The Most Common Sports Betting Fallacies You Should Ignore

Handful of Money With a Sportsbook Background

In both victory and defeat, sports bettors struggle to keep things to themselves.

Gambling itself is a social activity that creates a sense of community among bettors. At the casino tables, it’s not uncommon to see people who have never met carrying on like old pals.

In the sports betting world, a popular pastime is commiserating over bad beats and celebrating improbable victories. Those highs and lows bind gamblers together.

That feeling of community fosters an environment where sports gamblers feel comfortable. But, with that comfort comes a significant drawback: the spread of misinformation to the masses.

When placing bets, many gamblers feel compelled to stick to their code or set of rules. These rules are an amalgamation of tips, tricks, and “insider secrets” gamblers learn over years of gambling.

Some might be worth abiding by, but others are misguided and blatantly inaccurate. To make sure you’re not falling for some of these pieces of wisdom, here are seven common sports betting fallacies to ignore.

You’ll Get ‘Em Next Time, You’re Due

The idea that a gambler is due for a win extends far beyond the world of sports betting. From casinos to little league fields to the teams gamblers bet on in the first place: it’s a common gambling fallacy to assume you’ll win eventually.

When gambling, losing streaks are a regular occurrence. It’s an unfortunate part of betting that you’ll experience at some point.

Dealing with losing streaks that won’t come to an end is a challenge some handle differently than others. Certain gamblers might take a step back and change their approach; others might try to power through.

One way or another, a losing streak will come to an end. But the first response to someone who can’t buy a win shouldn’t be that they’re due for one.

Winning sports bets is a laborious process, and people don’t just luck into wins. Instead of blowing through your bankroll as you sustain defeat after defeat, consider taking a day or two off.

Perseverance is a quality any sports gambler should aspire to possess, but at some point, it’s best to throw in the towel.

You Should Fade Yourself

As I mentioned in the previous point, sports betting losing streaks are bound to happen eventually.

Picking yourself back up and getting back on track is an uphill battle. While the proper way to do that is up for debate, specific tactics should be deemed entirely inadvisable.

One of the worst is the ridiculous notion of fading yourself or betting against picks you’d typically make.

The first time I heard this idea mentioned, I thought it was just a comment made in jest. But, I was unfortunately mistaken.

NFL Panthers and Lions on the Line

When gamblers are on a losing streak it’s understandable to search for an explanation. Obviously, there’s something you’re doing wrong.

But, to even consider changing your gambling mindset is laughable. More often than not, losing streaks are a product of poor fortune and maybe a few small mistakes.

Doing something drastic is often unnecessary and will only serve to make matters worse.

Life’s Too Short to Bet the Under

One of the most popular gambling mottos around the internet is that life is too short to bet on the under. That motto, as misguided as it is, seems to appeal to younger, inexperienced gamblers.

As a pure sports fan, seeing points scored is often exciting and makes contests more enjoyable. So, of course, betting the over seems to be the more entertaining option if entertainment value is your primary concern.

But advising against a type of bet because it’s boring and conservative isn’t a quality piece of advice. Nonetheless, that mindset is still quite popular with gamblers who believe only cowards bet on the under.

Deciding between betting the over and under should come down to statistics and empirical facts. The decision shouldn’t rest on the question of a gambler’s bravado.

If the under makes more sense to you, then don’t waiver. Obviously, high scoring games are entertaining, but winning a bet is equally, if not more satisfying.

When in Doubt, Go With Your Gut

In some cases, making decisions with your heart or your gut isn’t such a bad idea. But, it’s always best to use reliable sports betting knowledge when making bets instead of a guttural reaction.

Hopefully, each of your bets is appropriately researched, vetted, and placed after shopping for the best lines. Nothing is guaranteed when betting on sports, but it’s best to defer to logic.

Sports Betting Stations and Screens

That way, if things don’t fall in your favor, you can rest easy knowing the bet was made after approaching it diligently.

Sometimes you might feel unsure about a certain wager. It’s probably best to skip it and find other wagers that instill more confidence in these cases.

Opting to bet on a side simply because you have a good feeling about it is not a sustainable method of gambling.

Always Fade the Public

It’s common to hear quality gamblers classify the gambling public as under-informed and prone to make mistakes. In other words, the average sports bettor is frankly not very good at betting on sports.

A popular method of gambling among some sports bettors is known as fading the public. That means analyzing where most of the money is coming in and betting on the other side.

The reason fading the gambling public is so popular is easy to explain. When a large amount comes pouring in on one side of a wager, there’s a chance that the line can move.

So, if a gambler already intended to bet on the least popular side, the odds might move even farther into their favor.

Occasionally fading the public isn’t such a bad idea, especially in a situation like the one I described.

However, consistently doing so isn’t an intelligent method of gambling. Going against the grain doesn’t guarantee any success.

The average sports gambler is indeed inefficient, but frequently the gambling public gets it right.

Never Gamble on Your Favorite Team’s Games

When first breaking into gambling, it’s a good idea to avoid betting on the teams you root for.

Inexperienced gamblers are susceptible to betting like sports fans instead of sports gamblers. So they might feel compelled to bet on their home team because they want to see them succeed.

NBA Pelicans Player Laying up the Ball

Once you establish sound sports betting practices, then there’s no issue betting on the teams you root for. That is, as long as you’re able to separate your fanhood from your betting.

Sometimes you might be presented with a situation where it’s smarter to bet against your favorite teams. Certain gamblers hate this scenario, but I have come to enjoy it.

If you bet against your favorite team, you’re going to win either way. Either the team you know and love will win, or you’ll win money if they perform poorly.

Go Big With Sports Betting or Go Home

Gambling requires some degree of risk. Skilled gamblers understand the risk involved when placing bets but can minimize them.

That comes through devoting time and energy to making sure your wagers are as solid as possible.

Gambling tends to attract people who enjoy the uncertainty that comes with placing bets. The feeling of narrowly escaping with a win is exhilarating, but gamblers shouldn’t chase that feeling.

There is a common mantra of going big or going home and other absurd rationalizations gamblers use to convince themselves into placing risky bets.

Going all-in and winning is one of the best feelings in gambling. But, continually putting a majority of your bankroll on one wager will lead to an early end to a gambling career.

Sports gamblers should be responsible with their assets and never make a bet for the sake of creating drama. Sports are already dramatic enough; you don’t need to add fuel to the fire.


Every decent pro sports gambler has a method to their madness. Over the years, gamblers find things that seem to work for their system and others that don’t.

Those methods are often influenced by specific rules and ideologies common amongst sports gamblers. While there is quality information and advice out there for gamblers, there is plenty to ignore.

Certain misconceptions are prevalent among bad sports gamblers, and it’s important to spot these fallacies.

Some of these ideas, like that you’re due for a win eventually, aren’t exclusive to sports betting. In general, gamblers will often tell themselves anything to convince themselves to keep gambling.

If you’re in the midst of a losing streak, don’t even consider fading yourself. If your system is effective, eventually, the results will normalize.

On the subject of fading, while occasionally it’s a sharp move to fade the public, it shouldn’t be a consistent practice.

Finally, remember to manage your money responsibly and don’t jeopardize your betting future for the sake of one bet.