Which Gifts Are Best for Gamblers in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Strip at Night, Three Wrapped Gifts
If you have an unlimited budget and are feeling generous, please send me one million dollars for my next Vegas vacation. I promise it will go quickly!

Someone once told me you should never spend more than $100 on a gift unless it’s for your anniversary. While I’m not sure if $100 is still a good cutoff point, it’s a sensible rule.

The best gifts are tasteful. Even if Las Vegas is Sin City, I am now officially too old to appreciate college humor gag gifts. I’d rather have something I’ll appreciate for years to come.

For that reason, gifts should also have a personal touch. If you can’t pick a gift that matches the person receiving it, then pick a gift that matches your own personality. Choose something that will give the receiver fond memories.

But not every gift needs to be permanent. A nice experience can create a great memory even if you carry nothing away from it.

Whatever you choose to bestow upon your friends or family, don’t break the bank trying to impress anyone!

They already like you, so you don’t have to win them over. By now, it should be clear it’s never easy choosing a gift for someone. See some great gift ideas below!

1 – Pay for Something Slightly Over Budget

I know I just threw the $100 rule right out the window, but I promise I’ll make up for it.

Personally, I look for cheap hotel rooms when I travel. I once made the mistake, early in my solo travel life, of staying in too cheap a motel. The memory still haunts me.

Everyone has a budget for rooms. Most people look for what they can afford that is as close to the Strip as possible without it being rundown.

If you can afford to go over their budget and really want to do something nice for your friends or family, pay for a couple of nights at a nicer hotel.

Hotel Room in Las Vegas, Green Dollar Sign

This is a really nice gift for anyone who wants to spend time on the Strip. I suggest paying for at least two nights so they don’t have to rush back to the room to pack and leave. Let them enjoy their time.

You don’t need to pay for a suite. Just cautiously ask them what their budget is and see if you can afford to pay for a slightly better room.

Other than hotel rooms, you can also offer to pay for plane tickets, uncomped shows, and other tourist experiences. Vegas is filled with them! Some people love the helicopter rides over the desert.

Whatever you decide, keep it as modest as possible but just outside their financial comfort zone. They’ll love the experience and appreciate it all the more.

2 – Pay for a Pair of Nice Shoes

This might seem like a weird gift idea, but you’d be surprised how many people buy the wrong shoes. Our moms may have paid $5 at a discount store for our kid shoes, but adults should take better care of their feet. We’re not growing anymore.

Think about what your relatives will be doing in Vegas—a lot of walking and standing. Yes, the slot machine games have seats, but people walk and stand a lot in Vegas.

If your friends are the kind of people who don’t think about their feet very often, or if their budget can’t handle it, take them to a shoe store with a machine that custom fits insoles.

You may not need a PhD in physics to be a shoe salesperson, but the first time my wife convinced me to do a proper fitting, I was amazed. For a little over $100, you can fit someone with a better pair of shoes that are made for walking. They may never buy discount shoes again.

And if you’re a member of a rewards club for the shoe store, you get the credit for the purchase. Shoes are great gifts for family. If you and your friends don’t feel weird about the idea, they’ll appreciate a nice pair of walking shoes, too.

3 – Clothing for Your Poker Buddies

If your friends are planning on hitting the poker tables, what would be better than buying them hoodies and hats to help disguise their tells?

Black Hoodie Sweater, Dark SunglassesEven if it only feels like a gag, you could throw in a pair of sunglasses to go along with the hoodie and hat. I’m not sure you want to look like a team crashing the local game, so put some thought into each set of clothes.

Hoodies and hats make great unisex gifts for poker players. Men and women love the game, so this is a cool idea for a couple that isn’t thinking about poker room attire.

4 – Gift Certificates for Spas

Many people who visit the casinos also take time off for spas. You’ll find that a lot of spas in Las Vegas sell gift certificates.

If you know your friends or relatives would enjoy the experience, buy them one or two spa certificates. Even if they can cover the cost of the spa in their budget, they’ll appreciate the gift.

You could also go the extra mile and pay for a slightly better spa experience than they would.

5 – Simple Guide About Gambling

Unless someone is very serious about gambling, they’re not likely to read a long, thick book before they take their trip.

Casino Table Game with Red Dice, Blackjack Strategy Card

But if you know of a simple, visual guide they can consult on the way, in-between casinos, or even while playing, they may appreciate the thought.

Blackjack players sometimes carry strategy cards. Video poker players may also appreciate a strategy card. A nice laminated card or pocket-sized flip book would be ideal. This is an inexpensive gift, but most people would never think to buy something like this before going to a casino.

6 – Give a Day Pass Card

Every major city has a day pass card that covers admission or provides discounts on admission to local community attractions and venues.

There are three major day pass cards for Las Vegas.

Go Las Vegas by Smart Destinations grants admission to 39 attractions. Users can pick one of these four as well:

  1. Blue Man Group Show
  2. Grand Canyon Tour
  3. Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour
  4. Richard Petty Driving Experience
You can buy passes per day for several days ranging from two to five. Adults and children have different prices.

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass doesn’t provide free admission but users get discounts up to 70% off on many Las Vegas attractions. There are 10 premium attractions in their present offerings.

Passes are available for one to five days.

The Las Vegas Pass offers discounts of up to 60% on admission to dozens of attractions and in some places allows you to skip the line. That is probably the biggest advantage for this card.

Check each site for details and the latest offers from each card.

7 – Scenic Cruise

There are presently two available cruises for people in or near Las Vegas. Both cruises are conducted on Lake Mead.

Lake Mead Las Vegas Dinner Cruise

The Champagne Brunch cruise is less expensive, but the Riverboat Dinner cruise may be the more memorable experience.

Either way, friends and family will appreciate the experience. People may enjoy the opportunity to do something different from the usual on-Strip activities!


There are so many gift ideas it’s hard to choose just seven.

While it may not always be possible to keep gifts under $100, if you can spare $300 to 500 for your family and give them a vacation experience they cannot afford, whatever you do will be appreciated and remembered for life.

And that makes everyone a winner! What better way is there to enjoy Las Vegas, even when you’re not there yourself?