The Easiest Way to Learn How to Play Casino Games (Part 1)

Silhouette of Woman Looking at Slot Machines and Casino Table Games

Gambling at casinos, playing cards, throwing dice — no matter the game you need to know how to play. If you have no idea where or how to learn to play casino games, allow me to help.

It can be overwhelming to learn what and how to play casino games. I’ve made it easy for you to learn. The first time I went to a casino in my early 20’s, I was lost and made mistakes.

I want you to have a better experience.

I have split this blog into 2 parts so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. I want you to have the most information to have the most enjoyable casino game playing experience.

Let’s begin.

What You Need to Know Before You Walk in a Casino

You did it. You booked your first trip to a casino resort. You’re looking at flights and rental cars. Then it hits you. You’ve only played a couple of casual games of poker in your friend’s basement. Let’s be honest. You’re not very good and you went more for the company.

You just realized that your big dreams of hitting the big jackpot (table or slot machine) is not very smart. You really have no idea how to gamble in a casino. Gambling can be fun, but it helps tremendously if you know a few things before you step foot in a casino.

The House (Casino) Always Has an Advantage

The house advantage (also known as the house edge) means the statistical math is always on their side. The casinos are looking for players just like you to win at any game. Having this knowledge going into to casino is going to give you the upper hand over someone who has not done their research. If you know that the casino will have the mathematical edge, you will not be disappointed when you lose money.

Gambling Is a Game of Luck and a Little Bit of Skill

Since you don’t have the advantage of the house edge, you need luck to win money, almost all the time. There are slight things you can do to minimize the house edge by playing wisely. This extends your playing time in a game. Luck is going to be your biggest advantage and there is not a lot you can do about that. Play for fun and don’t get wrapped up in the things you can’t control.

Set Your Spending Limit

This is a trick I stick to, even as a seasoned casino gambler. Withdraw the cash amount you are comfortable playing with before you even step foot on the casino floor.

I would suggest making the withdraw from your own bank to avoid the exorbitant fees at the casino ATMs.

We’ll talk about the in- house ATMs in a minute.

When you start to gamble on the casino floor be prepared to lose the money you have in your pocket. I know when that money is gone, I am done for the day. I will not be going to the ATM that is most likely spitting distance from where I’m sitting on the casino floor.

View of a Casino Table Games Pit

The casinos know that winning is a chance for the players. They have designed their ATM locations to be wherever you need them to be. This is a trap to get as much money a possible from you.

It is okay to go back to our hotel room with a loss.

That’s part of the intrigue of gambling in casinos. Not everyone can be a winner but everyone can have fun.

Stay Away from Casino Floor ATMs

As I’ve already mentioned, don’t go back to the casino ATM after you have spent your set gambling bank. This is how the casinos get you in a frenzy to spend more money to make up for your losses. Statistically it’s not going to happen. These ATMs are placed on the floor within your sight so that you don’t question if you should spend more. This is how some people fall into problem gambling.

Winning Streaks Are Not the Norm

If you find yourself winning hand after hand, enjoy it.

But be warned, do not take this as the norm for gambling in casinos.

You should really enjoy the winning streak because your winning streak will come to end, and you will be left pondering where all your money went,

Join a Player Rewards Program

You have a customer card for your regular grocery store (usually tied to your phone number) that you use to receive special coupons and discounts at the store. This is a great business model, and the casinos have copied it, or maybe the grocery stores copied them. We may never know the answer to that mystery.

Anyway, players rewards programs are offered at almost any casino you want to play at. Do your research into the casino(s) you plan on gambling at. Find out what the requirements are to join. Read player forums on other’s experiences. These rewards programs offer great discounts and even free dinners because the casinos want you to spend money. The more you spend, the more freebies they give you.

So Many Games, Which One Should You Play?

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a casino game to gamble at.

The main question is “What kind of adventure do you want to have?”.

Certain games are more fun to play while others have better odds for the player.

Are you looking to win money?

What is your skill level?

Are you looking to unwind with a few free drinks?

So many questions but I will guide you in the right direction.

Group of Video Poker Machines

If you’re wanting to win some money to keep your playing going, you need some basic skill level and have played before. These games have better odds for the gambler who know their way around a casino or play recreationally quite a bit. This set of games won’t leave you broke, and having to explain to you SO (significant other) where the money for the car payment went.

  1. Video Poker (Try to find Double Bonus or Double Double Bonus)
  2. Craps (some bets)
  3. Blackjack (single deck if you can find it)

Research this blog and player forums on how to master these games. If you take some time to read up you should be able to play pretty decent. No promises.

Looking for something fun and easy to learn (you have zero experience or are not interested in hitting the big jackpot, not that you won’t?

Try these 3 games to really enjoy your casino gambling experience in a low stress:

  1. Slots (make sure and read the fine print on the side or bottom of the top panel to better understand the rules)
  2. Roulette
  3. Keno

Want to know a cool thing about playing slots?

When you’re sitting at a machine you can score free drinks from the multitude of cocktail servers walking around the casino floor.

Be careful when mixing gambling (your money) and heavy drinking. This is not a famously successful pairing.

Please tip the servers. Most their take-home pay comes from gamblers tipping them.

Roulette has two styles, American and European. Again, do you research. Everyone has a preference, but this is a fun and exciting game that will be a can’t miss experience to play.


What is it?

It’s a gambling game brought to us from Asia. It is a combination of betting and the lottery.  You choose a set of numbers then place a bet. It’s weird and so enjoyable to gamble in casinos in this fashion. It is a great game to play if you want to relax, people watch and/ or have a drink. I like to take a break from the high stakes games and play Keno. Give it a try.


I hope you found this to be a good start on the easiest way to learn how to play casino games. I would love to hear any beginner tips or questions you may have, please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you would like to continue reading, check out part 2 here. Happy gambling.