The Hottest Vacation Destinations Near Hollywood Casino St. Louis

Six Mile Bridge Brewery on Left and Plane Museum on Right

Hollywood Casino St. Louis is one of the Show-Me State’s premier gaming destinations. But it’s also located on the outskirts of St. Louis. With that said, many of the hottest vacation destinations that you will find in the sections below also reside outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

Sure, we will sprinkle a few St. Louis-based attractions in today’s post in case you’re interested in checking things out within the city limits. But if the city isn’t for you, then you will find plenty of cool things to do in Maryland Heights, Missouri, where you will also find the casino.

Learn more about the best vacation attractions near Hollywood Casino St. Louis below.

1 – Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park

Head over to 13236 Streetcar Drive in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and you will find Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park. This prominent park features the largest natural lake in Missouri. Whenever you want to spend some time by the water, Creve Coeur Lake is worth visiting.

It’s a great place to visit during the summer, given the number of warm weather-related activities available in the park, especially if you’re into renting kayaks. They also have a cool rowing club that you can watch or even take part in if you’re into the sport.

But the lake isn’t the only thing that makes the memorial park such a major draw. There are many places where you can hike, bike, walk, or jog to burn off some calories. If you’re into it, there’s nature and bird watching, too.

Some visitors found the trail markings rather confusing. However, if you keep the large lake in sight, you will never get lost, and it’s what most hikers opt for. Others will just walk or run around the lake and given its size, you’re in for quite a workout.

The only gripe from many reviewers per TripAdvisor is that the park loves to draw massive crowds. So if you’re not a crowd person, it’s best to steer clear and seek out a nearby park which tend to draw fewer people.

2 – Six Mile Bridge Beer

Six-Mile Bridge Beer boasts a better beer selection than perhaps anywhere in St. Louis, and that may even include the Anheuser-Busch attractions in the city proper. Feel free to check them out at 11841 Dorsett Drive in Maryland Heights.

You will find a simple menu of pub fare here, negating the necessity to return all the way back to Hollywood Casino St. Louis when you want to grab a bite. You can just sample and buy your favorite brews.

Six Mile Bridge Beer in Missouri

On a clear day during the warmer months of the year, head outside, sit under an umbrella, enjoy the brews and picturesque scenery. Here, you can indulge in your favorite foods. Even with their simpler menu, SMB’s quality has only increased in recent memory.

3 – Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum

For anyone that’s into antique planes, Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum is more than worth the visit. Within the walls here at 3127 Creve Coeur Mill Road in Maryland Heights, Missouri, sits the nation’s largest antique plane collection.

You’re getting flying machines from their formative era here. Think of those old WWI-style planes all the way to WWII. You’ll find remnants from the Interwar Period that many have termed the “Golden Age of Flight.”

There’s plenty of those old-school planes that held a single pilot. So, if you find those interesting, odds are you will move this hot vacation destination near Hollywood Casino St. Louis to the top of your list.

Given its proximity to Lake Coeur Memorial Park, it’s a great idea to pair the two together if you’re venturing into the area. The Family Arena and Webster Park are also within a two-mile radius.

4 – Centene Community Ice Center

Having opened in 2019, the Centene Community Ice Center is among the newest attractions near Hollywood Casino St. Louis, and it has since become an instant classic with the community.

Proving that hockey is for everyone, it’s a good place to visit if you or someone in your travel group is interested in learning the finer points of the game.

However, if you’re not in town long, you can still come out and enjoy the open skating during designated times.

Centene Community Ice Center in Missouri

Not interested in ice skating, hockey, or figure skating, the latter of which the venue also hosts? No worries.

Centene Community Ice Center is also home to an outdoor 4,500-seat concert venue. They hold remarkable concerts, festivals, trade shows, farmers markets, and more. So if nothing else, head on out and see what kind of events they’re holding in what might just be the crown jewel of Maryland Heights.

Are you interested in checking the place out? Find it at 750 Casino Center. It’s so close to Hollywood Casino St. Louis that you can walk there.

5 – Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park

Sure, the slot machines and table games over at Hollywood Casino St. Louis bring  quite a number of thrills. But if you’re looking for something different, head out to Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park.

You’re getting what might just be the greatest outdoor experience (and workout) in the area. Climb winding obstacles, fly to new heights on the ziplines, explore the surrounding forests, and so much more.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate hiking experience, check out the Treetop Adventure Ropes Course. You’re getting the environment of a hike, paired with what may just be the finest way to entwine yourself with nature in all of St. Louis.

6 – Escape Challenge St. Louis

Have you ever entered an escape room? If yes, then you’re up for a new challenge over at Escape Challenge St. Louis. If not, you’re hitting the ground running at this exciting venue.

Designed for between four and 10 players, you and the rest of your travel group can take a turn and work together to solve puzzles to escape within the allotted time span, which is almost always 60 minutes.

Escape Challenge St. Louis in Missouri

Head inside, search for those puzzles, clues, and codes, put them together, and beat the clock. You will find the venue at 11978 Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights, and it’s a great location to pair with the Six Mile Bridge Brewery, given its proximity to the attraction.

7 – Anheuser-Busch Brewery

If you’re looking for the finest attraction in St. Louis next to the Gateway Arch, odds are it’s the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. While many small towns host breweries, this urban brewery has become a cultural icon featuring arguably the most well-known brands of beers in the world.

Head over to 1127 Pestalozzi Street in St. Louis, and say hello to what may just be the grandest behind-the-scenes tour in St. Louis. Gain background information on how they brew the beers, but don’t forget to snap a few pics of the surrounding architecture.

Even if the brewing process does not pique your interest, odds are you will be impressed by the sheer history of the place.

One common denominator among those who have toured the place and reviewed the brewery will urge you to bring comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot, both indoors and out. Still, you will get to visit with the Clydesdale horses that are famous for pulling old wagons.

Best yet, tickets range between $15 and $20, so you don’t need to win a jackpot over at Hollywood Casino St. Louis to enjoy this history lesson and behind-the-scenes look of the brewing process for one of America’s most famous beer brands.

8 – Cahokia Mounds

If you’re looking for a breathtaking piece of history, look no further than the Cahokia Mounds. At one time, it was larger and more prosperous than London, England, back in 1250 AD.

This is perhaps the finest attraction in the area if you’re a history buff. But it’s also a good place to visit if nature is your thing, considering the number of walking/hiking trails in the area, along with the number of mounds scattered about.

Cahokia Mounds in Missouri

They host several events throughout the calendar year such as equinox and solstice observances, kids days, 5ks, and more.

Come on out and enjoy the reconstructed village scenes, demonstrations, interpretive centers, and of course, the mounds themselves. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in the local history of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen.

Prepare to spend more than a few hours here just to get to everything—especially if you’re interested in checking out those hiking trails. You can even view the sunset from some of the greatest vantage points in the area.

In Summary

As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do all around Hollywood Casino St. Louis, without the need to venture into the big city.

Whenever you’re looking to bypass most of the traffic that all large cities in America bring, Hollywood St. Louis is the ideal gambling destination in the area to frequent. And the Maryland Heights area is also laden with its fair share of hot vacation destinations that you can add to your vacation itinerary.

If you’ve ever been to Hollywood Casino St. Louis, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know if you ventured to any of the above attractions.

We are looking forward to reading your stories.