The Number 1 Most Important Reason People Love Betting on the Internet

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Poker and gambling are continuing to become increasingly popular among men and women both every year. When I was a kid, Las Vegas was still a very popular tourist destination, but it was almost out of the question for a family to try to plan their Spring Break at what many people still refer to as “Sin City.”

However, today Las Vegas has many wonderful amenities at their casino resorts that meet the needs of the whole family, making Vegas an increasingly more popular place for families to bring their kids.

With gambling becoming more popular, combined with the rapid rise in technology, it’s not hard to believe that online gambling is actually as popular as or more popular than live gambling.

The games a person plays online are the same games that would be played at a live casino (live meaning played in real life, real time, with real people), except for the fact that they are being played through a computer of some sort.

You don’t need an actual laptop or desktop computer to be able to enjoy online gambling. Today, just about any device that connects to the internet is going to be a perfect option for playing online. Many players prefer a desktop or laptop computer screen over a phone just to be able to have a larger screen and easier-to-see layout of whatever game is being played.

For a lot of people who are die-hard poker players and want to play the game every day, and let’s say that this particular person lives several states away from a casino, it’s going to be difficult to be able to enjoy the game as often as what would be preferred, unless of course this person resorts instead to one of the hundreds of online poker site that are available today.

Even if this person had a group of friends who were just as big of fans as they were, think about all the energy it takes to have to schedule and organize a gambling day with your friends or family.

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It’s not the most convenient thing to have to deal with—having to make sure everyone is at the meet up location at the right time, making sure everyone is off of work at the right time, making sure that whatever equipment is necessary for the game (cards, chips, etc) is available, getting food and drinks for everyone that everyone is happy with, even getting the right furniture in place so that everyone is comfortable and able to enjoy the game.

With real money online gambling, having to drive somewhere, having to bother with schedules, having to purchase a bunch of stuff, and whatever else I’ve mentioned, already is completely eliminated. All a person needs is a device that has a screen and internet access, and then they are ready to go every day, rain or shine.

Regardless of online gambling’s increasingly growing and already high popularity, there are some people today who are not too fond of its existence, to the point to where they are trying to have online gambling completely banned by whatever means necessary. Often they are doing this because of political reasons, but sometimes they are doing it for reasons connected to money or morality.

Of course, a lot of these people who are standing behind the complete elimination of online gambling are people who own casino locations throughout the globe, and/or are people who are losing money somehow due to the presence of online gambling.

There are some people out there who do have legitimate concerns that are not rooted in some kind of profit-motivated agenda, but more so on the other end of what I have described.

With this all being said, we will go over one of the biggest reasons in detail why so many more people are ditching land-based casinos and sticking to online gambling sites for meeting all of their gambling needs.

1- Online Gambling Is Affordable

The absolute number 1 reason why many people have made the choice to do all of their gambling online is because of how affordable it is.

You can still find many sites online that cater to those high roller budgets that you can find inside Las Vegas casinos.

With all of the online gambling sites that are available, it’s easy to be able to find something for any budget type.

It’s hard to find an exact number of just how many gambling sites exist today. With most of them, especially the ones that are very popular, a player can make a deposit of as little as $10 up to as large as $5,000 or higher if they would like to.

That is a huge perk for the high roller players out there—having the opportunity to be able to play their favorite poker table with much higher stakes than what is even available at most land-based casinos. The range of stakes that’s available at land-based casinos is much smaller than online gambling sites.

The only problem with this really is that, because of the range of stakes being so wide when playing online, some players will have to play in stakes higher than what they would really want to, and the same goes for players who have to play in stakes lower than what they would want to.

When it comes specifically to the game of poker, very few poker rooms have stakes that are anywhere close to the wide range of stakes offered at real money online poker rooms. For beginners who are wanting to incorporate betting into their game instead of just playing for fun without money, online poker might not be the starting place for this. This is because live poker rooms have stakes options that can be pretty low, giving a beginner a lower risk when it comes to losing unnecessary money.

As mentioned earlier, playing poker in casinos can be pricey for many reasons. First off, for many people, a flight ticket is going to be required in order to be able to get to the closest casino from home in under a day. This can make poker pretty expensive, especially if you don’t have a group of friends who would be willing to throw a game together with you.

So getting to the casino itself can be pretty pricey, whether you are flying or driving. Once you get to the casino of choice, and let’s say this is one that you had to fly to, you’re probably not going to buy a plane ticket for a round trip that includes arrival time and departure time on the same day.

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This means that not only does a player have to worry about the cost of transportation to get to and from the casino of choice, now they will have to also take into consideration the cost for a room for a couple of nights. If the closest casino or Las Vegas, then I can assure you that your bill for transportation and a room is not going to be on the small side.

Online gambling eliminates the expense of having to fly or drive to your gambling destination as well as eliminating the expense of having to pay for a hotel room.

Once you make it to your hotel and get ready for the day and/or long night, there are some other things that need to be taken into consideration for you budget’s sake.

If you’ve gone to all of this trouble in booking a flight to go to Las Vegas, typically, people will probably want to make a good time out of it. This means having expenses that surpass the cost of your room and flight.

When you get to the casino, you might want to eat—you will need to eat regardless. There’s another decent chunk of change—the cost of food while on your short vacation. In Las Vegas, eating out isn’t cheap, and you’ll probably want to take advantage of eating at a couple of the amazing eating spots that are available there.

Another huge expense to take into consideration is drinks. For a couple that spends an entire day and night playing games at a casino, it isn’t hard for some people to go over a couple hundred dollars just in drinks. You will have to tip your server or bartender, and you will probably want to tip the dealer at whatever gaming table you’re playing at.

The casinos are designed to keep you there, so unless you came overly psychologically prepared for that, you will most likely fall victim to all of a casinos little expensive traps.

When gambling online, every single expense that I have named so far can be completely eliminated, giving a huge reason why it is the preferred gaming method of choice for millions of people across the globe.

Do you have another great reason why you love gambling online? Let me know in the comments!