The 7 Types of Sports Gamblers You Will Encounter

Smug Looking Man and an Angry Man

For whatever reason, the sports gambling industry seems to attract strong personalities. It makes sense if you think about it. Most sports gamblers started out as sports fans. Sports bring out the best and worst in people, and adding money into the equation only accentuates people’s character traits.

Most of you are aware of common stereotypes that exist in the world of sports fandom. New sports gamblers won’t be surprised to learn that sports gamblers are eerily similar to sports fans. They can be loud and exuberant after wins, but petulant and demeaning after losses. Similarly, there are several types of stereotypical sports gamblers. Here are seven common sports bettors you might encounter throughout your gambling journey.

1 ‒ The Guy Who “Knows” a Bookie

Before the age of online sportsbooks, sports gamblers used bookies if they wanted in on the action. Now, bookies are somewhat of a rarity, especially for younger gamblers who are competent with computers. But bookies are still out there, and some old-school gamblers prefer to do their betting traditionally.

Coming up as a gambler, the odds are that you’ll run into someone who prefers to use a bookie. Most of the time, these gamblers are of superior quality. To maintain a good relationship with a bookie, you have to be half-decent anyway. But, if you’re below 25, you’re going to come across someone who claims to use a bookie. More than likely, they’re telling you a bald-faced lie.

Sports Paper On a Computer Keyboard

Most younger gamblers think that it’s cooler and less mainstream to bet with a bookie instead of through a gambling site. They’re quick to degrade you for using a site and brag about the bookie you use. I’d wager that if you asked them to connect you to their bookie, they’ll make some excuse. Whether it’s that they prefer to stay off the grid or aren’t accepting new clients at this time, I’ve heard some doozies over the years.

2 ‒ The King of Parlays

Everyone enjoys putting a few bucks on a good parlay bet every now and then. If you’re lucky enough to hit on a parlay, you’re ecstatic. If not: no harm done. Most smart gamblers never put a sizable portion of their bankroll on a parlay due to the long odds. But every once in a while, maniacs will unload a few units on a parlay.

This type of bettor most likely won a parlay several years ago and is convinced betting on parlays can be profitable. They’ll tell you that you only have to occasionally win a parlay to finish in the black. They freely offer unsolicited advice to anyone who will pay them any mind.

I also commonly refer to this type of gambler as “Big ‘If’ Bettors.” They will consistently lose parlays but make excuses that typically begin with if. For example, “If the Patriots had covered, I would have won.” Or, “If only the Bears hit that field goal, I’d be swimming in money.” The King of Parlays always has an excuse for losses, but that won’t stop them from betting heavily on parlays.

3 ‒ Obscure Sports Fan

Most new gamblers prefer to stick to traditional sports betting, like basketball and football. Sometimes, they’ll even read up on horse racing or combat sports, to increase their gambling acumen. But once in a blue moon, you’ll interact with a gambler who makes a killing betting on obscure things.

These types of gamblers are more eccentric than others, and you might feel inclined to take each of their words with a grain of salt. But, inexplicably, they are some of the most profitable bettors you’ll come to know. When you’re sleeping, they’re up watching a cricket match.

Cricket Player at Bat

The obscure sports fan is always trying to convince other people to hop on the bandwagon. More than anything, they just want to be able to talk about their bets with someone. Much to their dismay, the average sports gambler would prefer to talk football over a sport they’ve never watched before.

4 ‒ The Echo Chamber

Arguably the most annoying type of sports gambler is the echo chamber. This type of person is usually the most well-read gambler in the group. They spend their free time researching lines and waiting for injury reports to come out. Instead of listening to true crime podcasts, they have the top gambling podcasts on repeat.

The problem with this type of gambler is the fact that they try to pass other professional’s takes and advice as their own. At some point, you’ll notice that all of their picks are eerily similar to one of your favorite media personalities. While they are the most informed member of their gambling circle, that doesn’t mean they’re the most successful.

Instead of vetting the information they hear, they are prone to blindly following the experts they worship. They might be incredibly challenging to put up with, but everything evens out when their bets just don’t win.

5 ‒ The Bankroll Buster

The Bankroll Buster is the most aggressive type of gambler you know. They commonly go on and on about a line they are optimistic about. Instead of betting it somewhat conservatively, they unload a majority of their bankroll on it. You’ll watch in terror as they lose big bets and spend their entire week or month chasing losses.

More often than not, these types of gamblers have a decent job and are a little too obsessed with gambling. You might not classify them as a gambling addict, but they’re dangerously close to crossing the line. From an outsider’s perspective, you can’t tell why they continue to make these overly-aggressive wagers. Either they are trying to win some quick money or love chasing the high of a big win.

Either way, the Bankroll Buster loses far more than they win. If they would have asked a single person for advice, they might have been dissuaded from placing the bet in the first place. No matter, though. Once they deposit more money into their account, they’ll move on to their next dangerous wager.

6 ‒ The Insider

This type of gambler is actually a two for one. In sports gambling, information is the key to success. Sharp sports bettors know this, and consistently outsmarting oddsmakers and making savvy decisions is the only way to win. The best in the business seem to locate information or spot trends before anyone else.

Sports Writer Interviewing a Manager

At some point, you’ll meet someone who claims to have a channel to inside information. Either that person is lying in a desperate attempt to gain validation, or they’re being honest. Insiders typically got their start in some form of media. They might still know beat writers or agents in the business. More often than not, though, anyone claiming to have insider sports betting sources is just blowing smoke.

7 ‒ The Silent Assassin

The Silent Assassin is the most enigmatic and perplexing type of sports gambler. They say very little, but they are some of the most profitable bettors. You might not even know they are big-time sports gamblers in the first place. While you and your buddies are talking about sports and recent wagers, they quietly sit in the corner.

If you happen to learn of their success, you might attempt to pick their brain. But their success comes from being secretive. They refuse to part ways with their betting system or even throw you a single pick.

They’ll continue to rack up wins while you desperately attempt to understand their methods. Bide your time, though. At some point, they might let some information slip through the cracks.


As you continue your journey as a sports gambler, you will come across a wide variety of people. Sports gamblers, like die-hard sports fans, can fulfill a number of stereotypes. While most sports gamblers are just sports fans who want to add some action into the mix, others are more dynamic and complex.

For younger sports fans, don’t be shocked if you often run into someone who claims to know a bookie. Don’t get your hopes up though, most of these young guns are just trying to impress their posse.

Like most things, certain people are destined to be more successful than others. For example, gamblers who can’t quit betting on parlays, or dropping their entire bankroll on a single bet might not be the sharpest bettors. However, the silent but deadly types will always leave you questioning their rate of success.