious at Wet Willie’s. The choice is yours, but fear not.

No matter where you go, you are going to find one amazing cocktail.