The Hottest Places to Visit When You’re Near Eldorado Gaming at Scioto Downs

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Diversity is the best way to describe attractions located near Eldorado Gaming at Scioto Downs, given the casino’s location in the area. So, when you hit this venue in the Columbus area, take note that you have a lot—and I mean a lot—of local attractions to look forward to.

What can you get excited about in C-Bus? Pretty much anything from history to art, and even a diversity of local events and trade shows held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

With that said, there is something for you to do here in Ohio’s largest city, especially if you’re looking for a day away from the casino gaming and horse racing that you’ll find on the casino grounds.

Today, we’re talking about six of the hottest places to visit the next time you’re gambling in Ohio.

Greater Columbus Convention Center

It holds annual expositions like the Arnold Sports Festival, Columbus International Auto Show, Ohio Star Ball, Origins Game Fair, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Breakfast Celebration. Chances are, you’ll find a well-known exposition here at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Either way, you’re looking at 440,000 square feet of exhibit space, three ballrooms, and 75 meeting rooms comprising the city’s crown jewel. So, if you’re looking for some major action off the casino floor, you may find what you’re looking for at this venue.

Greater Columbus Convention Center

Even if the hottest annual expositions of the year aren’t going on, you’re bound to find a decent trade show or similar event, perhaps several. But if you happen to find yourself in the area during such huge outings, prepare for a day’s worth of fun that will even rival that at Eldorado Casino Gaming at Scioto Downs.

Why? Because you’ll probably find yourself meeting and interacting with celebrities and kingpins in such specific niches.

For example, if you’re gaming at Eldorado around the same time as the Arnold Sports Festival, prepare to meet more than just pro bodybuilders. You’ll find athletes, actors, models, and many of your favorite personalities at several booths in the convention center.

It gives you just a tiny taste of what to expect if you’re venturing out to a huge event the center holds.

William McKinley Monument

Honoring former US President William McKinley, the William McKinley Monument—also known as the McKinley Memorial—stands in front of the Ohio Statehouse. Dedicated in 1907, the life-sized statue of McKinley stands on a 15-foot pedestal overlooking the area.

Flanking him are the statues Peace and Prosperity. And on the left column of the reverse side of the monument bears the inscription, “The fame of such a man will shine like a beacon through the mists of ages.”

You’ll find McKinley’s date of birth and date of death inscribed in the second column, along with the dedication from the State of Ohio and the Citizens of Columbus. And the third column holds the inscription, “An object of reverence, of intimidation, and of love.” These are words that personified the former president during his illustrated life.

William McKinley Monument

The William McKinley Monument is one of three monuments and national memorials dedicated to the former president. The McKinley Monument is located in Buffalo, New York, McKinley’s place of death. And you’ll find the McKinley National Memorial in Canton, Ohio.

So, if you find yourself traveling through one of those two cities, check out their tributes to McKinley and complete the trifecta.

Green Lawn Cemetery

If your idea of a peaceful time involves a stroll through a cemetery, Columbus owns one of the most historic cemeteries in the country. If you’re a Civil War buff, this place grants you a gold mine of knowledge given the cemetery’s status as the primary burying ground during the conflict.

Oh, and there’s only a 130-year-old Civil War Monument at the site as well, so that’s worth checking out if the War Between the States piques your interest. Also on the ground stands the 119-year-old Huntington Chapel. So, yeah, you’re in for a lot of history here in Ohio’s second-largest cemetery.

You may be wondering, how big is this cemetery? Well, it sits on 360 acres of land and about 80 acres remain undeveloped. Per Smart Business Magazine, cemetery officials have stated enough real estate exists for another 100 to 150 years worth of burial space.

Green Lawn Cemetery Ohio

Okay, enough of the place’s overview. The sheer statistics will show you why this place is worth the visit, even if historical buildings, architecture, and the age of the graves themselves don’t do it for you.

There have been an estimated 155,000 people buried at Green Lawn Cemetery, with 30,000 veterans, 15 of whom were generals and another five Medal of Honor recipients. The cemetery contains 4,300 trees on the property comprising over 150 species of trees, and the total area includes 27 miles of road cutting through the burial ground.

There are over 100 notable burials at the cemetery, one of which includes World War I Flying Ace Edward V. Rickenbacker, whose house happens to be a National Landmark itself. Let’s explore it.

Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker House

You’ll find this 1 ½ story structure between Miller Avenue and Lockbourne Road. It served as the childhood home of Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker lived in the property until he rented his own apartment at age 32.

You can call this house his permanent place of residence, in a manner of speaking, during the Great War. Efforts to convert the house into a museum have been underway over the past 22 years, given the constant efforts by various non-profit organizations and the City of Columbus itself.

When the city purchased the house in 1998, it was in near-irreparable condition, and it has since been restored close to its original look in the years that have passed.

If you’re looking to take just a tiny break from the casino games over at Eldorado, a trip to the Eddie V. Rickenbacker House makes for a great midday jaunt.

Columbus Museum of Art

If you’re looking to take a few hours off from the gaming, then the Columbus Museum of Art is a great place for an educational experience. Built all the way back in 1878 as the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, it was the first art museum to register a charter with the State of Ohio.

What can you find within the museum’s walls? You’re looking at all sorts of artwork from all over America and the European continent. From modern and contemporary, to folk art, glass art, and breathtaking photography.

Columbus Museum of Art

The Ferdinand Howald Collection of modernist paintings, the Sirak Collection, Photo League, and the Philip and Suzanne Schiller Collection are just a few big names you’ll find at the Columbus Museum of Art.

You’ll find self-portraits, portraits of nature scenes, paintings of bustling city squares, and even abstract art among such collections along with a horde of others.

You’ll also find the latest and greatest works from up and coming artists along with paintings that date back nearly 400 years. So, if you’re an art enthusiast, you have a lot to get excited about if you venture to the Columbus Museum of Art.

Ohio History Center

It acts as both a history museum and a research center. The Ohio History Center is yet another perfect place to take time away from Eldorado Gaming at Scioto Downs and stroll through the immense historical collections this venue boasts.

It’s also not hard to spot, with its location on the Ohio State Fairgrounds on the city’s outskirts; it’s about 10 miles from downtown.

Ohio History Center

So, if you’re a history buff looking to take a day away from the casino, what will you expect to find here? This venue boasts mind-boggling exhibits from the Ice Age to the present day. Whether you’re into prehistory, ancient recorded history, the dawn of the modern era, or modern history, there is an exhibit waiting for you at the Ohio History Center.

And if you’re an Ohio resident looking for a crash course about your state’s history, you’re in even more luck. Other than its status as the primary museum for Ohio’s history, it also acts as the headquarters and library for the Ohio History Connection.

The Ohio History Connection operates over 50 history-related museums across the state. So, you can definitely check in and see what’s cooking statewide at the offices. The Connection also manages Ohio’s history archives which you can also find at this museum.

So, whether you’re a history buff in general, a history buff looking to learn more about your state, or if you just want to learn more about Ohio’s history, the Ohio History Center is your prime destination.


If you’re from Ohio, then you’ll definitely want to hit those history centers and gain some insight into what has made your state one of the best in the US. But as you can see from above, you have plenty to get excited about the next time you plan a casino trip that involves Eldorado Gaming at Scioto Downs.

And best yet, what you see above is a handful of many local attractions. So, even if you haven’t found what you’re looking for on this list, you’re bound to find something whether it’s sports, nature, aviation and other areas that have made Columbus great.

Have you visited Eldorado Gaming in the past? If so, did you visit any of the above attractions? Let us know in the comments and share your experience.