The Most Common Self-Destructive Habits of Slots Players

Self Destruct Button With a Slots Background

I once heard someone say the biggest mistake slots players make is playing slots. There’s some merit to that, but you’re never gooing to hit a life-changing progressive jackpot sitting on the sidelines.

However, slot machine gaming isn’t without its pitfalls. Here are the most common self-destructive habits of slots players.

Gambling Too Fast

One of the fastest ways to drain your bankroll as a real money slots gambler is by playing too fast. Slot machine spins are over in a matter of seconds.

This fast paced action will have you playing over 600 spins every hour. This can make the cost per hour more expensive than any other game on the casino floor.

Only betting $2 per spin seems much less dangerous than playing baccarat for $10 per hand. However, the math proves otherwise.

Let’s imagine the return to player on the average machine is 92%. That means the casino is keeping the remaining 8%.

So, at $2 per spin and 600 spins per hour, you’re putting $1200 into play. That gives you a standard return of $1104.

In other words, you’re losing $96 an hour. Even if you have a $500 bankroll it’ll be gone within six hours barring a significant jackpot.

Casino Slot Machine Floor

There’s not much you can do about the giant house edge, besides moving to a better game.

Still, there’s a way to significantly stretch your bankroll to its absolute limits.

Slow down the game. In blackjack, baccarat, craps, and any other table game the hands take some time to develop and there are pauses for betting between hands or rounds.

Unfortunately, you’re forced to play at the pace of the table and stalling will end with a stern talking to by the pit boss.

However, slot machines afford you the luxury of dictating the pace at which you spin the reels.

The next time you sit down to your favorite slot machine, play at a leisurely pace. You’re still going to get your free drinks by pressing the spin button rather than auto-spin.

You’ll be on the casino floor much longer and I’m confident a jackpot is far more satisfying when you spin the reels yourself.

Playing the Wrong Slots Games

Casino slot machines are not all created equal. In fact the return to player can dip from 95% for the top machines down to below 90% pretty quick. You absolutely must pay attention and become familiar with the machines you’re playing.

I regularly see players choose games based solely on the theme or having the latest graphics upgrades. Some players will flat out overlook the RTP intentionally in favor of a game with eye-catching curb appeal.

I get that you’re spending money to be entertained, but there’s a cost associated with that.

Would you rather go to Fiji for three days or Ixtapa for five days?

Your gambling session is going to be over much sooner on slots games with a lower RTP than if you stick to a game with a higher payout. So, you can have the ultimate casino adventure for three hours on a low RTP game or you can stick to another exciting game that has a higher RTP and play for eight hours.

I suppose it’s personal preference, but when I make a trip to the casino I prefer to spend as much time as possible on the casino floor.

Plus, the RNG could trigger a massive win at anytime and you have a much higher theoretical probability to win a jackpot if you’re spending twice as long on the casino floor.

Oftentimes, getting a better RTP is as simple as playing for a higher denomination. You can make a small step up in your average bet size and get better payouts on the exact same game.

Stick to games with better RTP and you’re going to have a much more successful casino experience in the long term.

Falling Asleep at The Reels

Slot machines are famous for seducing players into a trance like state. The exciting animations and lights team up with loud entertaining sounds to lure players in.

The same alluring factors turn slots players into zombies. They completely disregard time, money, and the world around them.

Their sole function being to spin the reels and watch the action unfold before them.

The slot machine developers are shrewd businessmen and understand the profitability of such addictive games.

Players will often sit down to play a machine and lose hours to the game. This is absolutely by design.

Losses disguised as wins is another aspect of the trance like state of slots players. Machines regularly payout a small win, less than the players original bet amount.

The player gets excited because, after all, they won. Lights and sirens are going off and credits are pouring into their bank.

Cash Bandits 3 Online Slots Game

However, these are simply another clever ploy of the game developers to keep players in their seats.

You need to break the habit of mindlessly spinning the reels until your bank reaches zero. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by setting an alarm on your smartphone.

This will bolt you back to reality every hour or so and give you a break. It’s not going to kill you to go for a 10-15 minute walk.

You can use this time to get some fresh air or grab a snack. All that matters is you give yourself an unbiased opportunity to decide if you’re done for the moment or ready to get back to the game.

Fight back against the casino by staying alert during your slot machine sessions. A small dose of reality can go along way to preserving your casino gambling bankroll.

Being an Overly Superstitious Gambler

Modern slot machines are nothing more than a massive random number generator.

Players see their favorite color or a sentimental symbol and fall in love with games before ever spinning the reels. I’ve seen players build miniature shrines to Lady Luck around a particular machine.

I’ve even seen players post pictures of loved ones on the machine itself while they play. Grandkids seem to be a very popular choice.

I hope little Johnny’s college fund isn’t riding on the next spin.

Casino slot machines are not sentient beings. They have no conscience nor do they care about your luck. They have one primary purpose, create a result based on the RNG programmed within them.

I spent years thinking that luck was completely harmless. Equal parts harmless and useless, actually.

That was before I began to see how destructive these superstitions can be. Everyday players lose more than they can afford to lose based on these seemingly harmless oddities.

Gambling superstitions have no place in the mind of modern gamblers. Find games based on the best RTP you can afford to play. Leave the family pics and Troll dolls up if you must, but play the numbers.

Chasing Casino Comps

Slots players love getting those casino freebies. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free meal at the cafe or a neck pillow for the flight home.

Don’t get me wrong, casino comps are a fantastic way to stretch your gambling bankroll as far as possible.

You can’t chase them though. If you’re spending $175 dollars to get to a free trip to the Bahamas, that’s probably worth it.

Row of Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

However, if that same $175 it to get you to the aforementioned neck pillow, you’re making a mistake.

In almost every instance, the money lost getting to a comp is much less than the value of the comp itself. Play the slot machines to the best of your ability and take the comps as they come along.

Keep in mind that whether you’re going for a free room or concert tickets to your favorite show, you’ll be better off just spending the money outright.

Poor Casino Bankroll Management

Poor casino bankroll management isn’t reserved as the plight of the slots gambler. Still, I see slots players making one of the most egregious bankroll mistakes.

That’s getting greedy. Slots players are far less likely to cash out their winnings and walk away than others.

It could be the allure of the massive jackpot or simply that they are convinced they can’t lose. Regardless, anytime you begin trying to roll wins into bigger wins, you’re doomed.

Casino games are carefully and cleverly designed to slowly siphon your bankroll over time. If the slots have fallen in your favor to this point in the game, it’s inevitable that the fall is coming.

Do yourself and your bankroll a favor. Cash out any significant winnings as they come and buy back in with your initial buy-in.

This small step will have you walking away a winner more than you’ve ever imagined.


The most common self-destructive habits of slots players can be found throughout the casino. They aren’t exclusively for the one arm bandits.

So, no matter what game you prefer to play in the casino, if you found something familiar, look at your own gambling habits and find areas you can improve.