The Field Favored Over Joe Biden Winning the 2024 Democratic Nomination

President Joe Biden

Key Points:

  • Political betting sites are already offering a wide range of 2024 presidential election futures props.
  • One such prop gives bettors the opportunity to bet the field of potential 2024 Democratic presidential candidates versus Joe Biden for the party’s nomination.
  • This wager is an excellent opportunity for political handicappers to fade President Biden’s re-election prospects at a time when the current administration is particularly vulnerable.

How Often Do Political Betting Sites Offer You Free Money?

Yes, our top-ranked online sportsbooks provide generous sign-up/deposit bonuses and loyalty rewards, but I’m talking about offering free cold, hard cash for merely placing a bet. For most of us non-whales, the answer is “never” — that is, it used to be.

That all changed when posted odds for the 2024 Democratic Party presidential nomination. Only, instead of making a single pick from a massive selection of potential candidates – though they do offer those more traditional futures lines as well – the popular online sportsbook is letting bettors take the entire field against the current President of the United States!

What’s even more shocking is that the field is getting decent odds!

At –180 moneyline, you’ll need to stake $180 for every $100 you can win – but this bet is easily worth that level of risk. Considering –180 odds carry an implied probability of 64.29%, I’d argue that taking the field represents an enormous amount of betting value.

Matchup Odds
The Field -180
Joe Biden +135

On this page, we’ll examine some of the reasons you’d be crazy not to stake a sizable chunk of your bankroll on the field of Democratic candidates not named “Joe Biden.” If you want to send me a small percentage of your winnings out of appreciation for this “gimme” after you collect, I’m cool with that too.

Age / Health

It’s impossible to forecast President Biden’s political future without taking into account his advanced age and what appears to be some form of cognitive decline. He’s currently 78 years old, turning 79 on November 20. If Biden were to seek a second term, he’d be 81 when he hit the campaign trail.

A few short years may not seem like much until you compare Joe Biden’s mental sharpness and eloquence from 2016 to how he communicates today. Sure, the former Delaware Senator has always been known for his gaffes, but that has more to do with what he says than his ability to say it.

Here’s a clip from the 2016 election cycle, where Biden is discussing Bernie Sanders’s surprising primary performance against Hillary Clinton:

He’s coherent and knowledgeable and can speak off the cuff and respond quickly to the interviewer’s questions!

Now let’s compare that clip to some more recent footage.

Other Democratic candidates began noticing Biden’s mental acuity slipping early in the 2020 primaries — before the topic became off-limits. Julian Castro called out the eventual nominee during an early primary debate for forgetting what he’d just said.

There are entire highlight reels dedicated to strange and embarrassing moments from the 2020 campaign trail before the pandemic allowed Biden to campaign from his Delaware basement, where Democratic operatives carefully managed all public interactions.

Time and time again, we saw the President put together confusing garbled strings of words with indecipherable meanings:

Another example came in March when newly elected President Joe Biden forgot the names of both the Pentagon and his Secretary of Defense.

And finally, here’s the President appearing to fall asleep at the COP26 meetings before an aide wakes him up:

The instances above barely scratch the surface of Biden’s senior moments over the past two years. They aren’t even his worst examples.

Most importantly, pay close attention to the current Joe Biden’s eyes and posture and how he struggles to answer questions without notes or a teleprompter. It’s not about the embarrassing moments so much as his general demeanor.

Now revisit that clip from 2016 — or any footage of Vice President Biden during the Obama administration. He’s a completely different guy. I don’t say that to be mean, only to point out that his condition has declined rapidly.

  • How much worse will it get over the next three years?
  • Assuming the President continues the path, how could he possibly run for re-election in 2024?

Tanking Approval Ratings

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about President Biden’s plummeting approval ratings and how they’re impacting his 2024 betting odds. Since mid-August, the first term President’s approval numbers have fallen from above 50% — where they remained for the first eight months of his tenure – to an abysmal 43% today.

That’s one of the lowest approval ratings for a Commander in Chief at this stage in his presidency in recorded history!

A re-election bid was possible if his popularity remained high while the cabinet ran day-to-day operations behind the scenes. But now, the poor economy, food and gas price increases, and Congress’s inability to pass any of the Biden administration’s agenda have put the spotlight on the President’s failings.

In his current condition, I don’t think the almost 79-year-old Democrat can turn this ship around.

As the 2022 midterms draw near, I predict we’ll start hearing whispers about the President retiring. If the Dems lose both chambers of Congress as expected, those voices calling for a change will get louder.

Whether Joe Biden finishes out his full term or not, I have seen nothing in the political landscape that suggests he’ll seek re-election in 2024. And absent the incumbent, there’s only one group that could possibly win this bet: The Field!!!

Don’t Hesitate!

Grab those –180 odds to fading President Biden while you still can! After all, “free money” opportunities don’t come around every day.

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