The 7 Best Casino Games for Average Gamblers

Blackjack on Left and Texas Holdem Poker on Right

Mediocre gamblers often seem to slip through the cracks. When gambling experts talk and write about gambling, it’s mostly geared towards professionals or beginners.

However, average gamblers arguably make up the largest portion of the gambling public. These gamblers are the people who have a good amount of gambling experience and even occasionally win money.

They might not quit their day job anytime soon, but they love to gamble all the same.

I often notice a few things about these types of players when I encounter them at casinos. The most obvious is that the average gambler prefers one game over all others.

In some cases, that game is the first one they picked up when they started gambling. In other cases, they learned to play a particular game as a kid and decided to stick with it.

While everyone is entitled to their own choices and opinions, sometimes mediocre gamblers deprive themselves of learning about new casino games.

The next time you’re at the casino and feeling adventurous, consider branching out and broadening your horizons. To help motivate you, here are the 7 best casino games for the average gambler.

1 ‒ Blackjack

Blackjack is the ultimate casino game for all types of gamblers. It perfectly combines luck and skill and is demanding but not impossible to understand.

Plus, the game gives most gamblers the best chance of walking away from the casino with some money.

Because of all of this, blackjack is probably the best game for average gamblers. That might not be true for everyone, but allow me to make the case for one of the world’s most popular casino games.

Beginners and gambling novices often start with some of the more basic casino games. These games, some of which I’ll get into later, offer players an introduction to gambling.

But they don’t necessarily make you a better gambler or offer any benefits to more skilled players. Some of the simpler games might be intriguing to some of you who aren’t trying to think too hard while gambling.

Still, the more you play more demanding games like blackjack, the easier they become. After a few times playing blackjack at the casino, you’ll find yourself approaching hands with confidence.

I’m not saying that your first few experiences at a table won’t be somewhat unnerving. While blackjack isn’t the most technical game in the casino, it’s much more convoluted and demanding than games you might be used to.

These setbacks are worth it for any gambler who wants to take the next step at the casino. Blackjack is one of the most entertaining games and a must for anyone serious about gambling.

2 ‒ Texas Hold’em

Together with blackjack, poker is one of the most well-known casino games. Among the plethora of poker variants, Texas Hold’em takes the crown as the most popular.

Despite its popularity, many intermediate gamblers are either scared or too complacent to give Hold’em a try. As someone who refused to play poker in a casino for years, I can understand why that’s the case.

Poker rooms are some of the most intimidating parts of any given casino. These spots are often reserved for the most serious, and skilled players, and aren’t always the best environment for average players.

Live Dealer Texas Holdem Table and Dealer

Whereas most other games allow players to compete against the house, poker is different. At a standard casino, poker players compete against other players.

In other words, if you don’t know how to play, or aren’t as proficient as your tablemates, you’ll likely lose money. Despite that, mediocre gamblers should make a point to learn and play some form of poker.

Poker, specifically Texas Hold’em is known as one of the best casino games for a reason. It’s fun, demanding, and allows players to test their might against other players.

3 ‒ Craps

The next 2 games on this list are arguably the most exciting and purely entertaining games casinos have to offer. While roulette is a fantastic game, and great for intermediate players, craps has a slight edge.

Craps involves gamblers taking turns rolling dice while everyone at the table bets on the outcome of each roll. Unlike other more basic games, there is some strategy involved.

However, craps is a less demanding game than blackjack and poker. Craps offers pretty solid odds compared to other games but is still somewhat dependent on how lucky or unlucky a gambler is.

The rolling of dice makes for an exhilarating, and unpredictable gambling experience.

Despite all of the benefits of playing craps, certain gamblers might be scared of giving it a shot. Craps tables are often quite loud, active, and full of players who seem like they know what they’re doing.

The truth is that there’s a much lower barrier of entry to games like craps. As intimidating as a table might seem, most players can figure out the game and get into a rhythm in a matter of minutes.

4 ‒ Roulette

Roulette is equally exciting and unpredictable as craps and is a fantastic option for any type of gambler. However, I’d argue that it’s a perfect option for those gamblers who consider themselves slightly more skilled than a beginner.

Like other games, roulette is mostly based on luck, and there’s very little skill and strategy involved in the game. Gamblers predict the outcome of a dealer spinning a small white ball around a wheel that’s comprised of 37 numbers.

If a player correctly guesses the number the ball comes to rest on, they win. It’s honestly as simple as that.

Despite its basic nature, roulette is definitely worth trying out.

5 ‒ Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that can perplex less experienced gamblers. From the outside looking in, a baccarat table makes very little sense.

However, once you actually sit down and learn the rules, the game becomes quite easy to understand.

Downtown Grand Baccarat Table

Bacarrat involves players competing against the dealer (banker). Players are initially dealt 2 cards, face-up, and are allowed to gamble on their hand or the dealer’s hand.

The object of the game is to get closest to nine as possible. Like blackjack, dealers are beholden to a certain set of standards.

The thing I’ve learned about baccarat over the years is that dealers are wonderful resources and fully capable of helping players learn about the game.

If you’re concerned about appearing foolish, consider learning the rules beforehand or finding an empty table.

6 ‒ Video Poker

For those players who prefer to gamble away from the crowds, video poker is a great option.

Past who have graduated past the beginning stages of their gambling career should consider playing video poker over slots. Video poker is more challenging than slots and can be more rewarding as well.

Video poker offers excellent odds that are typically far superior to slot machines. However, the game does require players to be strategic and gamble intelligently.

One of the best parts of this particular game is accessibility. Sometimes it can be challenging to find an open table at the casino, especially during peak hours.

But you can almost always count on finding at least one video poker machine that’s unoccupied. If you’ve grown tired of the repetitive and simplistic nature of slots, try your hand at video poker.

7 ‒ Slots

More people play slots for real money than any other type of casino game for several reasons.

  • Slots are the easiest game to play by far
  • There’s a wide variety of slot machines with unique graphics and sound effects
  • They are a cheaper alternative to other types of casino games
  • Slots provide gamblers with instant gratification
  • It’s possible to win a tremendous of money in the blink of an eye

Despite these obvious benefits to playing slots, the game can hold intermediate gamblers back. Slot machines are basic and don’t make you a more polished gambler.

There’s a time and place to play slot machines. But, if you find yourself in a rut and you’re ready to take the next step as a gambler, skip the slots your next time at the casino.

Our Final Thoughts on These Casino Games

Average gamblers are often overlooked in the world of gambling. Most of our attention goes to both ends of the spectrum instead of focusing on the majority that exists between beginners and professionals.

Despite that, mediocre gamblers must know which games they might be best suited to play. Instead of playing the more basic, less demanding casino games, it’s worth giving some of the harder games a chance.

Popular games like poker and blackjack are excellent alternatives to simple games like slots. These games are entertaining, demand skill and strategy, and can offer players a better chance to win money.

If you’re looking for a more exciting gambling experience, both craps and roulette are excellent options.

Whatever game you choose to play, make sure you’re enjoying yourself and putting yourself in the best position to make money.