The 7-Step Process for Creating Your Own Casino Game

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Casino games are constantly being pitched to casinos, and new games are regularly enjoying trial runs in casinos around the world. Many of us instantly think of the classics when we think of casinos.

However, many of the games we see on our irregular visits have come to fruition in recent years. When designing a casino game, the challenge is to come up with a game of chance that players will throw their money at for the pure entertainment it provides while ensuring there’s a long-term and sustainable house edge.

There are tons of games that meet the criteria of being unbeatable over the long haul. Still, they lack drawing players in and keeping them occupied.

Let’s examine the seven-step process for creating your own casino game. If you’ve ever dreamt of making a name for yourself in the casino industry, inventing the hottest game to hit the casino floor in the past 100 years could very well do exactly that.

1 – Know What You’re Getting Into

Before you launch your campaign for bringing the latest and most excellent casino game to the masses, you should appreciate the extreme odds facing you.

Every year, casinos are pitched hundreds of ideas for new games, and almost none of them see the light of day on the casino floor. In recent memory, only Mississippi Stud and Three-Card Poker are a couple of the newer poker derivative games to hit the casino market.

These games are long shots at best. The casino industry isn’t especially interested in taking up space on the casino floor for games that haven’t proven profitable.

So, many games never get to an initial testing phase on the casino floor. The games that pass the test and make it to a trial run in the casino are typically very profitable for the casino—only if the guests are playing them, though. Games with complicated rules or difficult-to-follow scoring scare a lot of players away.

Designing a casino game is an uphill battle, and even well-respected game designers will have a difficult time convincing the casino to give their game a shot.

2 – Align Your Thinking With Casino Standards

When you’re sitting in your garage or basement brainstorming ideas for your casino game that will revolutionize the gaming industry, try to bear in mind what the casino is trying to accomplish.

In order to achieve the proper mindset, you must assume the role of the casino owner. Looking at the games from a player’s perspective will be necessary further down the line. Still, first, you need a product the casino wants.

Many new games pitched to casinos are developed by industry insiders. Dealers spend more time at the tables than professional gamblers, and they have an intimate knowledge of many different casino games.

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One of the most vital aspects of any potential casino mainstay is simplicity. The casinos want players to swiftly understand the basic tenets of any new casino game.

Otherwise, they become overwhelmed by the rules and lose interest. The goal is to have maximum fun without too much fear of making mistakes.

The games that get the attention of casino executives will leave little room for error on the part of the dealer. So, it’s essential that you don’t have too many moving pieces for the casino staff to keep tabs on during a hand.

3 – Narrow Down the Type of Game You Want

Now that you’ve shifted your approach to that of a casino executive, it’s time to narrow down what kind of game you want to create.

In the casino, the live dealer table games are predominantly of the card variety. However, dice, dominoes, spinning wheels, and all manners of other types of games are in continuous development.

The card games offer a few significant advantages in the eyes of the casino. First of all, cards are familiar. Nearly everyone on the planet has held a deck of playing cards at one time or another.

That can help with scoring and how the game is played. The familiarity of cards will also draw players to the game, even if only for curiosity’s sake.

Next, playing cards are incredibly cheap. A deck of cards costs the average casino pennies, and they can regularly swap cards out to avoid edge sorting.

Casino security is also well-trained on how to spot irregularities when it comes to playing using playing cards. So, the casino won’t have to invest in additional training for the people behind the eye in the sky.

Finally, card tables tend to take up less space than games involving dice or the spinning wheel. In an industry where every square inch of floor space is accounted for, having a small footprint could be the difference between casino life or death.

4 – Put Your Imagination to Work

You’ve put in a ton of tedious work by this stage of the process. You’ve had to shift your whole outlook to mirror the casino’s wishes and carefully weigh the pros and cons of the general direction you want your game to take.

Many would-be game inventors either become frustrated and quit by this stage or are so far off base that they’d be better off terminating. Fortunately, this is the area where the work becomes more critical but also becomes much more fun.

That’s the idea anyway, isn’t it? You want to create something that brings enjoyment to millions of your fellow gamblers, and I’m sure the money won’t hurt either.

So, allow your imagination to run wild as you pin down the gameplay and rules for your exciting new prospect.


Consider the factors that allow new variants to succeed on the casino floor and examine how similar actions could make your game viable.

Remember, the goal here is to create something the casinos view as profitable. That requires players to flood to the tables every chance they get or at least have a steady stream of players.

Many wannabe game inventors lack any imagination or creativity. So, they attempt to combine games or aspects of different games.

This merely muddies the water, and the idea fails to gain any traction. Be as original as possible while remaining familiar to the masses.

Properly navigate that line, and you may have the next casino hit in the making.

5 – Do the All-Important Calculations

If you failed math classes in high school or college, you should probably seek help for the next step. Calculating and tweaking the house advantage is critical for a game’s chance at casino stardom.

Set the house advantage too low, and you’ll never get the support from casinos because the margins will be too low. Conversely, err on the high side and players will quickly catch wind of the losing endeavor and find better games to play.

The casino average for table games is right in that 4% range. Many games fall below the 4% threshold but have side bets that come with high edges to boost the profits.

Some of the best casino table games have a house edge below 2%. Blackjack and baccarat are games that have a reasonable house edge for the player and sucker bets to bolster the casino’s take.

Formulate a house edge that makes money but makes players feel like they’ve got a snowball’s chance.

6 – Create the Masterpiece

You’re almost to the finish line. Yet, what good is a casino game without a memorable name?

You’re going for easy to remember for the right reasons. “Poop on a Stick” will have people talking and pique interest, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Go for something that fits into the theme of your game without being too complicated. Blackjack, craps, roulette, and three-card poker are all popular games with easily recognizable names.

Adding a buzzword like “jackpot” to your game’s title could give it just the flavor it needs to be a smash with casino gamblers.

7 – Sell Your Project to Casinos

After you’ve taken the vital steps to patent your new game, it’s time to head to the casino. Well, at least make contact with the casino and get a pitch meeting.

During the pitch, you should carefully cover every detail of the game while keeping the energy up. If your energy transfers to the casino executives, you’re on your way to seeing your game on the casino floor.

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Have the best working version of your game available for a demo during your meeting. If you’ve ever seen Shark Tank, approach the meeting much in the same way the entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the sharks.

If you haven’t seen the show, it could be a great insight into what you should and, more importantly, shouldn’t do during the pitch.

Good Luck

Inventing a brand new casino game is extremely exciting. The seven-step process for creating your own casino game will help you each step along the way.

I hope to see your new game on the market soon; maybe I can even find a way to beat it. Don’t get discouraged if the first casino you pitch passes on the new game. The industry has dozens of varieties of establishments, and merely because it’s not suitable for one doesn’t make it wrong for another.