The Most Successful Gambling Strategies of All Time

Mixed Image of Two Casino Table Games

Not all games on the casino floor are created equal. You will find games like slot machines or keno that are completely random and have no skill element.

A more sophisticated gambler may prefer games where skill comes into play. But even professional poker players can’t tell you with any accuracy what cards will hit the board.

Gambling strategies are short-term solutions; the randomness of the potential results will eventually render any strategy nil. So, how does one pinpoint the most successful gambling strategy of all time? By thinking outside the box.

Keep It Light

Gambling is a form of entertainment, right? Given that fact, the strategies that provide the most entertainment for your gambling dollar are therefore the most successful.

You’re going to be at the tables anyway. So, why not try a few strategies you haven’t tried yet? You can implement some different ways to play the games while maintaining your position relative to the casinos’ built-in mathematical advantage.

I want you to have the most fun and win as much as possible while gambling. Notice that I placed having fun above taking a profit.

In that same spirit, I’m going to give you a few gambling strategies that are sure to leave your fellow gamblers puzzled. If you enjoy any of the following strategies enough to put them into play, you’ll be able to easily mix it up when things become stagnant.

While you may not flip the house edge completely in your favor, you will definitely increase your fun factor.

Only Play in Tournaments

Playing in tournaments is a basic strategy. Many gambling experts suggest playing in tournaments. The math on this one is easy to follow.

You pay a flat fee in the beginning to join the tournament. For that entry fee, you have a potential to earn a substantial sum of cash. Slot tournaments can be especially generous for top three finishers.

Tournament play allows you to budget beforehand more easily by having a set entry fee. Doing so ensures that you can’t overextend your bankroll. Obviously, you might wish to gamble more regularly than tournament schedules allow. If that’s the case, playing exclusively in tournaments isn’t practical.

If you’re longing for the feel of true competition or just keep your bankroll in check, playing tournaments can fill the slot for your gambling needs.

Play Heads up With the Blackjack Dealer

Let’s get one thing straight: Casinos get uncomfortable when you’re the only player on a blackjack table. Skilled advantage players can get in three or four times as many hands per hour playing heads-up against the dealer.

If you’re just a regular player, the casino makes more money when you’re heads-up with the dealer. The house edge applies to all the money you put into action. So, the more hands you play, the more money they make.

But if you’re a card counter, your projected hourly winnings go up based on the number of hands you play per hour. I’ve seen pit bosses take measures from backing off a player to closing tables when someone starts winning too much.

Don’t take it personally when this happens. I know it feels personal, but it’s just business.

Play Outside Bets in Roulette

Real money roulette gets picked on by the gambling experts regularly. Being a game that, by design, encourages huge sucker bets doesn’t help its case. In fact, it’s usually sage advice to steer clear of the spinning wheel.

Players see the table layout and think solely about the individual numbers. A few more experienced players may stick to betting the lines on the roulette table.

But regardless of which bets you make, the game still has a relatively high edge of 5.26%. This doesn’t mean you’re unable to improve your probability of winning on a single spin, though.

Empty Roulette Table

For the best chance of winning, place the outside bets. Think black or red. Even or odd.  You can also play the 1/3 groups, but these still pay 2 to 1.

You have an opportunity to improve your chance of showing a small win here though. By betting on two groups, you cut the odds to even. But you increase your coverage with this bet versus a traditional safe bet.

So, would you rather win even money for betting on 18 numbers or win even money for betting on 24 numbers? You may never bet red or even again if you do the math.

Only Play Max Lines in Slots

Slots have been on an evolving trajectory since they hit the scene. Game manufacturers continue to add paylines. In fact, some slot machines have an almost comical number of paylines.

I’ve seen a handful of machines with multiple screens to accommodate even more paylines.

The first versions of these multi-line games allowed players to choose only a small number of lines to bet. While you may see this as some altruistic measure by the casinos, your return is often diminished by not betting max lines.

Imagine trying to win money on a 25-line machine by only betting one line per spin. Get the picture? It may seem like you’re extending your bankroll by playing fewer lines.

The secret about these machines is that they, by design, pay the highest percentage when all lines are in play.

It should encourage you that the newer multi-line games provide a theoretical better return than slots of yesteryear. There are a few games out there that even offer a return of over 96%.

That’s even better than the odds on roulette. Slots aren’t my favorite, and they may not be your first choice either. Still, most gamblers will play them sometimes.

They can be a nice way to enjoy some downtime away from the tables.

You Shall Not Pass

Real money craps is not known for its simplicity. Many new gamblers avoid it like the plague. I understand why. Craps tables have a lot going on, and everyone standing around appears to be an expert.

When a novice gambler garners the courage to approach the table, he’s inundated with a plethora of complicated bets. You won’t have to search far into any introduction of craps before you hear about the pass or don’t pass bets.

A Red and Blue Craps Die

These two are the best bets in the game. You should also take or lay odds with these bets. This is elementary stuff, and you shouldn’t have to think about them much. The simplicity may be why everyone recommends these bets.

Most gamblers bet pass. They want to root for the guy or gal shooting the dice. In fact, I’m a pass line bettor, too. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to team up and run against the casino.

Misery loves company, too. You may look at the two and wonder, why pass instead of don’t pass?

The don’t pass bet has a lower house edge, but the difference is so small—1.36% vs. 1.41%—that most people just go with the bet where they get to root for the shooter.


Thousands of gambling strategies are floating around. These range from the silly to the flat-out crazy.

What’s fun is to shake things up without drastically increasing your risk.

If you’re bored with the same old strategies, try to increase your entertainment value for every dollar you spend. Keep things light and exciting at the casino.

The most successful gambling strategy of all time? Have fun.