The 5 Best Places to Play Mississippi Stud Poker When You Visit the Las Vegas Strip

Two Card Poker Hand With a Las Vegas Strip Background

Since making its debut on casino floors one decade ago, Mississippi Stud poker has carved out a niche as one of the more volatile table games Las Vegas has to offer.

Mississippi Stud provides an extremely entertaining gambling experience, and this page lists the five best places to play Mississippi Stud Poker when you’re visiting Las Vegas.

While you might just start out with $5 on the ante, after the dealer delivers a nice pair or two cards to a royal flush, you can easily wind up with 10 betting units in play for a $50 wager. And when that big bet connects with a premium five-card poker hand at showdown, get a load of the jacked-up payouts awaiting lucky winners.

Mississippi Stud Pay Table Pay
Royal Flush 500 to 1
Straight Flush 100 to 1
Four of a Kind 40 to 1
Full House 10 to 1
Flush 6 to 1
Straight 4 to 1
Three of a Kind 3 to 1
Two Pair 2 to 1
One Pair (Jacks or Better) 1 to 1
One Pair (6s – 10s) Push
All Other Loss

That juicy escalating pay table is what brings Mississippi Stud enthusiasts out in droves, as all it takes is a lucky royal flush deal to turn $50 into a $25,000 jackpot. Even landing a straight flush ($50 into $5,000) or four of a kind ($50 into $2,000) is enough to subsidize an entire trip to Sin City with a single bet.

Mississippi Stud may not be as widely spread as it once was, but you can still find plenty of major casino resorts along Las Vegas Boulevard with tables running around the clock. For table game specialists who know the score, paying a visit to the Strip these days represents a sunk cost of sorts, as corporate casinos increasingly ruin previously attractive options.

All it takes is one look at a double-zero roulette wheel or the watered down 6:5 payouts on blackjack, to see why so many table game grinders take their action to off-Strip establishments.

But that’s the beauty of Mississippi Stud, because the casinos really can’t tinker with the game to increase their own house edge. As it stands, the standard rules, gameplay, and pay table used in Mississippi Stud create a house edge of 4.91% as it is, hence, the high volatility I mentioned up above.

Live Game of Mississippi Stud Poker

With no real reason to goose that advantage up any higher than it already is, Mississippi Stud players can bring their bankroll to the Strip without worrying about the bait and switch tactics that plague blackjack, roulette, and craps players.

On that note, take a tour of the five best places to play Mississippi Stud when visiting the Las Vegas Strip via the following list.

1 – The Venetian and Palazzo

Everything about the Venetian and its sister casino Palazzo just screams luxury and opulence, from the gilded décor to the faux Venice canals, complete with romantic gondola rides.

When you step inside the Venetian and Palazzo for the first time, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you actually managed to make it to Italy itself.

That level of lavishness extends to the Mississippi Stud tables spread here too, as the Venetian and Palazzo offer by far the highest betting limits on this game in all of Las Vegas.

Whereas the other extravagant properties lining Las Vegas Boulevard cap their Mississippi Stud action with a $500 maximum wager, the tables at Venetian and Palazzo up the stakes to a $2,000 max bet.

High rollers will find two tables at the Venetian using a $2,000 betting cap, but the rest of us mere mortals can still play quite comfortably with a $10 minimum on the ante bet.

When you head next door to the Palazzo, a single Mississippi Stud table can be found running at $15 minimum and $2,000 maximum stakes.

Mississippi Stud is known for its potential to produce gargantuan payouts, and at the Venetian and Palazzo, those bounties reach epic proportions.

Consider a $2,000 maximum bet on the ante, followed by the ace and king of hearts on the deal. Subsequently betting the 3x max bet on third street, fourth street, and fifth street brings the action to $20,000. If you happen to beat the odds for a royal flush, that big-time wager triggers a whopping $10 million payout.

Of course, the vast majority of Mississippi Stud players won’t be betting at those stratospheric levels, but a gambler can always dream right?

2 – Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Speaking of gambling dreams, how does turning a $40 total bet into $1,094,138.95 on a single hand sound?

Well, it sounded like music to Kenneth Snoots, a tourist from Maryland who found himself at Bally’s playing Mississippi Stud for the minimum $5 ante bet in March of 2019. After placing the $5 wager to start out, Snoot was dealt the ace of hearts and king of hearts to begin the hand which wound up changing his life forever.

Playing according to the game’s basic strategy, Snoot proceeded to place a 1x bet for $5 more on third street, which delivered the jack of hearts. Here, Snoot deviated from basic strategy, any three-card royal flush draw should be bet at 3x on fourth street, but his additional $5 wager added the 10 of hearts to his hand.

Snoot tossed out the 3x “raise” of $15 on fifth street, bringing his total wager to $40, before the dealer turned over the card of a lifetime—the Queen of hearts.

Just like that, Snoot triggered the massive million-dollar progressive jackpot linked to various table games spread by Caesars Entertainment owned properties in Sin City. He had to beat extreme longshot odds of 1 in 649,740 to make it happen, but Snoot’s five-card royal flush wound up adding $1,094,138.95 to his bank account.

Bally’s is home to a pair of Mississippi Stud tables, both linked to Caesars progressive jackpot meter. The games use a $5 minimum bet and a $200 maximum, making them perfect for recreational players who like to start small before seeing is Lady Luck might be looking their way.

3 – Paris Las Vegas

Another property owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment, the Paris Las Vegas is where Mississippi Stud fans can shoot for the moon on that progressive jackpot meter.

And the Paris is also where you’ll find the most Mississippi Stud games running under one roof, with three tables operating at all times.

The games here use a standard $10 minimum/$200 maximum limit structure. With a 10x cap on betting, you’re looking at a $100 outlay when the cards and basic strategy dictate betting big on all Streets.

4 – Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

The flagship property of Caesars Entertainment is, of course, Caesars Palace.

And while the “real Caesar” might not have lived there like Alan from “The Hangover” (2009) once thought, Caesars Palace is still the place for high-stakes Mississippi Stud action.

Street View of Caesars Palace Las Vegas

You’ll only find a single table here, but the minimum bet starts at $25 before capping out at $100. That means a 10x runout of raises on each street will run you $250 at the minimum, but if you can pull a Snoot and hit the elusive royal flush, watch out for a seven-figure windfall.

5 – Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Last, but certainly not least, is Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino Resort. It’s home to three Mississippi Stud tables at the affordable $10/$100 limits.

With a trio of tables to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about waiting in line for a seat.

And naturally, as a Caesars property, Harrah’s is also home to those $1 million and higher progressive jackpot royal flush payouts.


The Strip in Las Vegas is all about illusions, from the stage shows of David Copperfield and Penn and Teller, to the “complimentary” cocktails that really cost a $1 tip and time at the tables. Unfortunately, that idea of illusion has extended into table game gimmicks over the last decade or two, with real money blackjack, roulette, and craps all suffering from bastardized versions of the gold standard.

But when you visit Las Vegas Boulevard to play Mississippi Stud, those illusions go out the window thanks to the game’s ironclad structure. Simply put, the house edge on this highly volatile table game classic is already high enough for casinos to feel comfortable leaving the rules and payouts as is.

As a result, visiting any of the five casinos listed above during your next sojourn to Sin City means you can enjoy Mississippi Stud without worry.