The Best Way to Become a Casino Dealer in Las Vegas

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What if I told you a lucrative career in the casino gambling industry can be secured for less than $1,000 and only a month’s worth of study and training? No, I’m not talking about some fraudulent craps system promising to teach you the secrets of dice control to become a millionaire overnight.

Instead, I’m referring to the thriving casino dealer industry, which continues to offer a growing slate of steady jobs for anybody willing to learn the ropes. Casino dealers are the backbone of the gambling industry.

Tourists who convene in Las Vegas every year wouldn’t be able to enjoy their favorite table games without an army of highly-trained dealers to supervise the proceedings.

If you’ve ever played table games or poker in the Sin City casino setting, you know just how valuable dealers are to the entire proceedings. They gently guide inexperienced gamblers and make it all seem so effortless and easy.

You likely have plenty of experience dealing with casino dealers from the player’s perspective, but have you ever thought about flipping that script and working from behind the table? If so, this page was written with you in mind.

Below, you’ll learn everything an aspiring casino dealer needs to know about attending training courses in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas. I’ll cover the best schools, pricing plans, and curriculums for your casino dealer education.

Becoming a Casino Dealer Is a Great Idea in Any Economy

Dealers are the lifeblood of the casino industry, which in turn serves as the lifeblood of Las Vegas’ economy through thick and

According to the popular job search website, demand for professional casino dealers has remained on a positive upswing for 15 consecutive years. Vacancies within the profession have increased by 3.48% since 2004, averaging 0.58% annual growth to create nearly 23,000 new openings last year alone.

Those statistics have a nationwide scope, mind you, but seeing as how Sin City is the undisputed capital of America’s gambling industry, you can imagine how many jobs await here.

The Strip alone has 28 casino resorts operating around the clock, and the wider Las Vegas metropolitan area has a whopping 104 gambling halls of all shapes and sizes.

Because every casino requires dozens, or even hundreds, of dealers on the staff to keep the gambling floor humming, it doesn’t take long to find a multitude of open positions.

And those open positions, even at the entry-level tier, aren’t anything to sneeze at either. Based on data from salary aggregator, the average casino dealer in Las Vegas earns nearly $38,000 in annual base salary.

But when you factor in the $138 in average daily tips dealers haul in, their compensation climbs to more than $72,000 ($138 x 261 working days yearly = $34,191).

Casino Dealer Training Courses Can Be Completed in Just a Few Weeks

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To become qualified for an audition at your favorite casino, the best way to begin is by attending dealer school.

Fortunately, Las Vegas is home to no shortage of reputable and accredited casino dealer schools, including the city’s top three contenders—Casino Education Group (CEG), Personalized Casino Instruction (PCI), and Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending.

Each of these schools offers their own distinct coursework, schedules, and pricing plans, so I encourage readers to visit their websites to see which one works best.

To get an idea of how thorough and in-depth these casino courses really are, take a look below to see what the blackjack class at CEG Dealer School entails.

Casino Education Group (CEG) Dealer School’s Blackjack Curriculum

  • 2 Decks of Cards
  • Course Manual
  • Blackjack Class Orientation
  • Game Mechanics
  • Cheque Cutting & Sizing
  • Bank Management
  • Game Protection
  • Shuffles
  • Pitching
  • The Shoe
  • Making Change & Color
  • The Hole Card / Insurance
  • Fills, Markers & Credits
  • Payoffs & Color
  • Side Bets
  • Practice, Rinse and Repeat
  • Peer Review x 3
  • In-House Blackjack Audition

And that’s just one game. You’ll also need to learn the other staple games like baccarat, craps, and casino roulette games, along with a few of the specialty games that have become so popular in recent years.

That list might appear to lead to a full semester of study, practice, and testing, but you’d be surprised at how soon casino dealers can graduate. The schools listed earlier tend to pass students in one month or less, even while attending part-time and working a day job.

You Don’t Need to Take on Loan Debt to Attend a Top-Tier Dealer School

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Don’t worry though, because casino dealer schools in Las Vegas make sure to offer “bundled” pricing plans that cover all of the bases at an affordable cost.

As you can see in the tables below, the PCI Dealer School specializes in linking two or three games together in a coursework bundle, along with single-game courses for folks who need to round out their education.

Personalized Casino Instruction (PCI) Dealer School Course Pricing

Multiple Game Bundle Courses

Blackjack + Roulette = $399.00

Blackjack + Baccarat = $399.00

Blackjack + Pai Gow Poker = $399.00

Blackjack + Dice (Craps) + $449.00

Poker (excluded from 3-game special) = $599.00

Dice (Craps) + Roulette = $699.00

Blackjack + Dice (Craps) + Pai Gow Poker = $699.00

Blackjack + Dice (Craps) + Roulette = $799.00

Single Game Courses

Carnival Games = $149.00

Blackjack = $299.00

Baccarat = $299.00

Pai Gow Poker = $299.00

Dice (Craps) = $399.00

Roulette = $399.00

In most cases, total newcomers to the casino world can enroll in a comprehensive course that touches on all of the necessary table games for under $1,000. That might seem like a steep price to pay, but remember, you’ll earn that tuition expense back (and then some) with only a week’s worth of tips during your first days on the job.

And don’t worry about pounding the pavement and filling out job applications either. Las Vegas casinos work closely with the city’s top dealer schools, scouting talent directly and taking advantage of job placement programs to fill open positions on the fly.

Students Attain Successful Careers After Graduating From Casino Dealer School

Tables Games on Casino Floor, Poker Cards Spread, Graduation Cap and Diploma
I’ve never worked as a casino dealer myself, so don’t take my word for it when it comes to the satisfaction dealer school students feel upon graduation.

Instead, hear from graduates who successfully completed the courses.

Personalized Casino Instruction (PCI) Dealer School
Roulette Wheel Icon“This is the place where everything started in Vegas for me. Five years ago, I was new in town and knew nobody. Luckily, I found PCI Dealer School and spent two weeks here – and got a job soon after. I have been in the gaming industry ever since then, from dealer to floor supervisor, and Operations Manager.”
-Angel S. from California

Casino Education Group (CEG) Dealer School
Two Red Dice“Going to CEG is the best money I ever spent. If you are looking for an affordable, flexible, realistic way to get training for a job that you can get, I highly recommend CEG Dealer School. I just got my first paycheck from my first casino dealing job and it covered my cost. I got more out of CEG than I ever expected and will forever be grateful.”
-Joseph B. from Texas

Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending
Four Poker Cards Spread Out“With no prior poker experience and with the help of my instructor Tony, I am on my way to the WSOP audition. The mornings and evening classes allow for great flexibility. The team of instructors are very patient and friendly. The atmosphere is not intimidating at all for a newbie like myself. I highly recommended this school over the others as it is the only accredited gaming and bartending school in Vegas.”
-Rissa S. from Nevada

As you can see, these students realized their dreams and ambitions immediately after attaining their certification from a top Las Vegas dealer school. Today, they’re working steady, well-paying jobs in the industry they love, and in many cases, climbing their casino’s corporate ladder to pursue management positions.


Becoming a casino dealer might seem like a lark at first, a fleeting dream to occupy yourself with while grinding out another day at a job you hate. But upon closer inspection, enrolling in a casino dealing school and completing your table game education is an investment in your future. More money, job security, opportunity for advancement, and a fun-filled workplace environment make dealing at a Las Vegas casino a dream career.